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Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
iSnooze Wrote:I've been on CPAP for one month now and I feel so much better. I'm still tired but my brain is clearer. It's Friday night after a long week of meetings, technology problems and stress at work, but instead of hitting the bed at 6 PM, I'm going to watch something on TV and go to bed at my normal time. That hasn't happened in years.

I probably have had sleep apnea for a long time. My husband tells me I snore a lot. We had an foreign exchange student live with us last year and he told me I snored so loud he couldn't think. I always thought my tiredness was due to my weight. Last summer I started working out 3 times a week and swimming on the off days. My arthritic knees were feeling really good, but I needed a 4 hour nap after the workout and never felt fully rested. I would wake up groggy and in a fog. I noticed at work that I was not as sharp mentally and that life seemed to be moving in a fog.

It took 4 months from my first doctor's visit to the day I got my CPAP from the DME. I have been 100% compliant. I used to feel that I was addicted to sleeping like an alcoholic is addicted to drinking. The thought of falling asleep always seemed so promising but it never was. The more I slept the more I needed to sleep. I never felt rested. One month into CPAP therapy and sleeping is now a dream (pun intended). I enjoy sleeping. It feels good to sleep. It feels good to wake up. I know I am not yet where I should be but I know I'll get there. I never want to go back to the way I felt before CPAP therapy.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
areusafe Wrote:HiYa all,

I R a SERIOUS NOOB about Sleep Apnea... This Board looks GREAT...

Last night was my 1st night on CPAP. Picked up my S9 yesterday afternoon.

35 years of probable Sleep Apnea (undiagnosed). Severe Snoring. Fighting in my sleep. Waking up Gasping.

Sleep Study on 01/10/2012.

Study sleep time: 7 hours. Time asleep - 48 Minutes.

Untreated AHI : 37.00 - Last Night CPAP AHI : 12.28


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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
HSV Snoozer Wrote:THANKS for the info on how to adjust your on CPAP. I got a replacement unit today with flexy stuff and I tried to take a nap with it and DID NOT LIKE IT. I went back to the med supply place and their pro had gone home and the doctor's office was closed, so I felt stuck and CHEEZ'D! But I thought, there's got to be a way to do this, so I did an internet search for CPAP manuals and got the info and adjusted the new unit it just a few minutes! I was happy to make a small donation in return for the help!


HSV Snoozer Wrote:As to a SUCCESS STORY, my sleep apnea was so bad I was having night terrors, sitting up in bed unable to breathe, etc. I was getting afraid to go to sleep. After the first night with a CPAP I was a True Believer. Once I put my mask on, a l almost always automatically relax and doze off within a few minutes.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
lindertw Wrote:Last night was my 3rd night using CPAP, and I'm noticing a distinct change already!

My wife has mentioned my snoring for some time, and years ago my ENT doc recommended a sleep study but I never got around to scheduling it. Fast forward to Dec 10, 2010, when after 10 months of eating right, working out and running 10-20 miles per week, I had a heart attack. It was minor, but still not something I expected at 38 years old...

My cardiologist recommended a sleep study late last year after multiple adjustments to my heart meds to combat the constant tiredness (that I felt was a side effect of the meds). My sleep study showed an AHI of 35.

A friend at work recommended this board, and the ResMed software so I can review my data. He even tipped me off on what to expect with the equipment provider so I could ensure I got the best available.

I'm still getting used to the equipment, but the avg AHI for my first three nights is down to 6 and I feel much better when I wake up.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
grimace69 Wrote:Gydday guys. I am 38 years old and have been using resmed S9Elite for a few months now. At my sleep study I was recordind an AHI of 86 which as you know is quite severe. I had a few difficulties with blisters / sores on my nose using resmed full face mask. I have now gone to respironics full life and use Gecko nose pads. My AHI now hovers between 1.2 and 3 still using pressure of 14. I have no problems now except the fact I have to tighten it enough to stop air leak and across the bridge of my nose in the morning, feel like I have been punched. The bridge of my nose is very bony. if any one knows how to relieve this it would be great. Also I took to the machine easily and after the first week I turned off the ramp feature. I now even think sometimes it is not working when I wake as I do not notice it anymore. I truly feel like a new person except for the sore nose. Thanks for reading. I love my CPAP.

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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
jdireton Wrote:Just completed my first two months on CPAP!

Sleep Study Stats - 107 AHI, Virtually no REM sleep, don't even understand the alpha, delta, etc. waves but they were not good. The sleep therapist showed me the "reference" results for severe OSA and then mine, and mine was worse.

