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Why is that at the same setting two masks feel different pressure
Why is that at the same setting two masks feel different pressure
I have a Amara View and a P10 Nose pillow and sometimes the nose pillow feels stuffed up (which I am a little now) BUT, at the same time Amara is fine (breathing through my nose)? That that the mask, the nose piece itself?
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RE: Why is that at the same setting two masks feel different pressure
Short answers, in this short moment just before I drop off to sleep, one or the other answer below:

1) Masks have different levels of "intentional leak' use Google to search out the leak rates.   If the l(by design) Leak rates are different per mask expect to feel different pressures.     

2) I purchased within the last month a P10 that felt like the intentional leak membrane was nearly completely clogged.  Sound familiar?

If you search well enough you might find a thread here or in another forum that is many pages long talking about the P10 membrane that is suppose to 'intentionally leak" air in a stream straight out forward from you nose being clogged up, or getting dirty and being clogged.   This thread went on for pages about how to gently careless the membrane with pre-use cleanings and night careful washing.  

Oh my gosh, who is serving who here?   I purchased the P10 to work for me and don't have time for all that babying my mask every day.  

Completely fixed in less than 2 mins:  
  • I was very very tired when I discovered the P10 membrane was clogged, the pressure was just TOO high.  Something was off.
  • In about 30 seconds of looking at the P10 could tell that membrane just had sloppy disappointing Manufacturing quality failure and was blocking way more air than it should.
  • From using another mask I knew 2 things 1) masks should have intentional leak and 2) masks should have some back pressure. 
  • Being way, way too tired for a lot of debate or study but really wanting to try the pillows I grabbed a sewing needle and carefully punched super small holes in the membrane until the intentional leak reached 90% of the same felt (to me) leak / back pressure as existing mask and then went to sleep.
  • I was in bed in less than 2 mins from blockage discovery.  
  • Over the next few days monitored Leak rates in Sleepytime vs vendor expected leak rate and slowly added two sets of a few news holes until the  Dreamstation said the leak rate of my P10 perfectly matched vendor exceptions.   Is an easy fix.  Either return the mask or go slow on the fix.  
  • If you  go to far (too many holes) then on the outside of the mask just glue a few holes shut using a needle to apply glue or use very small bits of strong clear tape to add back back pressure.    Easy Peasy.                   
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RE: Why is that at the same setting two masks feel different pressure
Hi WillSleep, 
Thanks for your answer. I did not have the time to do extensive search as my hand is full with other "stuff"...I appreciate your feedback. I'd guess this shows me not to buy mask on Amazon. You always wonder how do they get their hands on brand new masks and sell it so cheap? $69, unopened mask with 3 size nose pillow!
Could it be that there was a defective batch from China? 
Well, I'm punching little holes but it is tedious and I am P*ssed of. maybe I should have just bought a mask from a real vendor but again I need "prescription"? Unless I buy it in pieces (dumb)
Cheers and Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) 
P.S. I'd guess can always get a replacement piece from a different vendor and keep my fingers cross or return this...

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RE: Why is that at the same setting two masks feel different pressure
The inner cone in the P10 pillow can become inverted causing it to leak and/or be hard to breathe through. If this happens, simply squeezing and rolling the outer cone between your thumb and forefinger can resolve the problem. I do this as a part of the routine when putting my mask on.
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