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Wet mask, dry throat
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Ohmy Wet mask, dry throat
Hi all and thanks in advance for responding.
I have a strange issue. Despite trying numerous climate and humidity setting combinations, I invariably experience both a wet mask and a dry throat at the same time.
And ideas?
09-23-2015 05:28 AM
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RE: Wet mask, dry throat
My personal experience has been that, if I am using the humidifier, the only time I have a dry throat is when I am allowing air leakage through my mouth. How is your leak rate?

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09-23-2015 08:41 AM
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RE: Wet mask, dry throat
hi ccat,

welcome to the forum.

a couple of ideas for you...

1. the wet mask is called "rainout" and occurs when the moisture in the air condenses in the tube. You mentioned playing with temp/humidity settings so the following might be something you have already done, but I include to add a little method to the madness if needed.

Remedies for this include:

.. if you don't have a heated air hose, get one
.. dial up the temperature a degree at a time until the rainout goes away
.. dial down the humidity setting a notch at a time until the rainout goes away
.. deal with leaks if you have major leaks. this one is suggested by the coincidence of dry throat which might be caused by air leaks or mouth breathing. The idea is that when you have an air leak the air flow increases and cools down the air enough to cause rainout. I have not heard other people talk about this (rainout due to leaks) but I believe I have experienced it.

2. When you look at your data are you seeing major air leaks? This will show up on myair, sleepyhead, or resscan.

.. with a nasal mask, if you open your mouth or even if the air pressure forces air out through your mostly closed lips, you could get dry throat and dry mouth.

.. if air is escaping out through your mouth, you will probably see this as an air leak in the data, but dry throat or mouth is evidence of it as well.

The first thing to do is make the rainout stop. So play with temp/humidity settings as described above to get the rainout under control. That should take one or two nights at the most.

Next look into air leaks and mouth breathing as a source of dry throat.

Two typical solutions:

.. move from nasal mask to full face mask (FFM) such as a Simplus or other FFM brand. Note that FFM only covers nose and mouth despite its name. There is a type of mask that covers the entire face which is called Total Face Mask (TFM). You probably don't need to go there, at least not yet.

.. consider a chin strap. I use one of these because I was not able to eliminate air leaks with a FFM. Struggled with it for almost two months. Nailed the rainout right away, but the air leaks wouldn't go away. Then I tried a chin strap with my FFM and air leaks went away. It worked so well that about 10 days ago I tried the P-10 nasal pillows, and woot! now I have the most comfortable type of mask without the air leaks thanks to the chin strap.

With a little luck you will be dry on the outside and wet on the inside within a few days of experimenting with the above suggestions.

BTW, if you are brand new to this therapy (e.g. had your gear less than thirty days) and you determine you have air leaks by mouth, then you might be able to get your DME to swap you a FFM for your NM at no cost. This is fairly common for people to need something different than they first try, and a good DME will work with you on that.

Saldus Miegas
09-23-2015 09:14 AM
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RE: Wet mask, dry throat
A wet mask won't be helped by a heated hose. The hose only helps itself and could care less about the rest of the system. When I used nasal pillows, I used to sleep under the covers to keep my mask and mask's hose warm enough in the winter since our bedroom is rather cool.

Since you have the Eson, if you have dry mouth you are breathing through your mouth in your sleep.

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09-24-2015 02:01 PM
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