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Y axis shifts?
For a little over a month my leak rate has gone up. It is not in the area of any major concern. I am just frustrated that I can't seem to get it back to where it was. Where it was generally was running along at 0 most of the time with some quick spikes up to a max of 20 l/min. It is now is running along at a baseline of 2.3 l/min with quite a few spikes, some longer duration, and some high enough to be scored as large leaks.

My "snores" chart has undergone the same type of metamorphosis. Where the baseline was 0 before it is up from zero a little now. I just noticed the snores change this morning. Don't usually look at it because it has been rather boringly uninformative for me.

For a while now I have been chasing what appear to be phantom leaks. I have checked the humidifier seals - they look OK. Tried brand new, out of the factory sealed bag, tubing. Put various new parts on my Mirage Quattro - cushions, elbow assembly. For the last 2 nights, I have even tried a brand new Mirage Quattro that is one size larger. Seems like it does not leak but shows the same graphical pattern.

If anyone can spot something I forgot to check (I do forget things now and then Big Grin ), I would be happy to hear about it. I would be thankful for any suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

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It's old age setting in!! Just kidding but there is an element of truth in there. Our faces change as we age but they also change due to other conditions related to our health. I doubt you have any problems like that so let's move on.

How about checking those straps on the old RMQ to make sure they are as resiluent reziluent flexible as they should be. Also check that they are center matched. Sometimes one side stretches more than the other. I'm sure you know how to do that but I'll post my method in case others need it.

First, measure your existing straps overall from buckle to buckle and record that for future possible use. Now unbuckle the straps, remove them from the mask frame, remove the buckles and stretch the straps all the way out. Then fold them together, end to end, and mark the spot at the fold with pencil or whatever. Now after installing and getting the mask leak free, take it off and measure from each buckle to that previously marked mid-spot and see if both are equal. Readjust as needed. When you finally get it right, record those measurements for future reference. They will be the first thing to check when some strange leak situation arises. It also makes it easy to do incremental adjustments to test for effect and then return to the previous settings.

Of course you likely have already done all that, huh PaytonA? Smile Good luck, stay resilient. HTH

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Actually Dude, I have tried new headgear-no help. I center the headgear up but my procedure is not as detailed and accurate as yours. I also even up the strap tension every time I put the mask on by pulling the bottom straps out a little and rocking everything back and forth to get the right placement and even tension. I repeat that procedure with the upper straps.

Thanks for the input. I will try your method for "center matching". I think my method may be good enough but improvement is worth a try.

Oh, I did look in the trash for the instructions - no joy. .............Oh yeah, that's right, I have them on my computer. I think it may be senil..senil..senility setting in.

Best Regards,

Dude......Uh..... oh yeah that's you. Lets see, I am .......oh that's right PaytonA
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The dude has a point Payton. That being, it not the apparatus, then have you changed?
Gained weight?

(I can tell by the selfy you use as an avatar that your eyes are too close together; and you have a lot of facial hair.)
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The only time I see my numbers change, like you describe, is when my mask is starting to degrade.
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(08-08-2015, 06:08 PM)justMongo Wrote: The dude has a point Payton. That being, it not the apparatus, then have you changed?
Gained weight?

(I can tell by the selfing you use as an avatar that your eyes are too close together; and you have a lot of facial hair.)

Whatta ya mean gained weight <grrrrr> and I was squinting when I took the selfie.
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Hi PaytonA,
ditto sgearheart and you've probably checked the hose? My brother in law had 2 small leaks one at each end of the hose where it joins the collar , couldn't hear it .
Anyways , hope you get it solved soon.
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Thanks for the responses so far (even Mongo's Big Grin ). I have tried new cushions and I am currently trying a new mask - no joy.

Best Regards,

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Perhaps you are having some sort of conniption fit while asleep. Smile Being restless due to some stressful event or even a change in bedding, pillow, room temperature et al,,, can cause mask leakage problems. The fact that they occur as spikes as opposed to continuous episodes tends to point to some positional or activity problem.

I'm Dude....and you're not.
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BTW, Night sweating can also be a factor, whether health related or as a result of ambient temperature elevation. I mention that since your problem seems to have arisen with the onset of summer.
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