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Viatom CheckMe O2 Data Import to OSCAR
Viatom CheckMe O2 Data Import to OSCAR
Hello Folks!

In case this helps others, I can confirm that I have been able to Import Oximetry Data from both of our two older Viatom CheckMe O2 units (mine and my wife's).

I thought it may be worth quickly confirming this, and how I managed it because, at the moment, these slightly older Model units are not specifically listed as being supported by OSCAR but it was felt they would work.

I say older, they are both from around 2019 and 2020 respectively but, time moves on, and there have been a few later Viatom devices since.

These are the wrist-worn units with a grey O2/Pulse Finger-Tip Sensor, that looks like a narrow black sports watch, and has an LED Screen and a front pointing older shape Micro D Connector into which you can plug:

(1) A grey Finger-Tip O2/Pulse Sensor (with a Red Oximetry LED and also Buzzer feature), or...

(2) A White Micro D to USB-A Charging Cable (this only charges, no Data can be transferred), or...

(3) A Black Micro D to USB-A combined Serial Interface/Charging Cable (this looks like a USB cable, but the USB-A end has a larger lump at the end, inside of which is some circuitry so that this presents itself to, say, Windows 10, as a Serial Interface). I stress this is not a conventional USB Cable.

Up to now, we had been using the older PC Software called O2 Insight v1.0.5, and we also have the latest ViHealth App on our respective SAMSUNG Mobiles (mine is an S10, my wifes is a later S20 FE). Currently that is v.2.74.12 but I am having Bluetooth Import issues at the moment, so it will be updated soon. It works, just hangs after Import and I have to re-start the App. My wife's SAMSUNG S20 FE is fine, so it's an old issue with the SAMSUNG S10 and ViHealth. They break this often, I tell them, and they then unbreak it!

So, every Morning, we firstly sync the Viatoms via Bluetooth to our Mobiles, and then we plug each into a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit based PC, and Import the Sleep Data via the Black Cable described above - see (3) above.

That means our Apps and the PC both hold the same Oximetry Sleep Data, but in slightly different formats (the PC copy cannot show us a few things that the App can).

How to get that Data from either PC or Mobile and into OSCAR (also on a PC, but a different one), was the main issue.

Long story, short, I tried a few ways without success, including the App's Share option via Bluetooth (that only gave me options to Share a PDF or CSV File). I transferred the CSV File OK, but OSCAR needs the raw Data file.

I tried to copy the raw Data from my Mobile directly using a USB-C to USB-A Data Cable but, when checking my Mobile, I could not find the latest raw Data Files, although I suspect they were probably hidden, and I did not ask Windows Explorer to show me hidden Files. Oddly, I could see all of the ones from 2019 to 2021, but nothing for 2022.

So, no joy that way.

As Viatom O2 Insight was on one PC, I did not wish to upgrade that to Viatom O2 Insight Pro, because Viatom have indicated that our old PC based Viatom Data would be lost if I did. But they are going to write an Import feature soon, so people with older Viatom PC Data should be able to get that into the later version of O2 Insight, now called O2 Insight Pro, which is currently on version v1.7.0.

Right, this is how I did it:

(A) I downloaded Viatom O2 Insight Pro v1.7.0 and installed that on the same Windows 10 Pro 64-bit that I have OSCAR running on. Prior to this, we used the older O2 Insight Software on a different PC, and had OSCAR on another PC (for various reasons, I keep things on different machines, mainly to keep home/home and home/work issues apart)!

(B) I then launched O2 Insight Pro, and then Imported the last 4x Sleep Sessions from both of our Viatom CheckMe O2 units (they have different Serial Numbers, so their Data is Imported into their own respective Folder using that device's Serial Number).

(C) Initially, I could not see the Data, but then realised these are within hidden folders, and I just needed to tell Windows Explorer to Show Hidden Files. That is at the top middle in Windows Explorer, under the View Tab, just click the box that says Show Hidden items. After that, I could see them.

(D) The raw Data Files, if you installed O2 Insight Pro into the default Folder, can be found in your PC's main C:\ Drive, and then inside of the User Folder. In there you will see User Profiles, click yours, and then with Hidden Files shown, the full Path should look like this:

C:\Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Local\O2 Insight Pro\DATA\[Machine Serial Number]\20220507033311

The bit with the numbers is what one of my raw Data Files looked like, so as Today is 07/05/2022 (Day/Month/Year), you can see how the raw Data Files are named.

I also then copied the raw Data Files into a location that I can automatically back-up with my other back-ups, which creates a 2nd copy, but if you Import from the 2nd copy, then you can avoid ratting up the primary raw Data Files.

Anyway, the raw Data Files have long name based on numbers, which as others have explained better than me, are just the day's date and time, so you can easily work out which one is which just by being logical and looking for the one with numbers that cover the day you are seeking.

After that, the actual Import into OSCAR was very easy, the Menus at the top include a Viatom Import, click that, and then just select the raw Data Files from the Folder you copied them into, and OSCAR will Import them, and will automatically insert them into the correct day.

I tried doing them one at a time, that worked.

Then I tried doing all four at once when I got to my wife's Data, and that also worked.

