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Weird Event at Night
RE: Weird Event at Night
Did the ER trip this morning; they did a fairly comprehensive eval: blood work to check for clots and enzymes related to heart issues, EKG, etc.

While hooked up I had a couple of the odd sensations similar to what I am feeling at night, though not as strong.  EKG wasn't showing anything different. Only thing while laying there was my O2 dropped below 90% quite a lot... oddly, for no apparent reason. Heart seemed to be pumping fine; breathing rate was normal; the two things that can affect O2 directly.  Not sure if EKG would show a valve not closing properly... but even that looked consistent. 


Mystery continues to get stranger and weirder.
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RE: Weird Event at Night
(11-19-2017, 01:40 AM)GWild Wrote: I've thought of running to the ER to get an EKG - but by the time I am up and dressed I'm feeling almost normal (just dead tired).  

By the way: my brother died of heart burn that lasted a few days, so I am sensitive to heart issues that don't feel like heart issues.  I've also had a couple events where I'd swear my heart was going bonkers and docs all claimed I was fine: aka Anxiety Attacks; but those were a decade back when I was working and presenting technical jargon to halls of 1000 people. Today my biggest concern is what to eat for breakfast.

Maybe I'll spool up a visit with a cardio doc and get a more current assessment...

  Don't mean to spook you.  But docs blew off a years worth of every week in the ER with 225/120 bp  racing irregular heart happening out of a dead sleep as anxiety until I had a coronary in a montana er. 

   Turned out I had sleep apnea. But I was sleeping alone in a semi most of the time so nobody noticed. 

   Point is that a valve leaking won't show on a EKG.    Need an echocardiagram to show that. 

   They'll not rule out Afib  without a Holter Monitor preferably a 72 hr one. 

      I had it for years and didn't know what it was until after my heart attack when they did catch it.      Just at times I felt.... Weird,,, All brought on by sleep apnea. 
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RE: Weird Event at Night
I had a Holter once upon a time; and during the week I was on it I never had any discernible event worth pushing the button; that was back when I was simply dropping like a stone - diagnosed as syncope - but no cause was ever found. They did echo, chemical and treadmill stress tests; checked lungs too. An even later echo and nerve conduction showed nothing abnormal there, either. Luckily I grew out of that phase of my life.

I'm at the point of just letting life happen. Can't get doctors to even consider there might be something actually affecting me. They look at very simple tests and say "You're fine." I guess that's just how things are now: do the minimum and get paid for actually doing nothing.

PO'd today because the cardiologist denied me an appointment because he doesn't have "easy" access to the ekg the er doc took. It was done on paper and pretty sure its now in a can somewhere. Got to remember this is Idaho - a bunch of sloped forehead sub-neanderthals.
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RE: Weird Event at Night
Well ... an update without much new information except to ask more experienced waveform readers to have a peek at a nights data and ask if you see anything I am missing.  The gap is one of the times I woke from whatever is going on.  Had to get up and walk around to get it to go away.  There were other events, too, just none bad enough I needed to get up and take the mask off.

Other than the PRS1_0e event  - nothign stands out; can't say for certain if the 0E events are when I woke up prior to the gap. But since I just turned on the 'unknown event' feature, might be something.


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RE: Weird Event at Night
Hmm... I think an earlier version of Sleepyhead reported CSR; and maybe that's PSR1_0E in the latest Sleepyhead and it's become an issue for me. Though O2 levels the nights I've checked don't indicate any low 02 events - 88% being the lowest. Wonder if part of me if waking up before the non-breathing part takes serious hold. I know when I do wake from whatever this is my body if freaking and mostly going numb.

Driving me crazy is an understatement.
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RE: Weird Event at Night
I think it would be a lot more helpful to zoom in on the few minutes prior to the arousal. Nothing is apparent from the full-night detail chart.
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RE: Weird Event at Night
Any trick to exporting the zoomed report?

Here's a segment snapshot...




Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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