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Why are ResMed and Respironics so popular?
Just curious... as I was searching around to see what it cost to buy a new or a used CPAP in response to another question here I discovered... there are TONS of different manufacturers out there. ResMed seems to be the most popular manufacturer, followed by Respironics. Just curious, why is that? Seems like there are some less expensive offerings. Are the ResMed and Respironics machines that much better or is there another reason... perhaps it's regional and the other manufacturers just aren't as popular in the US?
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From what I know, or think I know, Resmed invented the CPAP and brought the first machine to market and Resperionics is owned by Philips Electronics, so large brand name.

I think I also saw some testing of several brands and some of the smaller brands did not perform as well in that specific test, but it was skewed to very fast aggressive pressure changes, so Resmed and one other did best at that.

My guess, marketing budget, sales rep coverage working with DME's an Doctors offices. There may or may not be actual performance issues with some of them.
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Thanks... makes a lot of sense for ResMed having had the most experience in the field (or at least one would assume). Smile
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The better models of the Philips Respironics and ResMed machines are good. Probably at least a little better than the competition in several ways, especially in terms of data collection.

More than that, I suspect is that the DME's and doctors don't want to learn how to use and support several different incompatible lines of CPAP machines and associated software.

There's probably also a difference in the amount of marketing the suppliers do.
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Because they both suck!Rolleyes

Just some of my juvenile/senile humor.

You know they always say "go with the leader" when you make a purchase. And leader is a loaded term.

But it looks like ResMed and PR have worked pretty hard to lead the CPAP market.

Just my personal opinion. My posts are not medical advice or a statement of fact. Please consult a qualified physician or other qualified medical personnel. Please comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and protocols.
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I wonder about the Devilbliss machines as they are a leader in industrial breathing and air products...
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The DeVillbiss machines are very, very good. i have used them and I would not hesitate to go with one of the Intellipap Autos as my primary machine. I had considered one as a travel machine when I found Supplier #2 had a stock of new in box S-8 AutoSet II units for far less than I could get the Intellipap for. (I cut my CPAP teeth on an S-8 and loved it. It is a very compact machine without the humidificator. No power brick required, runs well on 12 V battery too without a converter brick - if you properly wire up the plug (which is backwards).) The DeVillbiss machines require a special donglehickey if one is a detailed data junkie. They are not bricks, they do have onboard data reporting via a code that is decipherable thorough a web interface. That would likely be plenty good for me. But for the more detailed, full-bore data on an SD card, you would need the donglehickey.

The Respironics and ResMed machines are also very good. Know nothing about Fisher & Paykel.

Primarily because of power options, I do not favor ResMed. My ordered list would be 1. Respironics, 2. DeVillbiss (a VERY close second), and then 3. ResMed.

But to answer your question, why the two "R" machines are usually the most popular, I would have to say the only real differentiator would be marketing budget. And inertia to get suppliers to change once they are invested in a particular manufacturer's eco-system. Also as marketshare leaders, they can amortize development costs over a bigger number of production units so they can be more aggressive in bringing new/improved products and accessories to market at a lower cost/higher margin.

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I had a BMC Resmart auto machine . It had the main board replaced under warranty after 2 years. Then 18 months later the machine did the main board again. I didn't want to spend the $300+ for the fix. So I got a Airsence 10 auto from the US.
I got the BMC cause it was my cheapest option at the time. It did the job and provided enough data for the sleep doctors to ok me for being a bus driver. I'm now retired, so don't have to see a sleep doctor.
Don't think I can say I notice any difference with now I feel between the 2.
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I too am in Australia and because my husband was happy with his ResMart machine I bought one too although mine is auto
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Resmed is the most "popular" at the moment, in part, due to the reporting platform they provide the DMEs. Basically with the A10 (with its cell connection) they provide all the requisite compliance data without lifting a finger. Also, they provide the DMEs with a backend platform of some description both with integrating the client, the insurer and supplies. Phillips is trying to catch up and that was where the DreamStation was meant to be part of - But, I don't think Phillips has really got its act together in providing the simplicity since they have a number of different ways to connect which I understand doesn't sell as well with the DMEs (at least that's what our analyst says). Not sure about the other manufacturers.
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