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What do I do first, when i get my Airsense 10 for her.
    This is what
(08-06-2016, 10:31 AM)SweetDreamer Wrote:
(08-06-2016, 08:37 AM)justMongo Wrote: Welcome

There is minimal assembly to be done. Check that it has an SD card under the small door on the top left.
Hook everything up; route the hose; and don't forget to fill the water tank to the bottom of the wavy line.

BTW -- you say CPAP pressure = 9 in your profile. What mode will you run in? CPAP or Auto. If Auto, what range?
In other words, check the settings before it's late in the evening. Check the date and time to make sure it's set to your local time.
See link at top of page.

I'd recommend requesting the manual so you can navigate the menus.

I'm sorry to be confused, but this is all new to me. I opened the flippy top on the Remstar Plus (Old machine) turned it on and it says : 9.0 cmH2O The flex is on 2. This machine has no card. And at night it starts when I put on mask, then I stop it in the morning.
I tried to attach 2 pics, but they wouldn't upload.

Thanks ya'll are so helpful. When I figure this out i'll have to send a pic of my NEW 4 her and myself Big Grin

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Everybody seems to react differently to various humidity levels. I've noticed that below 40% I will get a dry airway and severe coughing without the humidifier. As the humidity raises above 50% I can completely do away the use of a humidifier until the fall when the humidity drops again. With that said, several members here that live in drier parts of the country (Arizona and Colorado) report the opposite and can't tolerate any humidity regardless if the time of the year.
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(08-06-2016, 10:31 AM)SweetDreamer Wrote: I'm sorry to be confused, but this is all new to me. I opened the flippy top on the Remstar Plus (Old machine) turned it on and it says : 9.0 cmH2O The flex is on 2. This machine has no card. And at night it starts when I put on mask, then I stop it in the morning.
I tried to attach 2 pics, but they wouldn't upload.

Thanks ya'll are so helpful. When I figure this out i'll have to send a pic of my NEW 4 her and myself Big Grin

9.0 is the CPAP pressure. Flex=2 is the drop in pressure it gives on exhale. ResMed uses the term EPR for that.

You can setup autostart in the menu of your new series 10 machine.

Best way to put an image in a post photos:

Some folks use imgur, I use photobucket.



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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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I'll let other people help you with the pressure settings. You do not need the clinical settings for turning the humidity off. If you want it at zero, press the round button and select SETTINGS. Then, select HUMIDITY. Turn the button until humidity says OFF. Go back to the top and press the button and you are set. If you don't set it to OFF, you'll get a burning smell as the heater tries to heat the water. I would not be surprised that in Florida, you don't need the humidity settings, but you may need it in the winter. You only need the heated hose if you use the humidity function and get rainout in your hose (water accumulates in the mask).

You don't have to get the side panel, but if you don't plan to use the humidifier, removing the humidity bin does take up less space on your nightstand and suitcase.

If you were getting your supplies from a DME through insurance, I recommend getting the heated hose because they will never send you a Resmed brand slimline hose without a lot of foot-stomping on your part. The non-brand hoses are louder. Doesn't bother me in the hospital, but when the cat rolls onto it or it scrapes on the side of your nightstand, you can tell the difference.

I have the For Her model as well. Love it.
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Hi SweetDreamer,

welcome to the forum.

One other thing to recommend is that you download the software to be able to review the data your machine collects in order to make informed decisions about your therapy if you are interested in doing that.

Lots of people here are very proactive in managing our own therapy using the available data and there is a lot of help and good advice (not medical advice) from fellow apnea sufferers (not doctors) who understand the data and can make helpful suggestions (not medical advice, not coming from doctors) about how to improve the effectiveness of your therapy based on data you might share.

Resmed publishes software called ResScan (PC only) and there is also an open source software called SleepyHead (Mac, PC, other platforms). They both do essentially the same thing, which is to read and analyze the data from the SD memory card that comes with your A10, then provide graphical reports on the various metrics that are captured.

