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Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
@novatom great news! and I totally got same reaction, not as many people flinching when I speak, and people noticing I look so much better. About 4 weeks in, I had to text Mrs. QAL and tell her I felt light on my feet, wanted to skip. Concentration is so much better, anxiety almost non existent. Am now at 8 weeks on PAP treatment, and below RDI=5.0 for past 2 weeks. (yeah I got a ways to go, but sure happy.)
You know it's good when you see the SleepyHead screen for the past night, and you get bored of the monotonous waveform(s)! no VS R CA OA H flags. no upse downse O2 levels.
Dedicated to QALity sleep.
You'll note I am listed as an Advisory Member. I am honored to be listed as such. See the fine print - Advisory Members as a group provide advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies. Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Thanks! My next goal is to start analyzing all my data. I'm having trouble installing Sleepyhead software and my sleep clinic was completely silent on any data analysis on my part (I didn't even know I could until I found this board). All they asked is for me to bring in my SD card on my followup visit.

I know how I feel but I want to see the proof in the numbers.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
After many years of nightly serial naps lasting (usually) an hour I finally put on my Big Boy pants and got a Sleep Study where they made me sleep my usual way for the first 2 hours. After they quit laughing they put me on a CPAP for the rest of the night and I actually got into REM, the first time in years. At the consult the Doc said I had 125 events per night and should be dead. He ordered a second Study using the BiPAP to see if it will work for me.

Apparently it does because I was rewarded with the ResMed Aircurve 10 and a nasal mask. I've been on it for 3 weeks and if it ever gets recalled they'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. I'm reaching REM for the first time in ages with longer sleep durations. I actually got 7 hours in a row last weekend. The norm so far is 4-5 hours asleep, wake at least once per night then back to sleep for a few more hours. Not sure why I wake up. Probably muscle just memory.

My first problem was the BiPAP pressures @ 19mm\15mm seemed like a jet engine on my face. After I learned here how to adjust them I changed to 18\14 and never looked back.

Problem 2 is the mask side straps cut into my ears because they sit too high above my jawline. I cut out a hem from an old Tshirt and use it under my chin to pull the straps lower and away from the ears. It also helps keeps my mouth closed which seems it needs to be.

Problem 3 really isn't a problem but I have to sleep in a recliner which took some getting used to. Put a beer in my hand and I look like everybody's creepy passed out Uncle.

I just downloaded the ResScan software and will play with that soon.

Many "Thanks" to this site and it's contributors. Here's to another Board to lurk.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Well, I've completed two nights with my S9 Auto with 5i humidifier and Mirage FX Nasal mask. I can't believe the difference in how I feel. You don't really know how badly you're sleeping until you start therapy. My AHI for my sleep study was 27 according to the Pulmonologist. I use it an average of 8.6 hours per night in auto mode.

I have wonderful insurance and had done my research. I decided on the above unit based on the reviews found here and other sites. My insurer stated that I could basically get the machine I wanted and it would all be covered with nothing out of pocket for me. I did choose a DME that was out of network so I could get all the things I wanted. In the future I will have my provider spell everything out on the prescription (thanks to the posts on this site). Thanks everyone for your invaluable advice.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
I have purchased CPAP (Respironics RemStar System One) machine 2 months ago. It has changed my life! I am feeling like a different person. My wife doesnt complain about my snoring any more. My mood is better and i feel happier. I was falling asleep all the time, and now i feel fresh and full of energy. I highly recommend CPAP therapy to everyone who has sleep apnea problems. Oral appliances that I used before dont stand anything close to CPAP. What a difference! Feeling so happy! :grin:
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Just got back from my Dr. for my first follow up since starting CPAP 3 weeks ago. My average AHI is 7.2 which the Dr. said was higher than he liked, but he decided to keep my pressure setting at 6 and will follow up in March to see if that needs changing. My average leak rate is 16 per night which he said was in the acceptable range. Other than that, things looked normal to him and he said I'm doing great and "on the right track." As for how I feel, I have my good nights and bad nights but I'm at least adding more sleep time every night and am usually able to get back to sleep after waking up. But I'm still losing steam about halfway through my day.
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
I have only been using CPAP for a couple of weeks. Here in Australia we don't have DME's so I sourced my own equipment. I know I have a great machine and a good mask but I have trouble getting through a night with the mask on. In fact I haven't yet. My body clock still wakes me every few hours for a full bladder, and sometimes a leak or high pressure will wake me as well. I know from reading the experiences here that it gets better and I will stick with it.
Something unknown is doing we don't know what.
(Professor Sir Arthur Eddington, astrophysicist)
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Impressions after 3 weeks on CPAP: The worst night was in the sleeping lab, where 12mb pressure was found to be suitable for my apneas. Those who were in one of these labs will know what I mean - wires the lot, tubing, sticky stuff in the hair (for electrodes) and the mask for the first time! Not funny. Anyway, finally I got the ResMed S9 elite and two masks to test. The first one I tried should hold up my chin to prevent open mouth sleeping, but it did not fit well and left me with deep rails in my face. Now I use the mask indicated in my profile and I am not yet finished with adjusting the straps to get the optimal adjustment between minimum leakage and minimum discomfort. Presently I also wear a so-called mandibular advancement device which helped me in the past, but not enough. At least it helps against a wide open mouth, which is contraproductive with the mask. Using a CMS50F oximeter and the ResScan software I confirmed that my AHI dropped from variable 10-20 to less than 3, and the SpO2-level rose from ~91 to more than 94%. My feeling is definitely better, I seem to need less sleep time and I don't get tired during the day so often. I did not dream of this success when (longtime ago) I once wore an oxygen mask during a flight with an EE Canberra at ~40000 ft![/size][/font]
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
(10-22-2014, 03:29 PM)AshSF Wrote: I have been a loud snorer for as long as I can remember. I am in good health, fit and have a good blood pressure. I check it every week. I always believed I don't have apnea since the first effect is raised blood pressure. I also got my blood work done every year to see my numbers for heart, liver and kidneys. They were all good.

