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When will I start to feel better?
Hi all, I am looking for comfort, encouragement, help, you name it.

I tried Auto-pap and nasal pillows when I was first diagnosed with OSA back in 2007. The nasal pillows were very uncomfortable and my sleep seemed worse, more interrupted than ever before, after trying them. I would awaken multiple times a night to the sensation of spittle flying out of my mouth between pursed lips.

Turns out I had a deviated septum. That might have contributed to that discomfort. The pressure was really high. I had surgery to correct that in 2009, but I was off CPAP by then.

So back to 2007, after about three weeks I switched to a full-face mask. The Resmed Quatro model at the time. It was better, but I still felt like I never really adjusted to CPAP. Unlike other OSA sufferers I know that took to CPAP therapy like fish to water, and were raving about the sleep they were now getting, I still woke up 2-3 times a night with uncomfortable mask leaks or in pain because the mask was cutting into my face. After 18 months of trying, I switched to oral appliance therapy.

The first night I slept with the oral appliance, it was terrible. I cranked it open as far as it would go and the next night had the best sleep in years. I continued on the oral appliance until this year, from late 2008 to 2013. The efficacy of this approach has worn off over time. I am back to foggy days, so I went to get another sleep study. Turns out the appliance isn't working like it used to. An ENT doctor told me this would be the case, and he wanted to perform a UPP. I happen to know the success rate for UPP is only around 15%, so I really don't want to go that route.

So I am back to trying CPAP. I'm basically starting from scratch. They gave me the new Quatro Air mask, and I am unable to get good sleep with it. The sleep data says I'm only having 1.6 events an hour now, but I am only sleeping 2-3 hours a night. I am miserable. I am experiencing brain fog worse than I was on the oral device. It has been five nights.

I am so frustrated and upset. How long until I start to feel better on cpap? When I started I had an AHI of 30. I know CPAP is the best treatment for OSA, but I just cannot seem to tolerate it. My father is on Auto-pap and he never wakes up to use the bathroom anymore. I wake up MORE on treatment and it always takes me more than 30 minutes to fall back asleep with the mask.

How long do I have to endure this before I get used to the mask? I don't want to try nasal pillows again even though my deviated septum was corrected. I tried the chin strap with the nasal pillows and it was not strong enough to stop the flying spittle.

I hate this diagnosis. Sleep apnea has ruined my life and the treatment is not much better. I am depressed and angry. Can anyone offer hope or help?

Thanks for letting me vent. Pun not intended.
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frustrated, welcome, I can hear your frustration, unfortunately there is no easy answer, you need to be patient and do your best, I use the same machine except mine is an S9 and now use the Quattro Air, I still wake up a few times a night, sometimes to go to the toilet, sometimes to readjust my mask. CPAP will not stop you waking up, it helps you breathe so you shouldn't wake up as much as when you don't use CPAP. Maybe you should get some tips from your father, he seems to be doing well. Two things I suggest for newbies or in your case someone that has come back to CPAP, is have the hose coming from above your head and use mask liners. Most people that use CPAP start to really feel the effects of CPAP 3 to 6 months into treatment, some sooner and some longer. At least you can measure how you are performing which is something you can't do if you are using an oral appliance, good luck and keep at it.
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Hi frustrated,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having such a rough time right now but I encourage you to stick with it.
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck to you.
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The first thing I would do is to try to get an updated CPAP machine (preferably an auto set where the machine will run as a CPAP and an APAP). The S8 has been replaced by the S9. If you decide to do this, don't accept the S9 Escape as you will only get compliance data and not be able to monitor how you are doing.

FFM tend to leak more than other masks. Have you considered using a nasal mask, not nasal pillows?

I am sure others will have other suggestions for you.

Sorry you are having a rough time of it.
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Thanks for the encouragement. Mask liners seem like they would help. I notice there are different types. Do you have any you recommend specifically for the Quatro Air? My fourth night with the new mask I couldn't use it at all because it was painful where it had been touching my face the previous three nights. The pain was enough to keep me from falling asleep, and if I loosened it too much the mask-fit feature showed a poor fit.

