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Which pulse oximeter to buy
(05-01-2016, 02:16 PM)_cy_ Wrote: bump for an old thread .. sooo what's the best pulse oximeter to purchase?

I use Contec CMS50i. I bought it from ebay. Asking price was $105 but with the use of counter offer, I bought it for $85. Shipping was free from China. I could not find a US seller for this item. Here are some features which I like:

1. Works with Sleepy Head Software
2. Holds 10 nights of sleep data then you have to clear the memory to record more. But, If you upload the data before you clear the memory in SleepyHead, it will stay in your computer for future review.
3. Rechargeable battery. I am able to record 7 nights with one charge.
4. Records: Pulse, SpO2 and Perfusion Index (PI).

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(05-01-2016, 07:34 PM)palerider Wrote: be aware that the 50d+ appetite for batteries is huge... about three nights per set of alkalines.

The CMS50D+ is very convenient and cheap, but it is really a trash item.
Most of the units swallow battery energy within 10 minutes (my case) to 3 nights.

There is no justification to the prohibitive prices asked for by the manufacturers and marketers. Other than the fact that we need them.

Thank you...
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What different makes and models work with Sleepyhead?
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I'd like to know too and which models are in fact accurate that record your O2 saturation during the night.

I recently was in the hospital for a diagnostic procedure and my O2 levels dipped enough that they put me on oxygen which helped immensely to get my levels to 97-98%.
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From SleepyHead:
SleepyHead is currently compatible with Contec CMS50D+, CMS50E, CMS50F and CMS50I serial oximeters.
(Note: Direct importing from bluetooth models is probaby not possible yet)
You may wish to note, other companies, such as Pulox, simply rebadge Contec CMS50's under new names, such as the Pulox PO-200, PO-300, PO-400. These should also work.
It also can read from ChoiceMMed MD300W1 oximeter .dat files.

I believe they are all sufficiently accurate, the technology is not rocket science.
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All the models, "F" and greater, use the same mini USB port for data download, charging and for the finger probe. The bluetooth versions allow for real-time data monitoring while you're using the CMS-50. It would seem that the bluetooth option is better suited for a medical office and not a CPAP user. My bluetooth "I" model is a neat idea that I played with exactly once. For our needs with a CPAP, this option serves no purpose. There was a 3 dollar difference when I bought mine, so I dared to go wild with my money.

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(05-05-2016, 09:16 AM)I_will_never_sleep_again Wrote: I bought a CMS50d from Amazon. When I held my breath the o2 level went up. I sent it back for refund.

There is usually a 20-30 second lag between when we breathe, versus when the oxygen-enriched blood reaches the pulse oximeter. The newly-oxygenated blood flows first to the heart and to the brain, and later to external limbs and fingers.

When we hold our breath, we usually (perhaps unconsciously) take a deeper breath first.

Perhaps about 20 to 30 seconds later (around the time when we are starting to feel starved for air) the extra Oxygen from the deeper breath may reach the pulse oximeter, briefly causing it to show higher SpO2?

And as we start breathing rapidly again to regain our breath, perhaps the oxygen-deprived blood is finally reaching the pulse oximeter, briefly causing it to show lower SpO2?

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CMS50F works well enough, the software is very basic but it does work.
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@raisedfist, can you elaborate on what you mean by "basic"?
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Vendor #19 Cooper Medical for CMS50 pulse oximeters is gone??  Website no longer working?

[direct link to Supplier #19 removed] (for pulse oximeters) [formerly pulseoxstore.com]

Moderator Action: Link Removed
To maintain our status as an educational organization, the only commercial links allowed in this forum are to CPAP-related manufacturer websites. This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules with details given in the Commercial Links Policy section.
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