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When does the "tired" feeling go away?
Greetings all, can't tell you how helpful this board has been. I'm a newly registered follower that had tried a CPAP 8 years ago with an AHI of 15 but just couldn't get used to the full face mask. Ended up using a dental appliance since then but it just wasn't helping anymore. Have now been diagnosed with an AHI of 29 and just began therapy with a DreamStation Auto CPAP using AirFit P10 nasal pillows and chin strap. Have been able to tolerate it completely for the first 4 nights. One thing that I hoped would be better is the tired feeling I have throughout the day. A couple days have been better but a couple haven't felt any different. Feed back from the DreamStation is showing an AHI of around 2.0 every night and 100% mask fit. Was wondering how long it might take to start feeling better more consistently. Also have been using the PR DreamMapper site but notice that a lot of folks seem to be using SleepyHead. Will have to give that a try.
Thanks again for all the great advice on the board, it has helped immensely.
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G'day Ray, welcome to Apnea Board. Achieving such a low AHI so early in your treatment is an excellent result, which bodes well for your future health.

Some people have an immediate amazing response to CPAP, but for most us it's a bit of a journey. You probably have a substantial sleep deficit to pay off and probably some comorbidities that will take a while to get over. It could also be that there are other issues preventing you getting restful sleep, such as persistent mask leaks, possible discomfort during the night and so on.

SleepyHead will often help identify problems such as small leaks which may not show up in aggregating software such as DreamMapper.

At this early stage, I'd suggest you don't worry too much about instant results. Things typically get better with time, so give your body a while to get used to the therapy. Also, use SleepyHead to help identify if there are problems which might be disturbing your sleep.
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Welcome Ray!

I fully agree with DeepBreathing. Don't worry too much, it takes time for your body and brain to adapt and re-train. Get SleepyHead and see if anything looks like a problem (we are happy to help). If not, keep sleeping! Big Grin

I felt much better immediately, but I am still a little tired during the day 6+ months in. I have never been a morning person and CPAP has not changed that (as much as I had hoped it might).
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Hi Cranberry Ray,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It sounds like you are off to a good start, keep up the good work.

Better luck to you the second time around with your CPAP therapy.
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(11-25-2016, 09:01 AM)Cranberry Ray Wrote: One thing that I hoped would be better is the tired feeling I have throughout the day. A couple days have been better but a couple haven't felt any different.

Well, you've had essentially untreated sleep apnea for maybe a decade or more. That does damage that doesn't heal overnight. Most people don't get miracle overnight results, though certainly some do.

You've likely removed the cause of the damage but not the damage itself. Your body now has a chance to heal itself but, as you are finding, it can't necessarily do that overnight and it may take weeks, months, or even years until you feel noticeably better. As long as you are not getting worse I'd give it some time.

You now have a new step in the dance we call life, and it's going to be part of your dancing style from now on, if you are wise.

Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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I will assume you had a doctor rule everything else out.

My tired feeling initially went away with CPAP, then crept back again. I started drinking large amounts of caffeine and it was keeping me up at night. Would require larger amounts of coffee the next day. My CPAP usage started creeping down as I was staying up later and later and then just passing out without putting my mask on.

Take away from this: sleep hygiene requires conscious effort. But the reward is more energy. I started regular exercise as well.

This is just for me.
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I've been on a PAP since 2006 and I'm still always tired. I only keep at it to help my heart. At first it was a big disappointment for me but I definitely do sleep better with it and so does my wife.
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Hi Cranberry Ray, welcome to the forum.
You should start to feel better right away, however, having said that it is not normal for a human to have a mask stuck to their face and air a high pressure pumped into them. You may not be getting the rest you need at the moment but as your body adjusts to the mask and air pressure you should start to feel better. However, if you have an APAP the change from low to high pressure can disturb some users. It might help if the low pressure was raised to be a bit closer the the pressure the APAP goes up to. This leaves less of a pressure jump and tends not to disturb the user as much. Just a thought.
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Really appreciate all the responses and encouragement. It's been just over a week of use and have kept the nasal pillows on all night every night and have definitely noticed some difference, was hoping to see a bit more but that might come with time. Even while suffering with sleep apnea I'm still up by 4AM every morning and off to the gym. Have never even tried coffee and don't want to start. AHI index has gone from 29 during the sleep study to 2.5-5.0 on the CPAP. I am determined to stay with it this time especially knowing how much better I can feel and what a positive effect it has on my general health. I encourage everyone to stay with it, it will change your life.
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I felt better quickly, not great but better. It has been two plus years with cpap and it keep getting better. I am still tired most days but not falling asleep while driving.

I wish I had started cpap sooner.

Good luck to you, keep going. Sleep-well

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