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Very High Leak Rate
There are commercial ones but for a "Proof of Concept" you might cut one out of a Tee shirt.
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This is how I understand that one makes one's own mask liner. Choose a fabric. A lot of people use old Tshirt material or a light weight flannel. Spread the material out on a flat surface. Take the headgear off your mask. Put the mask on the fabric cushion side down . Draw an outline about 0.5"-1.0" outside of the mask I am not exactly sure of the distance). Cut the fabric on the outline you have made. make a hole for your nose to stick through. Now you have a liner ready to use.

Some people swear by mask liners and some people swear at them. I tried one and it made my leaks worse but some claim a reduction in leaks.

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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we made our own with tee-shirt material and stabilizer. tee-shirt material alone is way too stretchy and won't stay between the mask and the skin. our pad's edges are rolled over and stitched so no threads sticking out to flutter in the wind and tickle you. The pads have a skin side and a mask side, the stabilizer toward the mask.


added: there is a definite airflow through the pad material, but it is so low that no rushing air is felt. the air flowing causes a cooling sensation at contact with skin. so nice in the summer. any air flow is not in the least bit noisy or disruptive.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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Hi, a quick update and question - I'll try to post charts later if it would help.
I tried a homemade liner - very limited success;
My husband picked out this ffm with the forehead support - saying that would help the logistics of the mask sealing Smile
It actually was the most success I've had yet!!!
For 6 nights - I had one night with 38% leak (I couldn't get it "right"); one night 18%; and the rest were 7-12% - that is the best I've had (I know, still not great) all that time the AHI stayed below 1, with one night of 2;
so last night I tried nasal pillows (with neck collar); wow - my leak rate was 0.5%!!! and AHI 1.05;
can that be? If I open my mouth, would that show as a large leak and be reflected in the leak rate?
I've learned in the last couple months to sleep more with my mouth closed so I figured I'd give it a try.
So.... can I trust the low leak rate with the pillows?
if its right, SLeeprider is right - resistance is futile Smile
Just wanted some expert comments and suggestions on my lastest experiments Smile
Thanks so much!
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It's for real. You will be assimilated.
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I have bought the last several masks myself to try out different choices;
I just talked to my DME and she said nasal pillows are not recommended for pressures over 12; the main concern is dryness with that much pressure in your nose; but she was impressed that my leak rate and AHI were so much improved with the nasal pillows and thats what we want.
my pressure usually runs 13-17 to 15-19;
any comments on use of nasal pillows with higher pressure than 12?
Thanks for your advice.
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Take a look at the pressure in my profile. Many others here have pressure even higher, and I think Bonjour uses pillows at 25/20. I think your DME rep needs to update her information and awareness the nasal pillows are really for any range of pressure.
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Thanks for your response!! It is so helpful to be able to ask questions here and hear from people that have been there/done that! I did some "google reserach" too and found some reference to using nasal pillows for higher pressures.
I appreciate being able to tap into your vast experience/knowledge!
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I run high pressure,
no problem with the F&P Brevida Nasal Pillows.
Received a Philip Respironics Dreamwear from my DME last Friday and used it since.
I also use a chinstrap.

Still adjusting to the Dreamwear but all is good so far.

I was using 2 different FFM, It was a CONSTANT battle with LL and one that failed miserably leaving me with red marks on my face, and since i'm bald, head too.

Hi, My name is Whacked and I am a former FFM user.
I have received the light and have accepted nasal pillows as my savior....
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Another convert to cult membership. Big Grin Big Grin

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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