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What's the accumulated Apneaboard wisdom on the ForHer algorithm?
What's the accumulated Apneaboard wisdom on the ForHer algorithm?
A little history... Way back in 2014 I was diagnosed, and it took a full six months from the online study, in-lab study, prescription, getting a machine. So back in Oct 2014 I had to make the choice between taking an AirSense 10 or or waiting for a ForHer which the DME said we be at least another 2 months of backorder. I was tired of waiting so I took the regular Air 10.

But I always wondered if the ForHer would have been worth waiting for.

I have now used an Air11 in ForHer mode for the last 10 days, and, so far it's been pretty crappy. 

I've had what are for me very long OAs with deep desats into the lower 80s. Longest was 63 seconds! On those days where I've had at least one event longer than 40 seconds or so I've woken up woozy, punch-drunk, can't walk in a straight line, and a splitting headache. Here's a list of every one that was over 40 seconds...

2022-03-20T23:42:32    43.00
2022-03-20T23:43:49    54.00
2022-03-20T23:55:52    43.00
2022-03-21T02:19:37    59.00
2022-03-22T23:39:18    46.00
2022-03-24T23:03:57    42.00
2022-03-24T23:06:55    43.00
2022-03-24T23:08:21    53.00
2022-03-26T01:13:46    46.00
2022-03-26T03:19:10    42.00
2022-03-26T03:20:47    49.00
2022-03-26T03:22:08    49.00
2022-03-28T00:19:05    47.00
2022-03-28T00:20:12    45.00
2022-03-28T00:23:21    41.00
2022-03-28T00:24:21    42.00
2022-03-29T02:28:05    56.00
2022-03-29T03:15:51    63.00
2022-03-29T04:13:27    45.00

(and I haven't even downloaded last night's data...)

So what is the deal? This is not just worse than the vauto, which I expect, it's definitely worse than the regular autoset algorithm. I found some stuff in the archives from back in 2014 (the search function wasn't really helping me...) where people were skeptical and taking a "we'll see" approach, but not more recent comments after there's been years to figure it out.

So what turned out to be the general opinion?
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RE: What's the accumulated Apneaboard wisdom on the ForHer algorithm?
It may not work for you! I recommend switching to the regular mode. I've been using the ForHer algorithm for about 7 years now. I switch to the regular one when I have a cold or really bad allergies. The regular algorithm wakes me up. Too aggressive? I don't know. But I found that when I need the more aggressive treatment, the regular algorithm works better. If you look back in the discussions, it also isn't effective if your pressure is over 12. Is that your case? I go over 12 when I have a cold or really bad allergies so that may explain why I need to move to the other algorithm. We actually did a test. My late sister would randomly switch my machine between the algorithms and I had consistent reactions at that time.
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RE: What's the accumulated Apneaboard wisdom on the ForHer algorithm?
I have a "for her" machine. I switched to that algorithm to see if there was any difference.

I use a ResMed N20 mask.

I noticed right away that it seemed easier to breath; more natural. I also noticed that my AHI went up about +1...

only change is the setting....

BTW I liked your talk in another post. I feel the same way about my sleep doc experience. It went on a long time. I felt like I was in his OSA cult....
compliant for 35 years /// Still learning!

ResMed N20; ResMed P30i modified headgear; F&P Evora Full FFM

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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