(12-02-2013, 10:32 PM)Tez62 Wrote: ...Two things I suggest for newbies or in your case someone that has come back to CPAP, is have the hose coming from above your head and use mask liners. ...

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I was thinking this very thing. My initial CPAP sleep study in 2007 was done with a plain nasal mask. For the first time in my life I slept on my back through the night.

However, I have also been a night breather as far back as I can remember. It is possible that I have finally learned to breathe correctly since having my deviated septum corrected and am treating my allergies daily, so if I don't feel better after a few more nights with the FFM I am considering getting the WISP mask or something like it to try instead. I am fairly certain I will also need a chin strap at that time, though. The chin strap I had with my nasal pillows was useless.

So grateful to find this board and receive advice. Thank you.

(12-03-2013, 12:21 AM)me50 Wrote: ...Have you considered using a nasal mask, not nasal pillows? ...

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So last night I dug up my old nasal pillows to try them instead of the full face mask. I have to say I found them more comfortable overall but still had major trouble getting to sleep. I know the cpap is helping me breathe better when I am sleeping but the anxiety about getting to sleep while under treatment is so difficult to overcome.

And even though I wore my oral appliance with double band aids to hold my jaw shut, I still awoke multiple times after finally getting to sleep with spittle flying out of my mouth. Will a chinstrap make any difference? My lips want to open even when nothing else can, and my tongue relaxes when I am asleep. Suction doesn't cut it. Will a nasal mask work better than pillows as far as keeping my mouth shut?

Do not want to be stuck with a full face mask, which I find terrible. Don't want to buy liners until I settle on the right mask.
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frustrated, if you go with the FFM, I'll send you the instructions on how to make the liners cheaper. With everything CPAP, you need to try to relax and be patient, we have all been there so know what it's like, it's not as if we don't. Have you tried any over the counter sleep meds to try to help you relax? There are other things that may help that others of us do like meditation, it is the getting over of the whole CPAP thing you have to deal with first before you can move on. I would have hated to use an oral appliance and stick my lips together with unknown results. On the chin strap, they work for some people but not for others, our jaws are so strong especially whan we are asleep and we dont know what we are doing, sometimes they aren't that helpful but worth a try.
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Frankly I felt so much better with the oral appliance when it started that wearing it in conjunction with the nasal pillows wasn't a problem. At least last night it seemed more like my anxiety was keeping me up than treatment discomfort. I actually enjoyed the breaths I was able to take with the nasal pillows.

I used the oral appliance for three years after giving up on CPAP the first try. I would still be using it if the efficacy wasn't suspect. My last sleep study showed an AHI of 6 with the oral appliance in. More than 5.

I think I will ask the Doctor for a new oral appliance (the old one is partially broken) just to have on hand. I really want to get used to CPAP. I am trying. But after reading many newcomer posts on here it looks like some people take months to find the right mask.

My father is using the ResMed Quatro FX Mask. He says he prefers it greatly to the FFM's that attach to the forehead.

I am wondering whether to try that next or a Nasal mask like the Wisp. Something low-profile. Would be grateful to hear about others' experiences. When I was first on CPAP (and it didn't take) I had the Mirage Quatro FFM. Leaks were a big problem. The mask cutting into my forehead and cheekbones was a big problem. Fit was a struggle often. I also had a terrible tech company that didn't make me aware of the fact I could keep exchanging masks until I found one I liked, and on top of that didn't check the data on my machine. They were basically in it to profit off of patients I think. Dang US healthcare system.

Going to go search the forums now for reviews of the Quatro FX. Have read some about the Wisp and it sounds like there are problems. Thank you for all the help. I want this to work. I am just so tired after 5 nights of severely limited sleep.
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masks are individual. what works for some may not work for others. I am having really good results with the wisp.
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