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What do I do first, when i get my Airsense 10 for her.
(08-14-2016, 09:09 AM)SweetDreamer Wrote:

I love the AS10 4Her. Night 2 of using my new cpap. I am using Sleepyhead (free download) and myair. This is the data, I have no idea how to interpret it. But anyway, 8/12 I used the medium pillows. Nose hurt in am so last night I used the small ones. should I try using the humidifier tonight .
"Myair" gave me a 3 (1st night) on maskleak using the medium pillows, and a 1 last night using the small.

Do ya'll think I should try the large pillows along with the humidifier tonight? Thank you so much.


Well done. And you figured out how to pull and upload graphics on your second day. In a lot of ways you are ahead of the curve.

MyAir is all about encouraging people to use their machines. You can see in the summary report that myair provides high scores for using the machine all night, and working to eliminate leaks (those two factors are 90 of 100). It gives you a little bump for not taking the mask off during the night, and AHI score is pretty minor. So it is clearly aimed at proper behavior. If a person is struggling then this provides measurable feedback on getting to a consistent level of usage. You have this nailed. So if you need a little encouragement and warm fuzzies, then hit the myair site. BTW, the 3/1 score you mentioned was not leaks but mask off. That means how many times you turn the machine off during the night.

SleepyHead is where most of us look for actionable technical data once we have the basic good habits established. Your data on SH also looks pretty good. AHI under 5 is considered effective therapeutic level, and you are well under that. Your leak reported on SH is low. We all like to see AHI under 1, and that is attainable for a lot of people but not everyone.

In any case the key to making tweaks is understanding the patterns in the data, so this will require some time to collect some more data and see what patterns emerge. One night might highlight a red flag (you don't have any red flags) but data over time will point the way to make refinements.

For now, here on day 2, it looks like you are doing well. More important at this point is how are you feeling? Sounds like mostly good, with some nasal discomfort.

I would try the large nasal pillows, as SleepRider says, larger means more air flow, so largest size that feels comfortable is the way to go. It was also my experience that swapping up from medium to large was better air flow and better air seal. You might try this out during the day for ten minutes or so to see how they feel.

One other thought since you didn't mention what kind of discomfort you are having. My first night on the P10 I woke up in the morning with pain in the septum from the mask pressing too hard on it all night. I discovered that I had worn the mask upside down the first night. The little holes in the pillows should be angled upwards. If you flip the mask and try it on you will instantly know which way is more comfortable. If you are wearing it correctly and still feel it is pressing too hard on the septum, you can adjust the tension by spreading the split strap apart behind your head. Together is tighter, spread apart is looser.

Other than that, stay the course and collect some more data. There is a natural variation and you need to see what the patterns are before you consider making any changes. For now, there are no red flags in the data, and you seem to feel comfortable with the machine and therapy.

So play around with the mask fit and pillow sizes to find the most comfortable fit and collect a week or so of data.

You are on a good path.

Saldus Miegas
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Hello SweetDreamer. Welcome to the forum.

It wouldn't hurt to try the large pillows. Experimentation is the only way you can find out what works for you. Just keep in mind not to make too many changes too quickly. You will need time to see how things work.

I use a lanolin paste to prevent the pillow from irritating my nostrils. A little bit goes a long way. Most pharmacies and discount stores have it in their baby supply aisle.
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(08-06-2016, 10:33 AM)justMongo Wrote: or (in my opinion) a better choice is to get the end cap that allows the machine to work without a tank installed.
It's $15 to $20. Comes in a color to match your machine.
Just Google "ResMed Air 10 side cover"


Thank ewe for sharing what to search for.. my now ex-DME told me no such plug existed! Another reason to sink their boat and help put em' outa business!! IDIOTS!
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
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Thank you ALL soooooo much :-) for all of the encouragement and advice, I sure need it.

Got distilled water, will try humidifier on 2 tonight with the large pillows. I am learning so much from ya'll. You are a GREAT support system too. I felt good yesterday (after 1st night) but today I feel kinda dragging. Are there any other things on my report I need to be addressing? Also after I do these modifications tonight, what should I look for in my data report tomorrow to see if what i'm doing is in fact working?

Thank you sooooo much ;-)ThanksThanksThanks
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have you inspected your actual sleep pattern?

I know days when I get longer periods of contiguous sleep without it being fragmented, I feel better...

Most of my sleep is really fragmented where I get 15, 30, 60, 90 up to about 180 mins of sleep at a whack then I'm up for a while.. so while I get anywhere between 4.5 - 15 hrs sleep a day, it's so fragmented (can you say fractured fairy tails?) when I awaken I feel like a dump truck has run me over whilst I lie in a puddle o'mud.
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
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Had a great night last night last night., tried the large pillows with the mask seal feature and they didn't fit. So I watched the video on utube about fitting your mask and how to tell what pillows are right. Then I compared the holes in the pillows to my nose and the mediums looked best. Used humidifier on 2 along with the medium pillows adjusted the mask and my scores even look better, thanks to ya'lls help. I'll be using the humidifier more often now.

I can't begin to express my thanks to everyone. I am off and running to great night sleeps. I welcome all advice and tips. I'll come back here if I have more questions.
Thank you and God Bless.            
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(08-15-2016, 05:29 PM)SweetDreamer Wrote: I welcome all advice and tips.

Wadaya think this is, a Diner? asking for tips, HUMPF! Dielaughing
Warning: Eating chocolate may cause your clothes to shrink!
[Image: ry6XtE9.gif] <---- That's ME!
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