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Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Greetings. I'm a new member and somewhat of a cliche. I am 54, overweight, seemed to have narcolepsy and I was without insurance for about 7 years and haven't seen a doctor before all this for almost 10 years. The insurance was just getting insane and my doctor switched to something called Tiffany care and expected me to pay even more on top of insurance for the pleasure of his company. I own my own business and I just couldn't justify insurance, which I find obscene.
Anyway, for me Obamacare has been a godsend. I was turned down last spring because of my weight and that i admitted to seeing a chiropractor six months previously. Now I have Kaiser and for me it's been great.
I did all sorts of test and somehow I don't have high blood pressure. But I do have sleep apnea and was disturbed 52 times an hour. They gave me a loaner of the Resmed S9 Autoset and the first night was rough but I woke up more alert than i had in years. I started to get used to it by the second week and then I had to give it back. They gave me no help with the price so I had to buy it myself! I feel like I got away with a lot with no insurance so I'm just dealing with it.
My follow up visit with the doctor, who is the head of our sleep clinic here, was a joke. He said my info was good based on the card but had no interest in any of my side effects. I had a bloody nose, better bowel movements, and I started clenching my jaw, something I hadn't done since i quit smoking. I also have insane cricks in my neck from either sleeping too hard or sleeping tensly trying not to knock off the mask. He couldn't care less. I told him I'd read how the statistic weren't in my favor and he said I'd get over it. Then he bolted!
I think with modern medicine, you have to be your own advocate and use the tools they give you. But the old days of putting your faith in a kindly old doctor who knows all are over, as far as I can tell.
Anyway, I bought a H5 to go along with the Autoset so no more nose problems. The cricks are starting to work themselves out but I sure could use a massage! I do have allergies and was using claritin and it was pretty useless. I know have a nasal steroid and have stopped breathing as much through my mouth. It's very weird. The hardest part for me was relaxing because I felt i was suffocating with the mask, but now I"m getting used to breathing through my nose and it's a pleasure.
I actually am starting to enjoy the CPAP. I know it sounds crazy and from reading things here, I am one of the few lucky ones. I feel like I'm going into a cocoon and I have a very stressful job and I try and completely relax. I'm needing much less sleep and I'm much sharper in the morning. My fantasy is that I will have more energy and can start exercising and will lose weight. I eat well but I'm too stressed and tired to exercise, especially since I hate it!
It pained me to buy it but I also bought a travel CPAP as I travel a lot for work. I haven't received it yet but I hope it's an ok sub for the Auto set.
Anyway, that's my story. I think it's a success on a lot of levels.
And I want to thank all of you for sharing all your stories. You don't know it, but it really helps but things in perspective and fills in so many gaps that the doctor forgot.
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I wanted to add two very weird side effects from the CPAP I hadn't counted on, along with a better bowel movement. SOrry for being so indelicate, but I never thought I had an issue sexually. Let's just say the CPAP improved things, even though I didn't think I had a problem! Also, I hear some are bloated and gassy, I'm less gassy! I assume it's from the nose breathing, but there you have it.
You now know things about me my best friends don't know!
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Welcome to the forum sjssf. Thanks for sharing your story. Don't worry, we can keep a secret, we won't tell your best friends a thing Bigwink

Sorry you had a bad experience with your sleep Doctor but happy you were able to get what you needed from the site.
It is great you have adapted so easily to the machine and feel at ease with it, you are indeed fortunate.
Keep up the good work.
Sleep Tight...
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I have only been on the machine for 5 months, but it's hard to believe the difference of how much better I feel! Smile
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(04-12-2014, 08:49 AM)dawg69 Wrote: I have only been on the machine for 5 months, but it's hard to believe the difference of how much better I feel! Smile

i have been off the machine 5 weeks and i am feeling fine.
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I can finally call my transition from using the Mirage Quattro FFM to using the Quattro FX FFM a success.

I had used the Mirage Quattro FFM for almost eight years with fantastic results in combating my sleep apnea. But I had to switch masks because the nightly rubbing of the mask on my nose eventually became an open sore. And yes, I tried bandaids, medical tape, and everything else you can think of.

My first few weeks on the Quattro FX FFM were not good AHI-wise. The mask was comfortable, left no marks on my face and did not leak. But my AHI readings went soaring when I slept on my back.

The readings remained low when I slept on my side, so I tried all different ways to stay on my side: a cushioned pillow, water noodles taped to my back, and finally, the tennis-ball-taped-to-the-back trick.

I found it more comfortable to use one tennis ball and two smaller rubber balls bought at the Dollar Store in a sock that was pinned to the middle of my back. And I use two pins so the sock doesn't move to the side.

My AHI reading last night was 0.13 And my AHI for the last two weeks was 1.37

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Hello everyone, I've been using a CPAP machine for at least 3 years now (on and off). That's my problem, the on and off. I'm finally taking my disease seriously now (48 yrs old). I have been suffering from severe major depression and need to get better sleep to hopefully improve my health issues. I just changed machines and masks and on my first week with them. I found this forum and already has helped me change settings on my machine. I had to take off the ramp off because I felt like I was being suffocated with that setting. I had to change to a different masks since I received my new machine and think I'm all set to prepare myself for compliance in using my machine every day. I am now interested in tracking my results and look forward to doing that. I am a tech junkie and can't wait to do this. This time I'm going to succeed in using my CPAP machine daily and ask for help when needed (it's very hard for me to ask for help). I will try to be a participating member on this board and will make that one of my goals. This last part is a little off-topic but is it legal to sell my old machine or at least the battery pack I bought and never used? It was a PR Sleep Easy II. The battery kit was expensive and maybe of use to someone with that machine.
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(04-24-2014, 05:14 PM)Sandman65 Wrote: I am now interested in tracking my results and look forward to doing that. I am a tech junkie and can't wait to do this. This time I'm going to succeed in using my CPAP machine daily and ask for help when needed (it's very hard for me to ask for help).
Hello Sandman65, welcome
Best of luck this time around, stick with CPAP, will make huge difference to your health and well being

Here is the download links for ResScan and SleepyHead software

As for selling the old machine:
If you,re in US, try Craigslist or Gumtree if in Australia
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Hi Sandman65, Welcome to the forum and good luck this time around.
I hope you see improvements with your sleep and depression.
Look forward to seeing you around the sites.
Sleep Tight...
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Welcome Yannis! It is wonderful to have someone from Greece visit us.
Sounds like you have made a great start for a newcomer to the world of CPAP.
Hang around for your answers from the more qualified members.
Do not apologise for your English, it is excellent.
Good luck on your journey.
Sleep Tight...
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