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Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
I have a EverStart Maxx Jump Starter and Power Station, 1200 Peak Battery Amps with 500W Inverter and 120 PSI Compressor.  Which has 500 watts AC power.  I assume this is safe to use?  How long will it last do you suppose?  Lost power the other night and hope to be able to use this if it happens again.  Suggestions?
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
The 120V outlet should work but I don't know how long it would last for. Meant more for boosting cars than use as a deep cycle battery.
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
In short, yes. Just plug it into the AC outlet like you would normally, and use it.

The unit you have is likely a Walmart-rebranded Baccus Global J5CPD/J5CPDE/J5C09, also sold under the Stanley brand. Could you find out if any of those model numbers matches yours?

These units have a sealed lead-acid 12v battery with a capacity of about 19Ah. They also have a modified sine-wave inverter, which isn't particularly ideal for sensitive electronics, but the AC power brick for your ResMed S9 is a switching power supply, and should be able to tolerate it and power your device normally.

The question is, how long will the battery last between charges? ResMed has an incredibly useful battery guide that goes into some detail about power requirements and portable power solutions - refer to page 9 for your S9 Autoset's power requirements when running off of the built in AC outlet on your EverStart Maxx. With the humidifier and heating off, you could likely eke out one eight hour night on a single charge, with a little battery left to spare, but you will likely need to charge it up each night. If you turn the humidifier or heating on, it might die on you in the middle of the night.

An ideal, relatively inexpensive solution would be to purchase the ResMed DC/DC converter (Part# 36970) and a deep-cycle or AGM battery from your local automotive/marine battery store. Get a cheap car battery tender to keep the battery topped up when you're not using it, and you'll be able to pull it out and not worry when you've got no power. I have a 45Ah battery that I use with my ResMed AirSense 10, and it can last 4-5 nights before it needs a charge, and much longer if I turn the heated humidifier/tube off.

Note: Regular car batteries cannot be fully discharged without incurring significant damage and decreasing dramatically in capacity. They're only meant to start your car with a burst of current, after which your car's alternator keeps it topped up. This is why a car battery can only survive a couple incidents of leaving your lights on, for example. You must get a deep-cycle or AGM/VRLA/flooded battery that can withstand a deep discharge.
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
Yeah at 19 Ah and using humidifier etc you might only get 3-4 hrs use depending on settings. If you look up your settings in that link and then divide 19 Ah by the current draw listed that will give you an idea of number of hours you might get. If you want a full night or multiple night of use will need a bigger battery.

rfburns, you can get 4-5 nights out of a 45 Ah battery using humidifier and heated hose with a 45 Ah battery? Do you have humidity etc turned way down?

I haven't used a battery with my CPAP yet because when I looked it up realized I would need a pretty good size battery for what I wanted (multiple nights use camping), since I have mild SDB I just sleep without it.
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
Geer1, yes, ResMed's guide states the Ah figure for DC-DC power for an 8h night with a 50% safety margin. My humidity is set to 4-5. One night drops battery capacity by roughly 25%, and battery was near empty after 5 days of use pretty consistently when I started testing to see how long it could go.

The battery is still very new, though, so it might be overperforming, and I've stopped deep discharging it now that I've tested it a couple times, only topping it up after each use.
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
With a battery backup you can't run a heated hose or humidifier as they
take a lot more power than the rest of the cpap.  Most of these jump
boxes use a 12v 7Ahr battery and I am not all that shure that would even
give you a full 8 hrs even if you didn't run a humidifier and heated hose.
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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
I think, short term it may be an OK at best emergency battery solution, but longer term it'll probably kill off the battery. They're not made for deep cycle type work IMO.

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RE: Will this work for battery power for Resmed S9?
You need to look at the Golabs 300r on Amazon. I bought this for my Resmed 10 and I’m very happy with it.  I did a test with no humidifier, and the little unit powered my auto set 10 for 4 nights @8 plus hrs and 11% left over. It’s normally $300 but now you can use a $80 off coupon. The battery it uses is the Lipo type battery and they claim it can charge 2000 times. I only have had it about 3 weeks and the company just sent me a very nice carry case for free. In order to get the performance I did, you will also need the dc to dc converter. I also purchased that on Amazon for an additional $36 and it works great.
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