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Poll: What water do you use to fill the humidifier tank?
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52 76.47%
10 14.71%
5 7.35%
1 1.47%
Total 68 vote(s) 100%
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What water do you use to fill the humidifier tank?
I use tap water. If I can drink, I can breathe it. I rinse it out every night and rinse the tank with chlorine bleach when the bottom of the tank takes on a pinkish hue. My water comes out of a river is filtered to remove any fish poo, treated with chlorine and dumped into the water distribution system. If chilled, it is quite tasty and smells good too. I do wish I had spring water like PaulaO2. Unfortunately, the last spring I saw in Kansas had a red tint to it because of the iron reducing bacteria that lived in it.Oh-jeez
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I have always used distilled I buy cheap from Wal Mart or Albertsons. I clean the container every week or so with white vinegar and mild soap or just vinegar for all my hoses, pillows etc.
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Anyone remember the vinegar to water ratio for cleaning stuff? Is it like bleach, a 10% solution?
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I use RO water which I get from a system that I have mounted under the kitchen sink. It supplies a drinking water tap there as well as supplying the ice maker and cold water supply to the fridge. This water leaves no residue in the humidifier chamber at all. I use bottled water when on the road, but it usually leaves residue behind and requires a good cleaning when I get home. I always replace any remaining water with fresh every night.
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For the first two nights, I used filtered tap water. (got white film on plate fast...) After that I've been using distilled.....and now I'm filtering the distilled water....because the distilled water has an odor to it, and I like to my distilled water to be free of smells.

Since the humidifier also acts a filter, it'll get dumped out once in a while....though not as often if I was using non-distilled water.

There was a period of time...where I'd go to bed and wake up to a strange smell. I trace backwards and dump out the humidifier....and then the next night....the smell would build up over night and be awful in the morning. Again, dump out the water and repeat. After a few days...I realized the water was only absorbing whatever it could...until it couldn't. Found out the burning smell was my CPAP.....there had been some secret recall of an electrical problem (i.e. the unit has to fail before it'll be covered by the recall, and only brick and mortar DMEs were notified....after providing them with 'sufficient' replacement units.)

When I travel....it depends on whether I checked a bag or not. If I checked, I'll have packed a PAPflask of distilled water....otherwise I'll buy bottled water at the hotel. The PAPflask is (supposedly) labeled to get through TSA...but I've never tried.

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You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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I use distilled water sold in gallon jugs at the grocery store for under a dollar. I sleep a fairly consistent amount of hours (about 6.5 or so) each night so I fill the tub usually to the first line on the ResMed H5i water tank and have just a little water left each morning. I don't dump any out, I just refill it to that first line. I open up the standard water tank (yes, it is possible) and I clean the tub once a week just using ivory liquid soap and hot water and don't have any residue at all on the bottom of the tank in 6 months of use.
We're all family here...you can call me B36 if you'd like!Cool
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I use distilled water. I'm kind of shocked how many of you just refill and don't dump everyday. I'm retentive about inhaling old water.
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We have a water softener for whole house and a water filter on the kitchen faucet so I use that water. I was using distilled water and I don't really see a difference. I do dump it daily too.
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I make my own distilled water....which is a pain, since I seem to have a poor memory on remembering to make it.

The fan in it is kind of noisy, so usually I run it when I'm at work or over night (depending on the time of year.) Except I often set it up, and then never remember to start it before I leave for work or before I go to sleep.

I should probably work on dumping it more regularly, and keeping myself supplied with distilled water more regularly...but the really scary other secret, is that I don't replace the filter on my machine regularly....sometimes months will go by and then I'll think, its been a while since I changed it....hasn't it? And, it does look pretty dark those times....

The Dreamer.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!
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Over 10 years on my CPAP machine. I have been using bottled distilled water all the time. I had tried filtered tap water when I first started, but didn't like the mineral deposit tap water left behind or the 'pink stuff' some of you had mentioned.

I always tried to have a couple of gallons of bottle distilled water on hand, so I have never ran out when I want to refill my machine. I have forgot to refill the water reservoir and ran it dry. Distilled water leaves it clean with no residue, so I can just pour the distilled water right back in.

btw: I have a wine refrigerator to store my wine collection. That one use a small tray reservoir of water to keep the moisture inside. I use filter tap water for that and I can see the mineral deposit every time I add more water to the reservoir. Here is fine but not for my CPAP machine.
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