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Wave Form Phillips vs Resmed
Hello all,

Trying to decide on which machine to buy - either the Auto Airsense 10 from Resmed or the Phillips Dreamstation - I have loaned both for while and have used the three softwares.

Encore Basic

I have an opinion on the differences of the machines, however my main interest is the data reporting, I notice that the Encore Basic allows for generation of a "Wave Form" report - but I cant see similar in the Resscan software, Sleepyhead has this function though with Resmed data, so am I missing something?

If only the Phillips can do it, then that is my choice, but if the data appears in Sleepyhead, obviously the machine is capable of it.

Thanks in advance
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if you buy the dreamstation, you have to use encore pro, encore basic doesn't recognize it.

you can get much much better flow reports out of resscan than encore but you have to click the tiny charts icon that's on top of the detail pages, and then turn on the flow chart.

sleepyhead gives you the data for both, though if you get the dreamstation, you'll have to either compile your own copy of the sleepyhead 1.0 snapshot or wait for it to get posted.

sleepyhead is, by far, the easiest and best program to use compared to the 'official' programs, resscan and encore pro.
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Hay thanks for the quick reply, I will check Resscan for Flow reports, Encore Basic does work with Dremastation, I have tested that, but you need 2.8 version or above

So if I buy Dreamstation I can use Encore pro - but that seems not as good as Resscan software and If I buy Resmed I can use Resscan and Sleepyhead.

Tough decisions ahead, its a shame no one has done a comparison on here between the two models Airsense 10 Auto and Dreamstation Auto - there are a lot of differnces and pro's and cons in the hardware - let alone software

Thanks again for the prompt reply
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I think you go with what feels best. Sleepyhead is going to release a version that will work with all machines pretty soon. I'm using a source built version of 1.0 Beta, and it looks great.
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The waveform display in ResScan and SleepyHead is enormously superior to the display in Encore.

Encore basically produces "reports" that you just look at. ResScan and SleepyHead produce displays on the screen that you can zoom in and out of and analyze. Encore is more oriented towards producing reports and doesn't give you a very good tool to actually look at waveforms. The Encore report is basically a whole night, with no zoom available.

I don't currently have ResScan installed, and don't remember what kind of report, if any, it produces.

SleepyHead does have a report option, but it's a lot different from the Encore report. You can also do a print screen from SleepyHead and then print the image.

If you want to analyze your waveform data, SleepyHead or ResScan are much better than Encore. If you want to punch a button, print off a report, and look at it later on paper, the Encore report is better in some ways, but you can print off much more useful reports on SH or ResScan with a little more work on your part.

SleepyHead doesn't work on DreamStation yet, but there is a version of SH being built now that does work on DreamStation. No clear idea when it will be available to the general public. You could compile it yourself from the source files on SourceForge if you're computer literate enough.

I don't think Encore printed report waveform is a good reason to stick with DreamStation. If you're really going to monitor your therapy, you'll do it much better with SleepyHead or ResScan, not Encore.

Right now, I'd go for the A10.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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(03-08-2016, 09:14 PM)Zouk1972 Wrote: Resscan software and If I buy Resmed I can use Resscan and Sleepyhead.

Tough decisions ahead, its a shame no one has done a comparison on here between the two models Airsense 10 Auto and Dreamstation Auto - there are a lot of differnces and pro's and cons in the hardware - let alone software

Thanks again for the prompt reply

I was unaware encore basic supported the DS, thanks.

I'm unclear why anyone would want to subject themselves to encore,or resscan when they can use sleepyhead.

give a beta a try: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sleepyh...Snapshots/

here's my thoughts on the differences:
nitpicks that I like about the resmed s9 (most of these are applicable to the airsense/aircurve also):
  • being able to set the clock.
  • the water tank can't leak from the bottom since it's a solid piece.
  • the water tank bottom isn't filled with nooks and crannies that make it harder to clean (if you're into that sorta thing)
  • I like the more informative display on the s9.
  • easier to open water tank for cleaning, if you're blah blah.
  • bigger filter, so it doesn't have to be changed as often.
  • better filter design, so it can't be popped out with a cough, like the respironics can.
  • quieter (the four s9 units I've had my hands on vs one prs160 auto, which I could hear whining up and down with my bedmates breath.... (if the ac was off) it wasn't loud, just a little annoying, so I swapped it out with a vpap auto.. which I can't hear running at all.
  • less confusing naming scheme. :lol:
  • skinnable
  • I've seen a lot less people saying "help, my s9 is dying/dead" compared to prs150 people complaining.
  • light in the humidifier
  • comes with a padded travel case, which is an extra 80$ item on the prs1
  • all s9 are ready for a heated hose, some prs1 60s have to have a 75$ adapter added to support that

things I like about the prs1(60) and dreamstation)
  • position of hose outlet on humidifier
  • 12v usage, if I was into camping.
  • cheaper (if you don't need heated hose, or travel case)
  • less picky about what's on it's sd card. (no longer a plus compared to the new Air10 machines from Resmed

internally, the s9 machines look, and feel, to me, subjectively, to be engineered ..... a little better. hard to put my finger on... less wires, plugs, stuff...
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