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Weird dreams and thoughts
Hello Dawn. You ask some interesting questions! My unscientific answer is as follows. I had vivid, weird/strange sometimes pleasant dreams and occasional nightmares before BiPap and I have vivid, weird/strange, sometimes pleasant dreams and occasional nightmares while using my BiPap machine. For me anyway, not concentrating on the theme of the dream/nightmare works best for me. If it's a "scary" type dream, I usually go downstairs and make myself a cup of tea and then go back to bed.

As already mentioned by another poster, 'consistently' using your machine could possibly eliminate some of the more vivid/nightmareish type dreams. Best of luck!

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funny (to me) - my daughter doesn't much anymore, but used to sit up, move things around, talk, answer questions, walk through the house, discuss things with me and sometimes an imaginary friend. There have been times when she will hold up something [nothing] and move it, and eyes will follow it, put it down. Of course, she does not remember any of it when she awakens.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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I'm new to the world of CPAP (about a week now) but I have had some pretty good results before with a couple of the conditions mentioned. For dreams, I take a 100 mg B1 capsule just before bed and it has stopped the dreams pretty much. As far as nasal congestion, the solution that works for me is Mucinex. Good luck.
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It's good to hear others have had the experience of bad or disturbing and weird nonsensical dreams. I seem to have stopped having them during the 11 nights on CPAP so far. In that 11 nights, I can't remember having any dreams.

I've read that those that talked / walked in their sleep when young are more susceptible to having OSA. I myself did both for years when young perhaps age 8 to early teens. Used to get up and appear awake, race around the house and speak to my parents who I scared a lot while doing this.
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I started having more vivid dreams when I started CPAP. (8/11/15) I thought it was because I was finally getting good REM sleep. I'm lucky that mine are not bad. Sometimes I've actually woke up and gone back to sleep hoping that the dream would pick up where it left off. I won't go in to any details but I will say one thing...Johnny Depp. That is all.
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I use to think I was having weird dreams, then I realized that the dreams were normal and I was the one weird. Big Grin
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hey mzdawn, (also zonk,)

Here's an interesting thing a sleep tech told me about OSA and dreams, particularly nightmares... he said that during sleep apnea our bodies respond to the lack of oxygen in much the same way they would respond to exertion, panic, claustrophobia, or other stresses that induce erratic breathing and accelerated heartbeat in waking situations.

When an apnea chokes off our air, our sleeping body reacts by gasping, deep breathing, accelerated heartbeat, in essence physical panic responses. His theory was that when this happens it is not uncommon for our brains to come up with dream scenarios that correspond to what's happening in our bodies. So people wake up from a dream or nightmare in which the activity they are dreaming about is consistent with what is physically happening in their bodies, and they actually are out of breath, heart beating rapidly, feeling panic just like they did in their dream. He suggested that recurring nightmares can sometimes be caused by sleep disorders such as OSA.

I don't recall any discussions about this on apneaboard before, so it will be interesting to hear other perspectives on this from members and professionals here.

I can say that I have had an increase in dreams I remember upon waking since starting CPAP therapy. One amusing one is about ten days ago I transitioned from FFM to P-10 nasal pillows. On the second morning I woke up from a happy dream that I was laying in tree-lined meadow looking up at a big golden retriever who was licking my nose. When I opened my eyes the sensation on my nose continued and it turned out to be the P-10 pillows.

So for everyone who is struggling with CPAP therapy, just think of it as a big lovable dog smothering your face with kisses. LOL.

And mzdawn, keep the questions coming, because you never know which ones are related to our common OSA experiences unless you ask.

Saldus Miegas
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Before I started PAP therapy I used to have frequently recurring dreams of being trapped under water and holding my breath until I couldn't hold it any more and then allowing my self to breath in the water but it wasn't water it was air and all was well.
At the time I did not make the connection.

I no longer have that dream.
if you can't decide then you don't have enough data.
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