On a whim to get more data on my health, I got a home sleep study done. The results were shocking (AHI of 77, mostly obstructive, Desat all the way to 77%).

I bought a PRS1 560TS immediately and got to work. I have been using the machine religiously for the last 4 weeks. And the results are amazing. Now when I look back, I think I have not slept properly in the last 20 years. I can focus better, have better memory and don't get agitated too much or too often. And my coffee consumption is way down.

I use sleepyhead every morning to see my results. My AHI is down to a range of 1.5 - 0.5 every night. I also got leaks under control by cutting a new cloth liner from a old t-shirt every day and using it with my FFM. My leaks on sleepyhead have not exceeded 3L/min ever, with the cloth liner.

I think what helped me to get used to therapy so soon was that I initially made up my mind that CPAP is THE ONLY OPTION for me and I have to make it work. This made sure I went past Denial phase immediately and started working on making the therapy work. Having the data on sleepyhead only reinforces the good habit.
Wanted to update my CPAP story.
I had AHI dialed down below 1 every day with pressure range going from 4-20 to 7-14. Then I started tracking my RDI. RDI was also dialed down to less than 1.5 every day.
Then I moved from a FFM to Nasal Pillow mask - Resmed P10. It is an
amazing mask. My peak leak went to < 2L/min every day. My AHI and RDI went down even further (below 0.6 RDI every day).

I did find that some nights with RDI of 0.0, I was feeling less refreshed in the morning than night with RDI of 0.55. I thought the mask was at fault due to low venting. But it wasn't the case.

Then I changed my APAP to min=max=8cm pressure. And it has made a world of difference in how I feel in the morning. Now, I think I have achieved the "zen" feeling that people feel after the night of titration but keep chasing it ever since. My RDI is still < 0.6 every night but I feel very refreshed and calm in the morning. I don't even need m morning coffee first thing in the morning.

My few pointers to newbies will be:
1) Give nasal pillows masks a chance. Even if you think you are a mouth breather. You will magically start breathing with your nose under xPAP pressure. With nasal pillows, there won't be a battle of mask leaks every night with you plotting new strategies to contain leaks every night.

2) Once you have your AHI under 5, make sure you get your RDI under 5 (if your machine measures it). If not then get flow limitations under control. My AHI was under 1.5 in APAP in 4-20 range and was < 0.5 in 7.5-14 range so not much difference.

3) Try CPAP at your 90%/95% pressure for at least 10 days.

Then decide what mode works best for you. It may not work at very high pressures but should work at lower than 15 pressures.

PRS1 Auto & Dreamstation Auto w/ P10 and straight pressure of 7.5cm
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RE: Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
A little over three years ago I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. They say that a 50-something male who has tended to gain weight over the years is the most likely candidate for this diagnosis. Well, that's me.

Even though I've been 100% complaint from day one, it took a lot of patience and perseverance for me to adapt to CPAP therapy. Lots of back-and-forth conversations with my care providers. I had to educate myself because those providers don't always check for the right things. Let me explain what I mean.

Here are the three most important things, in order, that you can do to make your CPAP therapy effective:

1. Compliance. Use your machine every time you sleep, all the time you're sleeping. And be able to prove it with data because you're not a reliable eye witness to something that's happening while you're asleep.

2. Leaks. Get your leak rate under control. When the machine's on-screen display reports that you have bad leaks, you can believe it. But when it tells you all is well, that's not good enough. You have to look at your leak rate graph using software and see if you're having extended periods of high leak. Most care providers don't know how to do this, or can't be bothered. It was only recently that I figured out on my own that I needed to switch to a full face mask to get my leaks under control at all times. For me, that's the only way I have a chance of getting a good night's sleep.

3. AHI. Getting it under 5 is the clinical goal. I like mine lower and am now keeping it under 2 at all times, under 1 on the vast majority of nights.

Remember, these are in order. Don't worry about 2 until you've mastered 1. Don't worry about 3 until you've mastered 1 and 2.

It's been shown clinically that compliance is the number one problem with the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Think about what that means. There is nothing that can interfere with the success of the treatment more than your failure to participate. There's no other medical treatment with that kind of a success record. Imagine a pill that cures an ailment, and all you have to do is comply by taking the pill. Those who don't take it don't get cured, those who do are cured provided they continue to take the pill every day.

It's also been shown clinically that support increases compliance. Get together with others who are also receiving CPAP therapy and talk about it. That's support. Since most people can't do that on a face-to-face basis, participation in a place like Apnea Board can be essential.

Be well and be thankful for CPAP therapy. Without it life would not be as good.

Ailments like anxiety, teeth grinding, insomnia, and chronic headaches are now fading into history. I no longer need or use a night guard for my teeth. I no longer need or take any kind of medication for chronic headaches, just an aspirin on occasion. I no longer need or take any kind of medication for anxiety. I still suffer from insomnia a bit and treat it with Trazodone on some nights, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

It's a miracle!

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