60 Day Stats - 0.7 AHI, 100% compliance, I don't fight staying awake at work, and my wife doesn't hit me at night!

To anyone that is struggling, stick with it. Find a mask you like, learn what little tricks work for you (tucking the supply tube under the pillow so it doesn't pull), and make sure your doctor is part of your treatment. I think I'm lucky being a long time scuba diver, the unnatural breathing pattern came second nature to me.

Thanks to this forum for great tips, manuals, software, etc. You've let me take control of my treatment and I appreciate all the posts on everything from back pain (getting better) to mask leaks.

I easily classify this as a success story!
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here [copied from old forum]
Mudgee167 Wrote:I'm new at this so please forgive me if this message ends up somewhere it shouldn't.

I'm having my second go at CPAP having been diagnosed with moderate OSA 18 months ago. As an otherwise healthy 39 year old it has been dispiriting to come to terms with my diagnosis, but also comforting to know that the way I've felt nearly all my life can be remedied. I tried CPAP last year using a nasal mask and nearly went mad, so I gave it up and tried a mandibular splint for a while. I had some success for a while, but in the end its efficacy seemed to have droppped right off. Consequently I've lashed out and bought a ResMed S9 Elite and have hired an Opus nasal pillow mask in recognition of really having no alternative.

The results so far (nearly two weeks) have been mixed. The good news is my AHI has been around 1 - 2, down considerably from my sleep study results and I've found the mask comfortable and have been able to keep it on all night. On the flip side, I'm still waking every couple of hours and feel exhausted when I wake up. I don't feel any better.

I have several friends who are successful CPAP users. They've been pushing me to persist and I draw strength from some of the stories on here along similar lines as well. I feel that if I can keep my scores low and continue to feel comfortable enough with the mask I might yet prevail and manage a decent night's sleep.

Here's hoping!
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Snore Monster Wrote:I have been on CPAP about 3 months now and I can finally say I am sleeping good and feeling better. What worked for me was lowering the pressure from the precribed 14 and starting with 6 and have worked up to 9 now and will try 10 next week. Its great some have success the first night but as many say on this forum, for many it takes longer. In fact I have discovered that now I am conditioned to sleeping with the CPAP and it actually helps me fall to sleep !
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
ACHunter Wrote:Not long enough to be a complete success, but....
After about 45 days of therapy,

Was diagnosed in Dec 11 with 75 events per hour.

My 6 hours last night had only 5 apneas,
but the best part is I feel better.

To me, that is success.

Have been lurking til now - thanks for the great posts.

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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
I have severe OSA - 38.7 per hour average and 58.5 when in REM. Severe oxygen desaturations.

My sleep studies were a bit of a nightmare, and in particular, the titration study which was a real nightmare. The mask was so loud and everything was so uncomfortable that I knew I would never succeed with CPAP. I knew then and there that I would die of a stroke before I could make CPAP work. I was determined to try though.

Then I went looking for a machine and a mask. I tried out the Resmed Mirage FX plugged into a Philips System One machine, and I simply could not believe the difference from the sleep lab.

The machine was close to silent, the mask felt like I had nothing on my face. I decided then and there I could and I would make it work, that I would have a positive attitude. And I can tell you that reading this forum and others made a huge difference to my outlook. It could not be more positive.

I made the purchase, started using the equipment and have not missed a night in the last 3 months. What a difference. My highest AHI is 7.4. My lowest is 1. I average about 3.5 or so. On a bad night I have 5 - 10 OSA events total.

I now sleep, I dream, I wake up alert and refreshed. I can't believe how easy CPAP therapy is. I believe that CPAP saved my life. It certainly gave me a life I didn't think I would ever have. Or maybe ever have again. Good sleep with dreams are things I didn't know anything about.

I'm in Canada, my medical care is free, that is to say, paid for by taxes. I've paid tax all my life so I guess I've paid for all my medical care in advance. So I never had to think about cost when I started down the road to using CPAP. All I ever had to consider was my health. I've severe OSA and was worried that I was on my way to cardiac problems.

My sleep studies, my titration study and everything other type of appointment with my doctors were free. Eventually, when I bought a machine, it was a Philips Respironics System One Pro with C-Flex plus including heated humidifier, carry case and hose, and it cost me a total of $260. The manufacturers price was $1,040 and the government paid $780. I added a Resmed mask for another $200 and my total cost was $460. All in Canadian dollars. If I had employer insurance it would have cost me less and perhaps nothing.

Much more than anything else though, being able to get the information available on this forum and others made a huge difference to me.
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