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When will I start to feel better?
Well, I finally slept the night through with the mask on. After 5 nearly entirely sleepless nights, I slept for 11 hours straight. The only unfortunate thing is, I woke up with this rash on my face, directly where the mask touches me around the mouth and nose.

I had used a very mild soap to wash the mask the day before. Could it be my soap? What is the best soap you guys recommend? Baby Shampoo? Dish soap (what my tech recommended... inside I said, "nope.")? Neutrogena?

I am exchanging to try a nasal mask tomorrow. And I may not wear it tonight. This rash is red and itchy and the skin around my nose actually flaked off. Terrible. Any other advice? Putting moisturizer on it this morning did not help.

I guess I can't post images yet. If anyone wants to see the rash photos, PM me and I will send you a link.
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I use unscented dawn dishwashing liquid (not antibacterial) and sometimes, when I am not in a hurry, I mix a solution of the dishwashing soap with vinegar and I wash my face before putting on your mask.
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Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap, no perfume or color version. Keep in mind that whatever you use stays in intimate contact with your skin for, hopefully, 6 -9 hours. Even lotions that have never caused you any problem could cause issues. Several people on this board have reported irritation/rash with the headgear as well that was resolved by switching to a "free" laundry detergent.

Stick with it! We're here to encourage you. Never feel bad about just complaining either. This board is a community, we'll listen.
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Frustrated, I had a similar problem with the quattro air unfortunately. Unfortunately, I was unable to resolve it but (fortunately) managed to tolerate the nasal mask and found it to be more comfortable anyway.
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eviltim, does that mean you had the rash problem? I was thinking it was because I used an "organic" dish soap, meaning it had all kinds of plant oils and/or extracts in it, and that being on my face for 11 hours caused the rash. But if you had the rash without it, that might explain too...

I ask because I simply cannot tolerate the nasal mask. I just spent 5 nights on the Swift Nano. From what I can tell, I cannot make the seal in the back of my mouth hold once I fall asleep, so that air from the mask flows into and out of my mouth. Even with a chin strap, I wake up blowing spit out of my mouth, or worse, with my mouth wide open like a chimney, so that it seems none of the Pressurized Air is getting down my airway. I was told my events are at the bottom of my throat, so perhaps that means that my airway has closed and thus the air coming straight out of my mouth at high pressure means that I have had an event. In which case, the nasal mask alone isn't working. This really SUCKS.

I can fall asleep much more comfortably on the nasal mask, but I cannot stay asleep. With the FFM, the problem is falling asleep in the first place more often than not. Plus, since I am an open-mouthed sleeper, I drool and often wake up with the inside of my FFM wet and my cheeks sopping wet around the insides of the mask. This is a terrible sensation.

Today I asked my doc for a referral to get another oral appliance made. I really want to adjust to CPAP but I need to have a good backup. My new strategy will be, if I wake up more than three times in the first hour of using CPAP, I will scrap it for the night and move to the oral appliance. I will then resume trying the CPAP the next night.

I just don't know how most of you got used to this. It is horrendous. I am so frustrated.

I am back to trying Full Face Masks, but am afraid that the Air is the most comfortable... so what will I be left with? I never got used to my old Quatro Mirage after 18 months. That's the reason I left CPAP for an OA in the first place, 4 years ago. I know the CPAP is better for me, but I freaking hate it! But I also don't want to die before my time, so I feel forced by this damned diagnosis to keep trying it!

Getting my new FFM tomorrow morning at 8am. We'll see.

Also I'm asking for a Didgeridoo for Xmas because supposedly learning to play it can help reduce OSA.

(12-08-2013, 04:08 AM)eviltim Wrote: Frustrated, I had a similar problem with the quattro air unfortunately. Unfortunately, I was unable to resolve it but (fortunately) managed to tolerate the nasal mask and found it to be more comfortable anyway.

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A few things I can think of to suggest. Have you considered upgrading your CPAP machine? Secondly, what chin strap did you try? If one doesn't work, try another one. I am a mouth breather and am using the wisp nasal mask with a chin strap and it is working well. The hardest part of therapy is finding the right mask. It has taken me almost 3 years to find something that is working. The only thing I would like better about the chin strap is if the back strap wasn't as wide as it is. I am sure that others will have other thoughts and suggestions for you. As far as washing my face before I go to bed, I actually wash my face with plain water but I have dry skin and live in an area with very low humidity. When I wash my mask and/or other equipment, I use white vinegar and unscented dawn dishwashing soap (not antibacterial). Sorry this is so difficult for you but don't give up because CPAP is better than the alternative and the medical conditions that can come from untreated OSA.
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I would suggest you look at suggestions for sleep via google.

I use self hypnosis, which is simply auto suggestion.

I am a beginner too, so I hope we get the results some on here do.
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I went to my tech today hoping to try a hybrid mask. He talked me out of it. I walked out with a Quatro FX. At least it doesn't have a forehead pad.

I can try a different chin strap later... if and when I try to fire up my old nasal pillows again.

Best sleep I got in the last 10 years was on the oral appliance. Hope the new one is as good. I will keep trying CPAP though. You raise some good points. I have anxiety which sometimes prevents me from sleeping, and the CPAP just exaggerates things. So part of this is not the fault of the therapy. But part of it is.
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