Sadly, I have no older raw Data Files that I can easily find at the moment but, as from 4 days ago, we have. So, from now on, we will Import Viatom Data as well as CPAP Data every day and keep the CPAP and Oximitry Data in one place.

It's worth also stressing that it is wise to always keep your CPAP Date and Time accurate, and the same goes for the Viatom, albeit the latter will always be updated from your Mobile when you sync. This just helps to keep the Graphs well aligned.

My own ResMed S10 went out by a little, possibly because I disconnected and cleaned it. But I had it powered down for an hour or so, and yet the Time was only out by around 5 minutes, so it looks like some failure to keep Time, or hold Time well when powered down.

I will check the ResMed Time daily from now on, i.e. now that we are syncing things with the Viatom O2 Data. It wasn't crucial before, whereas now it needs to stay well aligned with the Viatom O2 Time to get the best out of the OSCAR Graphs.

In summary, the key is just to know where the raw Data Files are, how to see them, how to Copy them and where, and then how to let OSCAR see them once copied.

Later kit will no doubt offer an easy Bluetooth Import from a Mobile, and probably does already. I had to work around this, as our kit is older, and the App only wanted to Share a PDF or CSV File, neither of which OSCAR can Import (at least not when writing this, as far as I am aware).

My main issue was I had the Viatom Data on various bits of kit, and not all on one. So, the problem issue was getting them copied over.

That was more trouble than I expected, but the easy solution was to put a fresh copy of Viatom O2 Insight Pro on to the same PC as OSCAR, and then all I had to do was work out where the raw Data Files lived, which meant I also had to tell Windows Explorer to let me see Hidden Files.

I don't think OSCAR could see them when in the Hidden Folder, so perhaps me copying them out was also important? IOW, once I did that, OSCAR could see them in the new Folder.

This may help others, and may well be explained better elsewhere but, today, when I looked, I could not easily find that specific advice on the Forum. Therefore, I have named this Thread to hopefully make it easy to find for anyone in the same position.

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RE: Viatom CheckMe O2 Data Import to OSCAR
Congratulations! Here is the information in the Wiki that you were looking for: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ile_Import

The ViHealth phone app creates a subdirectory on your phone named, ViHealth. Data imported into this app stores all information in an SQL database file, PulseBit.db. You have to view each session's data on your phone before it will generate the date/time binary file. For a while, several versions of the ViHealth app did not generate the binary files. A member here provided the SQL command line snippet to extract these files from the database. If you ever need it, search for "sqllite3". This should return the posts containing the command.

As a sidenote, I use an FTP server app that is pointed to the ViHealth directory on my phone. I can then remote access this directory using FTP commands from my computer and download its data.

Finally, the time difference between the CPAP and the oximeter. Even if you synchronized both device's clocks to the second, the Viatom/Wellue may not record the starting time as much as a minute later. Besides, the Resmed's time is easily subject to clock drift. As of OSCAR version 1.3.1, you can rename the oximeter's filename to a different time, and it will use the file's modified filename as its starting time. I typically import my CPAP data first and note its starting time. I then rename my oximeter file to match this time and then import its data. This allows the two times to be plus or minus a football field and still be able to sync them.
- Red
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: Viatom CheckMe O2 Data Import to OSCAR
Hello Red!

Many thanks, some great tips there, especially re-naming the Viatom File to match the CPAP time, that will be very handy!

Interesting about the FTP Server too.

I think I did see the wiki page but, as I had an older CheckMe O2, I wasn't sure if it was applicable. Also, when reading it, I was still stuck with the older PC Software (O2 Insight v1.0.5), because of a recent caution from Viatom that I might lose all of our Data if I upgraded to the later O2 Insight Pro (currently v1.7.0).

Then I woke up, and realised I could just install a fresh copy of O2 Insight Pro v1.7.0 on a the PC with OSCAR, and avoid the Data loss risk on the PC with the older O2 Insight Software. Then I was cooking on gas, and be able to crack on with the Import to OSCAR.

Needless to say, by then I had forgotten about the wiki page!

Looks like it works great, I did back-up all of OSCAR and both of our SD Cards first, using the make Zip OSCAR feature.

I therefore had an OSCAR fall back if it all went pear-shaped!

It's great to have everything in one place. My main two PCs are hooked via twin Screens, and use a KVM Switcher to share a single Keyboard and Rodent. So, before now I was viewing OSCAR on one PC in the left screen and, on the 2nd right screen, I had the Viatom O2 Report up, so that I could visually compare events across the screens and between OSCAR and Viatom graphs respectively.

Now it's all in OSCAR, which is much, much better.

Until Viatom draft a Software workaround so that people can move legacy Data from older versions of O2 Insight, into the latest, I'll see what I can manage myself moving older material into O2 Insight Pro. Your Database comments will be useful.

The ViHealth App on my SAMSUNG S10 is hanging after Bluetooth Import, as mentioned, but the Data comes over, it just burps at the stage where it needs to show the latest Data in the App's History Screen. Once I close the App, and open it again, all is well. Looks like an App problem rather than any Data problem.

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