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Would appreciate some help
Husband has just started on the cpap machine. Got a printout for the last 11 days, but really don't understand the figures. Not sure what "flow limitation" is (or causes it), but I notice the AHI's are high when that is. If anyone can take the time to help I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
Flow Limitation AHI 90th Percentile Leak Set Pressure
3.5 7.9 48 14
10 18 55 14
13.4 20 61 14
1.9 3 65 14
1.1 3 47 14

These were just a few days random pick. Any advice is appreciated[/quote]

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Hi Pamlyn_1 - I don,t use the Icon but flow limitation is like having mini apnea but just partial collapse of the airways and to be counted as an apnea have to last at least 10 seconds or longer. 90% leak is the estimate of total leak which the machine been at and below for 90% of the time and higher at the other 10% of time. Set pressure is actually the fixed set pressure in the clinical menu that the machine been at all night long and it doesn't change as in auto-pap.
AHI (Apnea hypopnea index)

You may ask for the manual from here, scroll down to section three (other manuals)

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Hi pamlyn_1 and welcome to the forum. When you first start out on the cpap journey it all seems very confusing to start with, give it time and it will become alot easier.

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Educate. Advocate. Contemplate.
We all tend to want immediate answers at first and seek a rapid, spoon-fed, solution to our questions and issues.
In reality, what must happen is that we must educate ourselves through research on the apnea boards and resources. That means an investment of time and patience. Effort. And once you feel comfortable with a base of knowledge, ask questions to clarify.... both of your fellow nosebaggers and of your doctors.

DO NOT expect to get a 5 minute all-encompassing education on apnea on this nor any other board. It will not happen. Regretably, it is absolutely going to take effort, experimentation, knowledge, education, questions, an so on.

You have begun your journey and I encourage you to perservere. Some will be trial and error and much will be self-education. Take NOTHING as gospel, especially from your doctors. One thing I learned over the early apnea years is that doctors are the lowest source of information and education once past the first visit.

Perservere. Advocate for yourself. Above all - seek out the empirical data and information and educate yourself to the n'th. degree. Ultimately, you will find the solution and learn a tremendous amount along the way. I do not profess to know everything there is about sleep apnea but I can tell you for a certainty that I have learned more about MY situation than my doctors; and I trust my own gut feeling and educated decisions way above and beyond what my doctors have to tell me.

Use the BS filter between your ears as you are going to have a pile of it thrown at you, as I did and as many of us have.

Perservere. You will get there. I sleep at night with a comfy full face mask, great APAP system and infused O2, etc. and my AHI readings (although not all-encompassing by a far cry) of 0.00 most every morning. I sleep like a log, awaken groggy but after 15 minutes and bright and awake for the whole day and have so much energy at the end of the day that I have to force myself to go to bed.
Educate, Advocate, Contemplate.
Herein lies personal opinion, no professional advice, which ALL are well advised to seek.

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(06-14-2012, 06:33 PM)Pamlyn_1 Wrote: Husband has just started on the cpap machine. Got a printout for the last 11 days, but really don't understand the figures.

Hi Pamlyn. Congrats to your hubby for taking this step. I just wanted to welcome you to the board. I can't help you with the numbers because my machine is old and does not provide data. On the upside, all I have to worry about is how I feel, on the down side, I miss out on a lot of data that could make me feel even better!
But at any rate, welcome aboard! Hi
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

PRS1 - Auto - A-Flex x2 - 12.50 - 20 - Humid x2 - Swift FX
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First thing I notice about those numbers, Pamlyn, is the second to last one - the 90th percentile leak. I don't know your husbands machine, but on mine those numbers are way over the "threshold" value. In the case of my machine, if I had numbers that high the leak would be enough to pretty much render all the other results invalid.

He's going to want to check that with his DME to be sure, but odds are that the first thing that he's going to have to solve is the leakage of air from the edges of his mask. Once he's got a well adjusted, well fitting mask, he'll start getting more reliable data, and seeing better results.
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