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Vertigo/CPAP Pressure Update- CPAP causing inner ear problems
loma,(time=1280228692) Wrote::X how do you adjust the pressure.
You can get the "secret" Clinician Manual for your CPAP machine, which explains how to change the pressures via the clinician menu by going to this web page and following the directions:

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Brynn Wrote:I realise this is an old thread, but oh my gosh I am so relieved to have found it. I just started using my APAP machine and have been having bouts of vertigo just after using it and was getting so worried there was something seriously wrong with me. It wasn't until today I realised that it was due to my stupid machine. Now I dont know what to do about it. I had a doctors appointment which I will go to anyways now and see what they say.
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PaulaO Wrote:I have to set my ramp time to very long (45 mins) or I wake up dizzy and feeling like my ears drums are pushing out.

I have no clue why the longer ramp makes a difference but it does.

I also find that the tighter the mask, the worse the ear pressure. Leaks are sometimes good!
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Ltmedic66 Wrote:I felt ear pressure when I first changed to nasal pillows from a nasal mask. If I moved my jaw my ears would "fill up". I seem to have adjusted after a few weeks, and now it does not bother me at all.

I wonder if the ramp is due to something like that- once you fall asleep, perhaps you are not moving you jaw or doing something else that allows the pressure to enter your eustation tubes.
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rrhardy Wrote:I am really happy to have found this thread on this message board. I have been using xpap for 14 years and started having hearing-loss and vertigo issues 5 months ago. My Dr's are not sure about the cause. They verified the hearing loss, and did an MRI to rule out an acoustic neuroma. The current diagnosis is meniere's disease that often leads to very serious vertigo sometimes lasting two weeks, and eventual total hearing loss in both ears! As I asked myself what else might cause problems with hearing and balance I realized that a big problem with xpap treatment is that it puts unbalanced pressure on the middle ear. This is a TOTALLY unnatural thing. Normally, if pressure goes up on the eardrum from the outside, it is equalized when we swallow. I can think of no situation where pressure goes up on the middle ear that is not equalized by increasing pressure on the outer ear. Even in diving water-pressure balances the pressure of the scuba tank. So, a link between xpap and hearing loss/tinitis/vertigo is not a far-fetched idea.

It would be good if we could get more data, but assuming the link is real, the best thing to do would be to find a way to treat apnea without positive air-pressure technology. There is a dental device, and there are surgical options. I have used the dental device. It is costly and uncomfortable, but more portable than xpap. If a person still has tonsils, a tonsilectomy might help with the apnea.

Lacking an alternative that works, one should reduce the xpap maximum pressure as much as possible while still having sufficient therapeutic effect. I have done that so we shall see if that helps.

My symptoms are weird. My left ear now sometimes "flutters." I notice it most when I cover the ear. It sounds like a moth has crawled in there and is gently, but rapidly flapping its soft wings against my eardrum. I think this is caused by spasms of the tiny muscles in my middle ear. I am guessing that such spasms could result from the unequalized pressure? Another weird symptom is a low-frequency tinitis. Since my days in the army I am used to hi-pitch tinitis, but this new thing in my left ear is like the low E string on a guitar. I am told that loss of low-frequency hearing is a symptom of meniere's, so that is a bummer. So, all this conjecture about xpap causing this problem or even exacerbating it my just be wishful thinking on my part. I hope not.
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weeble Wrote:Hi, am brand new here, I only got my cpap machine yesterday and today I felt dizzy for a few hours. I don't know if it is just coincidence. Surely if I was going to get dizzy from the machine, it would have happened shortly after I woke up, but it happened about 7 hours later. It lasted 2 hours then disappeared as soon as it came. Very odd. Will monitor it over the next few days - hopefully, it isn't related.
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archangle Wrote:I wouldn't be too surprised at some strange reactions the first few days. You may be getting your first good night's sleep in years. You may be getting your first night without oxygen deprivation for years. Or you might have had a bad night's sleep.
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weeble Wrote:Well I can honestly say that even though it is early days yet, I am hoping things change because night 2 was a shocker!! I kept the mask on all night but kept waking up (only woke twice first night) and yet AHI showed 2.0 (same as night before) - feel just as bad as I did before the mask. Am sure that it takes a while to start working correctly.
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loosemolar Wrote:Have been using CPAP for 9 years at a 10 setting. Developed inner ear congestion due to use and had to have bilateral myringotomy tubes place in ear drums for drainage. Have to dry my ears out every morning because CPCP forces nasal secretions up eustation tube into ears and out the tubes. When tubes are removed, inner ears fills up, gets infected and I go temporarily almost deaf.
Tubes are replaced and inner ear congestion is relieved (with antibiotic ear drop therapy). Anyone else with similar problem? What have you done to reduce problem?
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phranc2002 Wrote:My symptoms sound like what many have here. I'd like some advise on what I can say to my doctor to lead him in the right direction.

CPAP user for 18 months now. Setting is 10. Here's my symptoms. About a year ago, I developed a stuffy head feeling. No pain. Just pressure behind my eyes and cheeks. Pressure or a full feeling way inside ears and behind ears in neck area. I hate to use the term "dizzy" because the room is not spinning nor do I feel like I'm going to pass out. I just feel "off". Eyes sometimes burn and tongue feels dry.

I went to my GP and he gave me steroids, allergy meds, antibotics. No relief. I went to my ENT who did sinus scan. Said i needed turbinate reduction. Did that. No relief. I asked ENT if it could be CPAP machine and he said he didn't think so. (Probably because he's the one who put me on the CPAP). SOmetimes I think it may be TMJ. Just at my wits end.

Now after of year of back and forth, We are trying a different blood pressure medicine at the suggestion of the ENT.

So we are going to try new BP med for a month and see what happens.

GP says that we may need to re-titrate (sp?) or something and re-adjust the pressure since it's been 18 months.

I am still able to function. I do all my daily activities but sometimes am not in the best mood while dealing with the pressure. Sometimes i forget what I was doing or talking about, but then after a few moments of concentration, it comes back to me.

I'm hoping someone can tell me there's relief down the road. I've been trying to help my doctor by researching this stuff online but, as you know, doctors don't like it when you self-diagnose. LOL.

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