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What to expect
First off - this forum is fantastic. I finally feel that I have the support that was so lacking from the DME and the doctor.

After reading some of the numbers from other posters of AHI in the 60's, I am almost embarrassed to tell you mine is 15.1 but I get up every hour on the hour. I consider it very lucky when I somehow get 2 hours without getting up. The Dr. said this is typical with OSA. This is WITHOUT using a CPAP.

The question I have is, what do CPAP users typically experience when using a CPAP? Do you get a full nights sleep without getting up?

When I finally get up in the morning, I am gasping for breath and my heart is racing and pounding. Does this go away with successful CPAP use.

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I slept through the night without getting up for the first time in a long time last night. I have had the machine less than a week. From what I hear on here and from friends the results are different for everyone. What I haven't heard though is many people saying that the machine made them worse... So, IMHO it is always worth a try!
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(09-09-2014, 10:49 PM)sleepyCoder Wrote: When I finally get up in the morning, I am gasping for breath and my heart is racing and pounding. Does this go away with successful CPAP use.

That's certainly something to keep your eye on as you start therapy Sleepy. It could be you are waking up following a rather intense apnea event, but there could be other causes too. So once you get started with your machine be sure to download the software (Sleepyhead if it's an S9, ResScan if it's an A10) and review your results daily.

As to the 15+ ahi? That qualifies for something that should be treated. In my experience I tested at just over 5 sleeping on my side, and well over 60 on my back. But in spite of the rather low test number I had significant symptoms, such as the snoring thing, the getting up 5 or 10 times a night, and most importantly the falling asleep behind the wheel of the car thing. So it's not always about the numbers.

Now others will tell you that the numbers don't mean anything because everyone is different. But that's not quite accurate. Everyone else may be different, but I'm not different..... I'm the same.

Will you quit getting up a zillion times a night? Probably. Most do. I get up once a night some nights, and not at all others.

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I'm in month 7. Initially you can expect 3-5 hours at a time of good sleep, and then progress to 4-6 then 6-8, In about a month I was sleeping fully through the night. No middle of the night bathrooms and no waking coughing chocking or whatever. I wish you all the best and welcome aboard to the forum.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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We all have our personal story. My untreated AHI was 83.
I typically wake once a night for a bathroom break often around 4 AM, this morning it was closer to 6 AM. Bed time is around midnight.
A lot depends on why your heart is racing. Do you have afib like I do, or some other heart condition? Is it simply fighting for oxygen?
When your therapy is working properly, your body will work better. That does not mean that every malady known to man will instantly be cured, but many may have symptoms relieved and start to heal
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Don't be embarrassed AHI 15.1 can be deadly, too. Eventually you will likely sleep through the night without getting up and you likely won't wake with the gasping and racing effects. Some people feel immediate relief and others take a while. Some people sleep through the night the first time they put on a mask, but most of us took some time to get used to the machine. Working with the machine at night is very frustrating when things aren't quite working right - not only that, but making adjustments to the mask or the dealing with hose rainout usually results in you becoming fully awake. Eventually, this stuff gets better and less of a hassle as you get used to it (at least if you have the perseverance to keep trying until it works).

Some people get very lucky and are happy with the first mask they try, but many of us had to try several masks before we found the right one.

It's very individual. Odds are, there will be nights where you think about throwing the CPAP out the window. Just keep working at it until things work for you. When you have problems, bring them to the forum. Chances are, someone else on the forum will have dealt with a similar problem.

If you haven't already, make sure you read the posts at the very top to make sure you don't get stuck with a machine that has no clinical data (other than basic compliance data) - in other words, a brick.

Good luck!!
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Ahh this makes me laugh and remember my sleep study. I was always good at taking tests and my sleep test was no different. My graph between events was just a solid black line. They said it was 95%, "Not the worst they had ever seen but damn close" was what my Doctor said. I used to wonder why I could fall asleep at the restaurant in the middle of talking to my wife. It was sad and scary.

Very important as stated, do not take any unit that does not record data, I wish I had known that when I started. Unfortunately I didn't and have suffered for it.

Masks took me 3 or 4, and I am now mostly happy with my P10.
If everyone thinks alike, then someone isn't thinking.
Everyone knows something, together we could know everything.
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Hi sleepycoder, nothing wrong with AHI of 15, it still says you have sleep apnea.
When I was diagnosed mine was only 18 and I like you was getting up on the hour every hour very night, it drove me crazy.
Now once or twice a night, I love it. For me so far in my seven month journey that has been the only positive thing to come from CPAP, but that's another story.

Wishing you good luck on your journey.
Sleep Tight...
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Keep us posted on your progress sleepyCoder. The start up period varies for each of us but you can accelerate through the newbie stage by learning from the experience of folks here on the forum. Take care of yourself.
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(09-09-2014, 10:49 PM)sleepyCoder Wrote: ...I am almost embarrassed to tell you mine is 15.1 but I get up every hour on the hour. ...

AHI of 15 still means your sleep is being disturbed every 4 minutes on average... you might not be fully awakened but you will be prevented from getting to the deep sleep...

For me - I wasn't diabolically bad on the Epworth Score but my AHI was in the 50's and I was up on the hour every hour. I used to drop off in front of the TV of an evening and was having trouble driving to and from work.. The driving was a serious issue since I have a 2 hour commute 3 times a week.

All fixed now - except I still drop off in church during the sermon - but I'm sure that not my fault... Big Grin

Long story short - I didn't realise how bad I was until I found how good it is on CPAP.
Disclaimer: The 'Advisory Member' title is a Forum thing that I cannot change. I am not a doctor and my comments are purely my opinion or quote my personal experience. Regardless of my experience other readers mileage may vary.
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