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Waking up dried out
Waking up dried out
I recently had my pressure setting raised by one number, by a technician.

Since then, I am waking up after only a few hours with my mouth so dry that my lips are stuck together. (I am guessing this means that for some reason, I am breathing through my mouth.) And in general, I am not sleeping as well as I did before. The dryness thing is happening consistently, at home with the humidifier, and on my boat without the humidifier.

I am going to use the directions on this board for changing my setting back, but have not yet learned how to.

My question: could the increase in pressure (I think it was from 9 to 10) result in this dryness? Also, I recently lost some weight (from 190 lbs. to 180 lbs) and wonder if that is a factor.

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RE: Waking up dried out
(07-12-2013, 05:09 PM)mainemandean Wrote: My question: could the increase in pressure (I think it was from 9 to 10) result in this dryness?
I don,t think such small increase should makes any difference but might cause more leaks if cushion getting worn out, the loss of treatment air might prompt mouth breathing. Why the technician change pressure ... AHI?
Dry mouth indicate some mouth breathing, chinstrap can helps keep mouth closed

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RE: Waking up dried out
That certainly does sound like you have suddenly developed mouth leakage, but I too am surprised that such a small increase precipitated that effect. Having said that, I'd be willing to bet that your dryness discomfort and subsequent arousals are why you are not sleeping as well.

Losing weight tends to reduce the pressure requirement for therapy, but there is no guarantee of that.

Since you are not using software, you really don't know what is happening during the night. What sort of a machine do you have? If it's data-capable, you should consider getting SleepyHead and having a look yourself at how you are doing at night. If it's not data-capable, your technician also wouldn't be able to tell without another sleep study. But s/he really should have had some reason for upping your pressure.
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RE: Waking up dried out
My thought, though, if his lips are stuck together, could that be mouth breathing?

I would tend to look at the humidification level. Check to make sure they didn't change that on you as well.

A pressure change of even just one can cause some interesting things to happen. I would not be surprised if it did result in you opening your mouth in your sleep. If the humidifier settings are the same, you can do a simple test. Take an ace bandage or some other sort of wrap and wrap your head from chin to the top of your head. You want it tight enough that, as you relax in sleep, the mouth doesn't open on it's own but you want it loose enough that you can chew.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: Waking up dried out
I am also a relatively new BIPAP user (about 6 weeks now) and my pressure is fairly high 16/21. Had the same problem. Asked my dentist and she suggested Xylimelts -- an over-the-counter tablet that you put next to your salivary glands (way back of your mouth, upper side, between the gum and the cheek. Put the brown side against the gum. I use two, one for each salivary gland. Once you put them in place, for me, they always stay there. The documentation for the product says safe to use waking or sleeping.

These tablets dissolve slowly during the night and stimulate your salivary gland.

My dentist also made me a dental appliance that pushes my lower jaw forward. This tends to open the airway, and I had better AHI scores once I started using it. But what it also does is it opens up the space my upper gum and cheek, so the saliva can get to the lower part of my jaw. The mask pushes down on my face, and without this device it closes the path between salivary gland and lower lip.

In addition, take petroleum jelly and coat your lips up and down on both sides. (also suggested by my dentist).

These three things decreased my problem by a factor of 10. The first night, before these measures, my lips stuck together and when I opened them up, the outer layer of the skin on the lip was torn off. After these measures, the dryness is minor.

Of course, make sure you're also using a humidifier. But with higher pressures, and since I use a full face mask, the air flows are sufficient to drain the humidifier reservoir before the night is done.
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RE: Waking up dried out
Hi mainemandean,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
What Paula said.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and best of luck with CPAP therapy.
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RE: Waking up dried out
Thanks for all the input. Finding this board is a real plus for me. I am going to inspect my machine and list the details about it, so you folks can better understand my situation.

The technician raised the pressure because my sleep doc ordered it at my suggestion. I had a hunch a little more pressure would be better. I must have been wrong, but the doc thought it was worth a shot. I am going to try and dial it back. Stay tuned!

I know that my machine records all kinds of data which the doc refers to. I will see if I can figure out what software it is.

I filled out my profile perfunctorily, because I was hot to ask the question, and did not then have the machine right there. My bad.
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RE: Waking up dried out
Some machines record efficacy data like AHI and leak and others just record how many hours using the machine

You can tell by the model name and number as shown here

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RE: Waking up dried out
Hi all,

My machine says REMStar Auto on it, the humidifier says System One. The pix on this site would indicate the two together comprise a PR System One. (?) The mask is ResMed with nasal pillows. I personally use no software related to sleep apnea, but the machine has a data card which records lots of info for my doc. Tell me more about software.

Using this board's instructions, I turned the pressure down from 10 to 9. I slept much better! I was not dried out. THANKS!!!!

Go figure.

I have used complex electronic navigation equipment and radar for offshore sailing. I retired from a successful career in commercial photography, which had become 100% digital. I own an iPhone, for Pete's sake. The idea that I supposedly needed a "medical professional" to make that CPAP pressure adjustment is a hoot! And says a lot about health care in America. What a racket!

THUMBS UP FOR APNEA BOARD!! Thanks to all involved.


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RE: Waking up dried out
You can find information on how to get the software here on the forum.

From the same place, you can also get the Clinician Manual (aka sooper sekrit dokyoumint).

What you'll need for both is the number on the bottom of the unit. Take out the humidifier tub and turn the machine over. There should be a sticker that would have the model number. Usually it is 460, 450, 560, 550, etc. That three digit number is what you need.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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