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What Data does the DME and Doctor receive from a machine?
Does anyone know exactly what the DME company and Doctor see when data is sent to them from the data capable machine?

Do they only see something like the AHI score and the amount of time I actually use it for compliance? Or does he actually see the type of machine, whether the pressure settings are what he ordered, total amount of Centrals, RERA's, Obstructive's, etc... all the graphs and amount of info we see on SleepyHead?
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Hours used and basic AHI information. You have more info using sleepyhead then they do.
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They see what they want to see. In most cases only compliance data and AHI. I don't think the detailed data is transmitted and will not be looked at unless there is a concern, and the doctor is concerned enough to investigate. Even with the ResScan and DME software the graphic resolution of Sleepyhead is unique to that software.
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Can they tell if I change my pressure settings? And can they tell if I switch from Spontaneous to Auto BiLevel?
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Yes. If they are looking, the settings are transmitted.
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I can tell you the DME knows when changes occur. Mine jumped all over me when I had made minor changes to settings and needed to exchange equipment. 
I’m assuming they could share that knowledge with the Dr. but don’t have evidence to back that assumption up.
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I've changed settings and never had any response from the Dr. or DME. I don't think most bother to look at any data other than compliance hours.
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I'd agree with what Melman states, and have found it true in my case as well. When I first received my ASV, I edited the settings over the course of a few weeks for optimization. The DME and Doc didn't even mention these changes by me ever.

My prior DME with a Dreamstation BPAP Auto: I took an edited script with pressure changes to that DME. I called the DME later to ask when pressures would change. I found out during the call that it may happen that day or some days later. On the same call, I accessed the clinical mode and did the change. I mentioned to the girl I was talking to that I had just entered the settings for her. She actually thanked me for doing the change as she didn't need to do it for me. (this circumstance was likely a year ago and I was a relative CPAP noob then) Coffee

I'm not a doctor in real or fictional life. My posts include opinions based upon user experience regarding CPAP therapy and should not be considered medically professional direction or advice. Even a 1,000 mile trip requires a good first step. My recommended first steps include getting good walking shoes, 1 great cup of coffee, and a good GPS.

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Ask your DME. It varies tremendously. Mine said they only collect the AHI and hours for Compliance for up to 90 days for the insurance company. After that, it's in the doc's court. That's it. They don't send anything to the doc UNLESS additional documentation has been provided. They don't get paid for making changes unless they have that documentation. My DME said the only time they actually do changes on someone's machine over-the-air is if they are working with someone who is homebound or in a nursing home or they are actually on the phone with the patient.

By the way, they only need 30 days continuous for compliance within a 90 day period.
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Thanks for all the replies. I was guessing that both the DME and the Doctor have so many clients that they don't have time to do much more than check for compliance. And with computers, I'm guessing that they can just do a weekly report that filters the info to show who they need to call and bug about not using the machine enough, try to push them to be using the machine. There are probably some exceptions too that but for the most part they don't have the time to look any deeper.
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