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Very dry mouth
I've been a cpap patient for nearly two years now and I've have suffered the trials and tribulations of most of the other members on this list. First it was the type of mask needed then it was finding the sweet spot for the settings on tomy Resmed S9 and then finally manage the data.
But for me the one thing that has stumped me so far is waking up in the night with a mouth as dry as a camels hump and not being able to take a drink of water. So it's switch off the machine, remove the mask, sip a drink of water. By then I'm now fully awake and I have to start all over again. So... My silly question is, has anyone out there found a answer to this problem? Some sort of sippy straw for the mask perhaps. I'd be very interested in hearing from list members who have traveled this path.
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Well, before delving into the straw thing, I think you should work to resolve the dry mouth issue as best you can.

It's probably caused by airflow in the mouth. Either because you breath primarily through your mouth, or the mask pressure is allowed to circulate freely in your mouth making for a very efficient convection oven.

So what to do, what to do..........

I won't sound like a broken record recommending you migrate to a pillows mask.

Instead, you might try using a chinstrap over your full face mask. You want to encourage your mouth to stay shut and breath primarily through your nose. Yes, on occasion you might elect to suck up some air with your mouth. But as a rule of thumb perhaps you can develop your nose breathing to be your primary input channel.

Now as to the straw thingy.

When I used a full face mask (long ago now) I could remove the hose from the mask & work a flexible straw through the passage without disturbing my mask seal. I would of course have to turn the machine off. I really don't think it would be a great idea to try to drink water while under pressure. That just sounds like something that could turn out to be less than fun.

I have a water bottle that I brought home following a hospital visit a few years back. It has a nice flexible straw that serves the purpose very well. I've used it every day for years, sitting around the house watching tv, at night as described during cpap time, and so forth. In fact after all these years it probably deserves a nice cleaning............ Nah, that would be overkill.
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Hi Raypat
Dry mouth is a sign of mouth breathing or/and air escaping through the mouth
Beside sipping water, Biotenne mouth wash can helps with the dryness

As you,re using full face mask, you can mouth breathe using full face mask and mouth breathing can dry your mouth somewhat. As long as mask seal is good and leak rate is within an acceptable range, the machine can deliver effective treatment

You can also use nasal mask with chinstrap as I do to prevent air air escape through your mouth

Humidity is personal thing, some like more than others, something you have to figure for yourself what works best for you, do you have climate line (heated hose)? if not, worth having

Edit: another thing, keep hydrated
drink plenty of water during the day so your pee look clear, darker color indicate dehydration, not drinking enough water

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Hi there zonk and retired_guy,
Yes I am a mouth breather and I think that's most of my problem with the dry mouth issue. I don't really want to have to go to the chin strap option as I don't like pressure on my head. One of the reasons I went for a Resmed P10 mask. But I think I will have to at least try one out to see if it helps. Suppose if the chinstrap works i should look into a nasal mask as a possibility??
Thought I had cracked the mask issue but maybe not quite yet. By the way zonk I have tried Biotenne but too no avail. Still have half a tube left in the cupboard!
Still think a tube fitted through the mask may work. How do astronauts get a drink
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I considered modifying a FFM for a straw (Actually some flexible tubing). Thing is, the pressure differential.
Might be able to overcome that issue if the water bottle is pressurized by a tap in the CPAP line to equalize the pressure.

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I had airflow though the mouth and the P10 and chinstrap is working good for me I'd give it a try
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I find the same problem is controlled by the right combination of heated hose and/or humidifier on your machine which will of course vary by individual and room air temperature.

As the room temp vatries, I have even turned the heat completely off and/or shut down the humidifier. It is frustrating but gradual incremental change works, and I was dry mouth free for 5 mos - then all of a sudden it returned two days ago so I am tweaking the controls again. Nothing about this whole onerous process is easy, it seems.
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(03-30-2015, 02:34 AM)Raypat Wrote: .......I don't really want to have to go to the chin strap option as I don't like pressure on my head. .

If you're using it so tight that it's creating pressure on your head, it's too tight. Use a very minimal chinstrap, not one of those that seek to suck up your brains, and apply it gently. The idea is to encourage things to happen, not force them.
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I use a FFM at high pressure and have had problems with dry mouth. The chin strap is worth a try but it did not work for me. I trained myself by practicing keeping my mouth closed all the way and my tongue against the roof of my mouth every night during the time between getting in bed and falling asleep. I also use fairly high humidity settings because I do not get a perfect seal all of the time so I still have some mouth leakage but much less than before. I have not had a dry mouth problem for quite a while and it seems to get easier.

I do agree that the climateline tubing is great. I no longer have to mess with the humidity settings or hose routing all the time.

Best Regards,


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Ive not used a chin strap but will contact Resmed today and order one. Not that expensive, $17 here in Queensland, then give it a try. I have a climateline but have had to turn down the temperature as out where I stay its fairly warm at night during summer and it is uncomfortable breathing warm air. The things we have to put up with! Still, one has to keep trying.
I think that once I have a replacement mask for myself I might have a go at making a mod for a flexable water hose with a non return valve. no harm in trying.
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