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Using humidified CPAP for other than sleeping...?
Hello and Happy New Year, y'all-

Been lurking on and off since starting CPAP about 4 months ago. So far so good, but I think I will have more pertinent questions in time about symptoms of which I have been experiencing. But...

...is it OK to wear and use my CPAP setup when not sleeping? What about wearing it with the humidifier on (it is VERY dry where I live) for watching TV or reading? Prior to CPAP, my doctor had me try a humidified oxygen concentrator for about 6 week suspecting low O2 from living at 10,000 feet. I would wear that plumbing when reading or watching TV.

My current nasal pillows are not uncomfortable. My sinuses have not been this clear at this altitude since sleeping with the humidified CPAP! But could using it in a somewhat-not-used as designed situation be harmful?

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Welcome! There should be no harm from using it while awake. You are just breathing air and water vapour which is what you normally breathe. You will get some more humidity from the machine but no where near what people normally breathe in say Thailand in the wet season.
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Some people wear their CPAP when watching TV or reading to become accustomed to it.
I am not aware of any negative aspects to wearing it while not sleeping. (Other than being tethered to it.)

One thing I would consider is your altitude. Most machines are only specified to deliver pressure up to about 7500 ft.

If you seek humidity, why not try a room humidifier?

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Thanks for the greetings aboard... agreed, the humidity is nothing like when sitting on a beach or visiting relatives in the Midwest at summer! I tell them how great the humidity is and they look at me kinda' strange! Where I live if we want humidity, we have to pay for it (LOL.) I am thinking of installing a steam shower just to be able to get more of it!

I do have a humidifier, but I like to keep the house cool even in the wintertime. I like the cold climate and often would sleep with a window cracked open. Too high of a humidifier setting would cause the vapor to condense and freeze on the inside of windows. And still, the humidity was not enough to reduce dryness of the sinuses. The CPAP is wonderous with its humidity directly delivered.

Thanks for calming any concern of extraneous wearing of the pillows. I normally will be awake for a few hours in the AM replying to work related e-mails upright in bed with a cup of coffee... same on the end of the day except perhaps with a touch of brandy instead. I know that the bedroom should be for only sleeping and that I should leave work in the office, but I find I can be more relaxed and focused in such the environment.

I do now, however, need to close that window and even turn on the heat a little because the moist air now condenses in the delivery tube and at the terminus of the pillows. I have had to turn the H level down in the winter compare to earlier in the year when i got the equipment.

I will need to check with my CPAP provider/ advisor. He works with a lot of folks in this region and is aware of the parameters associated with it. Not sure if there are special machines designed for folks in locations such as me, but if there is, I am sure he set me up with the right stuff, but thanks for presenting this information to me... I will check into it more.
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Turning the heat level of the hose up will help to prevent condensation (rain out). You can also get cloth covers for them to aid in this. Supplier #31 makes some well regarded products.
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I have heard/ read something about this "heat hose." I think I am only aware of it by the presence of the respective connection availability on the back of my air pump machine. I do not have it but just might need to look more into it.

I do not know what these "cloth covers" are of which you refer... perhaps I need to do more homework.
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Hi S.L. Ping Beauty,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
The hose cover gose over your hose, some of them have zippers and, others have Velcroe straps to hold them in place at each end of the hose cover.
I wish you good luck with your CPAP therapy.
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Google for "ClimateLineAir heated tube". The coil around the tube is a heater that warms up to keep the air warm moving through the tube. If you are sleeping in a cold room, this should make a world of difference in reducing condensation.
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Thank you trish6hundred and chill for clearing that up. I did not subscribe to my own post here and missed your replies until today. I ended up piggy-backing on another thread about the heated hose and its features. I think I will be getting one soon.

I have learned much from this site in a very short time and have been able to dial in better what works for me and have noticed small improvements,

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It's even cool as hell to wear while playing video games, especially flight sims, and to try saying "Luuuukkkkkeeeee I ammmmm your faaathheeeer" lol. I wore mine quite a bit when I was trying to get used to it.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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