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Very High Leak Rate
If you need to stay with  a full face mask I recommend you try the airfit F20. I tried both the F20 and F10. The F20 has new cushion design that provides a much better seal than the F10. I like the Amara View also but the largest size is just a little too small for my face.
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I wonder now if the F20 is what they used on me at the sleep study - because it was all magnetic closures instead of velcro.
I read about the F20 and it looks really good. Thanks for the info!
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If there were events, we would still see them because there is enought control that the flow rate line is still being recorded. Any apnea would result in no inspiration/expiration being recorded. You can zoom in and see how defined the flow line is. I'm sure the data would have better resolution without the leaks, but I'm pretty sure you're breathing and not experiencing apnea. If you do go to nasal therapy I can almost guarantee your pressure will need to be lower since pressure is appied more directly.

What is curious about your treatment is that you are using a BiPAP ST which is pretty specialized, and you are using it as a BiPAP S, without any apparent backup timing (BPM), or the higher pressure supports usually used with those machines.
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I really appreciate you being willing to help me. I kinda felt like "here's a machine, use it"; WIthout your help on here, I wouldn't know I could download the data and see what is really going on!! And I appreciate the suggestions on what equipment I really need and things to do to improve my treatment. I hope to talk to my provider in the next few days to see about getting the right machine and trying to find a better mask.
I must say that reducing the pressure really make the treatment more comfortable already.
Keep up the service you provide for all us new lost people!!
I will keep working on improving my numbers!
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(03-15-2017, 12:56 PM)Grmato10 Wrote: I wonder now if the F20 is what they used on me at the sleep study - because it was all magnetic closures instead of velcro.
I read about the F20 and it looks really good.  Thanks for the info!

The F20 has Velcro adjustments for the straps but the connection of the lower straps to the mask uses magnets. I believe it's the only mask that uses magnets.
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If you decide on the F20, make sure they use the sizing template for the cushion, since they come in small medium, and large. Both DMEs I have used are very casual about mask fitting.  Also, be aware that the headgear also comes in small, Med., and Lg. If you don't ask about it you will get a mask with headgear in the same size category as the cushion. I got a medium cushion and the package included medium headgear. Although it works, large headgear would probably be better for me. 

From all I've seen in the forum, nasal pillows are the best way to go. unfortunately I can't use them because as soon as I lie down my nasal passages plug up. Hopefully, you can.
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Always amazes me how helpful people here are. Sleeprider has given you some truly great information. All the best to you and I would second the suggestion to try nasal pillows. The Resmed Airfit P10 worked out the best for me out of all the masks I tried and I tried a whole bunch! If you go the full face mask route, I have read tons of good things about the Resmed F20.
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Thanks to both of you for the recommendations; no one measured me for the mask I was given; I have since measured myself from the size charts on here; I will have to look into the nasal pillows more too. Any one try the nose mask N20? Small mask over the nose instead of pillows on it?
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I originally started with a Comfort Gel nasal mask a loooong time ago. The nasal mask will work okay, but remember the surface that has to be sealed is the entire perimeter of your nose and upper lip. That is a lot more than just the area around the nares at the end of your nose. If you think about it, it's the same as the FFM without being quite as wide and sealing across the chin. Nasal masks also tend to press on some sinuses which can be a problem for some people. I guess to each their own, but I never saw the attraction to nasal masks rather than the smaller more efficient pillows.

For me the best part of the P10 is the nearly imperceptible vent. No air blowing on you, or whomever shares the bed. Used to really p*** off my wife when that jet of air used to hit her.
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Good points on the nasal mask - I don't think I would gain anything with that; I'll have to look at the pillows.
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