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What to do next in my search for better sleep?
(01-14-2015, 09:57 PM)the_mad_man Wrote: I guess I'm going to tighten down my mask strap

Not sure it will help, but you may wish to read this thread, as it has helped some with getting a better mask fit:


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the_mad_man, have you tried "positional therapy"? Fancy word to say "something to stop you from sleeping on your back. Sounds like your apnea is much worse on your back.

The classic method is sewing a tennis ball in the back of your shirt, if you can't sew (I can't), I've heard people try putting a tennis ball in the back pocket of a cycling shirt, or you can spend ~$100 on a product designed just for this (REM-A-TEE Bumper Belt or Zzoma)

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As some of you advised, I have been cranking up the minimum pressure a little bit. Last night, it was 6.6 and the flow limitations are greatly reduced. However, the report from Zeo says that I'm having awakenings during times that Sleepyhead shows no flow limitation at all! This supports my hypothesis that UARS is just a part of this, and something else is keeping me from sleeping well.
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Hi Mad_Man,
It may be just me and I might be totally wrong as I'm a newbie here, but...as you are not certain that your Zeo is even accurate or works or is medically sound equipment, and based on reading all of your posts, it seems that it is making you more distressed in some ways, raising concerns of trust relating to your C-pap machine etc, and possibly adding to your distress/anxiety vs helping it. Stress and Anxiety only make sleep issues more challenging.

Would it be possible to lay aside the Zeo for a while, and simply rely on fine tuning the c-pap to at least get some improvement in that area of your night, and a notebook with pen and paper or the print out of a sleep journal where you note how your night was, and give that a couple weeks, just you and the c-pap and your own notes and thoughts?

Hope you find answers,
You are right that lack of sleep is a bear and makes one "crazy" so to speak.
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What TheManseHen just said is something I've thought about. "What if the data from Zeo isn't accurate?"

I've given this some thought. The Zeo has been consistent with my lab sleep studies in telling me that delta sleep is about 10% of my sleep, and that only a few minutes at a time, unfortunately. I've also noticed that it seems that Zeo is remarkably good at predicting how I feel during the day. My better days, Zeo usually indicates that I slept better, tho Zeo has never indicated that my sleep is anywhere near optimal on any night. It is extremely rare for it to not record any awakenings at all.

As before, I also suspect that there is something else wrong because the mild UARS I supposedly have doesn't seem like it's bad enough to explain the severity of my symptoms.

In any case, now that I'm consistently using the CPAP, it's time to give it some time and see what happens.

I just want to wake up feeling like I rested well and enjoy my life.
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Hi again, just wanted to chime in.

I've slowly increased the minimum pressure on my CPAP from 5 to 8 over the last few weeks and Sleepyhead says that my flow limitations have been greatly reduced. Thanks!

I'm wondering what else I can do to get more deep slow-wave sleep.

The other thing going on is that I get tons of "clear airway" events. My AHI is very low for about the first 5-6 hours of sleep, typically, but the last few hours, I have tons of these clear airway events. I'm wondering what this means.
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Hi Mad Man,
I don't have the scientific answers for you, being a newbie, but it is my understanding that when one is new to c-pap, the process of having the raised pressure, can trigger more centrals for a while, but that with adjustment, this often disappears. If not, the doctor will address that in your follow-up. Even if they don't disappear, it is my understanding that provided they are under 5.0 per hour themselves, they usually don't specifically treat them with a bi-pap etc.

Despite all of the numbers, how are you feeling?

The Manse Hen
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When I started to raise my pressure a bit and also changed AFLEX setting from 3 to 2, my RERA's and Flow Limation numbers came way down, and I noticed I felt much better. I hope in time to not use the AFLEX setting at all.

I had clusters of centrals when I first started CPAP too, either at the beginning of night or early morning. Can't explain why, but now I get very few... Sometimes one or two events per week!
So I think after reading many posts, that too will change. If not, it needs to be addressed by your Doctor. Hopefully, once you get your settings where they are meant to be, you will start to sleep longer too. Have a good day!
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Actually, the CAs have been happening the entire time I've used CPAP, and I started around October last year. I can't really tell that I'm feeling better, but I'm told that CPAP can take a long time to make a difference.
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(02-03-2015, 10:05 AM)the_mad_man Wrote: Actually, the CAs have been happening the entire time I've used CPAP, and I started around October last year. I can't really tell that I'm feeling better, but I'm told that CPAP can take a long time to make a difference.

I started CPAP same time as you. Yes, some take longer to feel better, but don't give up. Do you have a high number of centrals? Maby you could post some screenshots of your graphs from sleepyhead for someone to look at. I'm not that
experienced to give advice on that, but I am sure that someone else here would look at it.
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