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Which mask that will stay put when asleep
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Which mask that will stay put when asleep
It seems to be pretty instinctive now that I'll wake during the night to correct my mask and then drop right back to sleep....and not think of it too much at all. That I don't consider an occasional occurrence to be a significant mask issue.

But, now that I officially have Narcolepsy (though sleep/neuro is holding out as idiopathic hypersomnia, and sleep/pulmo thinks I'm just plain crazy.) But, sleep/psychiatrist is the only doctor in the whole city that can prescribe Xyrem. And, the only doctor that actually sees narcolepsy patients. Apparently the rest go out of town. I'm finding that what I considered an insignificant mask issue is a bit more of a problem now that I'm strongly medicated to sleep at night.

These days, I'm using the Bravo II mask. Which is generally a great mask, as long as I stay sleeping on my back all night long. But, apparently, I can't fight the urge to sleep on my side anymore.

I suppose I should probably look at ComfortLite 2 again, except that I've been on this quest to find a mask where the back strap doesn't contact the area on the back of head where I have problems with cysts.... I guess it was a mistake to have the cyst removed from the back of my neck, because it seemed to have caused the problem to spread upward....which wasn't immediately a problem, since I hadn't been dx'd with sleep apnea then. But, seems the major of masks target that part of my head with their straps.

I tried the Pilairo recently, but its one-size-fits-all/most doesn't fit me. Tends to be a problem with nasal masks...they don't make them wide enough to accommodate my nose. Other than the occasional, older mask....I've tended to jump at trying new mask.

So, anybody heard of any new masks that might solve my problem coming along? Or, is there an older style mask that I should check out?

Anybody here on Xyrem & CPAP? I had met people in other forums, but this is my only sleep apnea forum now.... Have tips/tricks/traps to share?

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08-04-2012 09:40 AM
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RE: Which mask that will stay put when asleep
I use the True Blue nasal mask. I sleep on my belly mostly. This mask has gel as well as a rubber/vinyl???? piece that fits to your skin. Attached to the nose piece is a plastic section that moves as you move..thus enabling the nose piece to stay adheared to your skin. It is working great for me...prior to this I had used nasl pillows that were giving me way too many leaks. Not sure if the head piece would work for you though. One band rests below your ears and one quite a bit above the ears. Also attached to the top one is a hunk of material...though I feel no pressure from it, you may. I am going to a bar b q next week at my providers. There are supposed to be many suppliers and new equipment there. If I see something that might work for you, I will PM you.
08-09-2012 07:50 AM
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