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What is causing these HR spike?
What is causing these HR spike?
From what I can tell, I get HR spikes for no apparent reason, except for moving just a little bit in bed. And when I mean a little bit, I mean....if I have been laying down for an extended time and sleeping, if i wake up, and just move my arm or leg, my HR spikes from 58bpm to 100bpm+.

It used to spike to 130+, before I was on Multaq for AFIB. I find it really concerning. After it spikes though, it goes back to normal, and as long as I remain awake, or get up from bed, my HR remains stable again. Unless I lay back down for an extended time without moving.

I am 46yo, and I brought this to my cardiologist attention last year, but they had no answers. They said my HR was still within acceptable limits <140bpm. But last year, is when something like this caused my AFIB incident, since I woke up with palpitations and crazy fast heart rate.

I'm not in AFIB when this happens, because I would immediately check myself with my Kardia Mobile device. It's just a normal rhythm. I understand BP changes when you move around, but the HR shouldnt spike so much.

When this occurred tonight each time, I checked my HR also with my phone and Kardia Mobile. They both showed the same HR spike. So it isn't an artifact of my Contec O2 device.


ResMed AirCurve 10 vAuto
Pressure EPAP min 4.4, IPAP 8.4, IPAP Max 18, PS 4.

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RE: What is causing these HR spike?
I am not precisely sure, but I think this can be attributed to simple 'arousal' in the clinical sense of the term.  It probably depends on the level of wakefulness as you turn over, or as you simply stir and not necessarily move your body much...just coming awake briefly...but as you come closer to outright consciousness your mind enters a state of alertness or arousal that might cause your adrenal glands to briefly send out a spurt of 'stuff' that makes the heart pound AND speed up.  My own AFib came on suddenly while I was in a telephone conversation with the Canadian Revenue Agency over taxes they said I owed them.  I thought at the time that I must have gone into arrhythmia as epinephrine coursed through my circulatory system.  Later, while meeting with a cardiologist, I asked him if my system, or heart, was getting sensitive to elevated levels, or even to bursts, of adrenaline, and he agreed that my heart seemed to be 'irritable'.

I'm sure others will have different takes on this, but I do hope you get a satisfactory answer.
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RE: What is causing these HR spike?
Well that makes sense. At this point, I doubt I will ever get an answer or a solution from any of my doctors. In the past, they pointed towards "anxiety" and put me on drugs for it, but that actually made it worse in the long run, and caused my first AFIB incident. It's nonsense that doctors think "anxiety" causes everything. I dont feel anxious when I wake up and move around at night. All I want to do is stretch or move.

I lay on my back all night, and during all my sleep studies they said I hardly ever moved throughout the night. Yeah it could be adrenaline, or something else going on. But I definitely don't think it's anxiety. Because I dont feel anxious. It's just weird that moving my foot or leg a little bit, would cause this HR spike while I continue to lay down.

I'm wondering if it could be blood pressure related or not, but at this point I'm driving myself mad trying to find an answer. I went to my Electrophysiologist this morning and he said he wasn't worried about it, that my HR was within range. That's easy for him to say, since it isn't happening to him.

I also have days I have these weird "unwell" feelings like my respiratory drive is depressed, and this eventually causes a LOT of CA's at night, leading me to skip a night of sleep. This randomly occurs on certain days, and doctors are either NOT concerned, or don't have a clue. I've been to all sorts of doctors, hematologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, cardio, EP, etc for my other issues as well, and none of them can come up with a solution.
ResMed AirCurve 10 vAuto
Pressure EPAP min 4.4, IPAP 8.4, IPAP Max 18, PS 4.

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