There is also a web site called myair.resmed.com which you might want to sign up for. Once you sign up and enter the information for your specific machine, ResMed will publish daily summary reports using the data that gets sent to the ResMed mother ship each day via the cellular transmitter built into every A10 machine.

How these compare:

.. myair web site - provides a really simple score each day and a few simple graphics. Oriented toward beginners to encourage new patients to use their machines. The biggest factor in the daily score is how many hours used, but also shows mask leaks, number of events, and number of times mask removed. Myair also sends out encouraging emails with little gold stars when you reach goals.

.. ResScan & SleepyHead - these are both serious data analysis tools which provide summary and detailed data about your therapy. You can use these tools like a dashboard to check on key indicators, and then drill down as desired to help figure out what changes might be helpful if some of the indicators are off target.

ResScan looks more clinical and seems to be the the software that a medical practice would use to manage multiple patients. Sleepyhead has all the same clinical data but some people find the user interface to be a little more user friendly.

Both are great tools and a lot of people have both tools installed.

You are a long time user of CPAP machines, so unless you have some issues you are already working on, then you will probably be stable and happy with your therapy once you get the A10 dialed in similar to your old Remstar settings.

It might be interesting to have a look at graphs of your data. And if you ever feel a need to make changes in your therapy, you will be amazed at the level of insight and great suggestions (not medical advice) some forum members (not doctors) will be able to provide when you post your data and ask their advice.

If loading the software is more than you want to mess with just now, no worries. The A10 will store a LOT of historical data on the SD card, so if the time ever comes when your therapy needs a tweak you can download and import the data at that point.

best wishes for continued success with your therapy.

Saldus Miegas
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Humidity...try it, you'll like it. Just fill the chamber with clean water or distilled, and use a low setting. There is a reason nearly every PAP machine supplied today includes humidity. You can add a heated hose (Climateline) anytime. I have always used a heated hose since 2008, even before the manufacturers supplied them.

You're not new to this rodeo, so I'm sure you're going to do great and be amazed at how much more comfortable and responsive this machine is. Sweet dreams.
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(08-06-2016, 10:33 AM)justMongo Wrote: Since "all ya'll" is a southern expression, I'll assume you're in the southeast US.

So, you probably don't need a heated hose. You don't have too use the humidifier if you choose not to.
You can switch it off in the menu; or (in my opinion) a better choice is to get the end cap that allows the machine to work without a tank installed.
It's $15 to $20. Comes in a color to match your machine.
Just Google "ResMed Air 10 side cover"
[Image: Accessories_Air-10-Side_Cover_Charcoal_heroimage.jpg]

Thank you, and I was able to add that to my machine order before it is mailed out to me, that way I didn't have to pay shipping. The only time I use a humidifier is a few times in the winter. Thank you again.

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Hi SweetDreamer,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
CONGRATULATIONS! on your new machine, and I hope you will like it.
Much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
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I love the AS10 4Her. Night 2 of using my new cpap. I am using Sleepyhead (free download) and myair. This is the data, I have no idea how to interpret it. But anyway, 8/12 I used the medium pillows. Nose hurt in am so last night I used the small ones. should I try using the humidifier tonight .
"Myair" gave me a 3 (1st night) on maskleak using the medium pillows, and a 1 last night using the small.

Do ya'll think I should try the large pillows along with the humidifier tonight? Thank you so much.

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SweetDreamer, the MyAir stats are pretty close to useless. I would stick to the Sleepyhead Detail graphs as described here. http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ganization

As a general rule, the Airfit P10 gets more comfortable and leak-free with a larger pillows size. The idea is to seal around the outside of the nares, not to insert the nasal pillows. Larger sizes flow better, and as long as you get a good seal, use the largest size that works.

No reason not to use the humidifier. Passive humidity means filling with water, and turning off the humidifier heat. Experiment and use whatever feels best.
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