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Whoosh noise
Last night was my first night with my machine. My hubby has the same exact model that I have. The only difference is his pressure is set at 12 and mine is on Auto. Every time I would breath in, the machine would make a "whoosh" noise. It sounded like it would sound if I had been twirling the hosing around outside with wind going through it. Is this normal? Hubby's is extremely quiet. It was really kind of annoying. I ended up downloading a sleep noise app on my cell phone to cover the "whoosh" noise.

**I promise I'm not a whiner. I'm just full of questions about this thing.** Oh-jeez
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**I promise I'm not a whiner. I'm just full of questions about this thing.**

Hi Crysti. Welcome to the forum .Welcome
First thing I would do is switch hoses with you hubby to see if that is it. don't think its it but worth a shot , next are you using a humidifier with your machine ? I know with my machine I can hear the blower whine ( Kinda like what you describe ) at the mask without the humidifier installed and its gone with it installed . also check the filter , a restriction can cause a noise . after that not sure . Thinking-about
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That's a good idea to switch hoses. Yes, there is a humidifier installed. I'll be sure to check the filter tonight. Thank you for your feedback!
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What JWR said +

I presume you are hearing this "whoosh" noise while you are lying down and I would guess lying on your side. If this is the case try sitting up and see if the whoosh goes away. Also ask hubby if he hears the whoosh from your machine. If he does not hear it and /or it goes away when you sit up it may just be the normal noise of the machine being amplified by the hose and part of your bedding. With my old mask I found that it would be a lot noisier if I let the mask and hose touch the pillow. Didn't make a lot of sense to me but that was how it worked.

Best Regards,


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I see you have not yet tried using CPAP software to monitor your results. If you were to download and use Sleepyhead, it would give you an easy way to compare your leaks, pressures, etc. with your hubbies to see where you differ. The link is:


I'm wondering whether you are leaking a lot of air around your mask.
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Do you both use the same model of mask? If not that may be a contributing factor.
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(05-01-2014, 03:55 PM)Bama Rambler Wrote: Do you both use the same model of mask? If not that may be a contributing factor.

We do not. He has the full face mask while I have a nasal mask.
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I would get that sound when I am on my side, and the exhaust would hit anything, arm, pillow or cover... It was always a pain to try and position the hose and mask in such a way as to not hit anything with the exhausting air.

I just got a new mask and now no longer hear a thing:-) even the wife does not complain about the breeze!

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Mine did the same thing as well as making a whistling noise but it stopped after I did these things:
-First I was taken off AutoPap to straight CPAP
-I also began pressing down the humidifier tub more firmly then doing the same with the lid

Not sure which of these made it stop but one of them did!
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I get a slight whoosh with my mask especially when I am on my side and have the covers pulled up over my head. My mask does have an outflow from the front (which is normal) and it is fun to watch my cats' faces when I exhale with the mask on and they are right in front of it. Smile
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