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Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
(05-07-2015, 09:58 AM)Sleepster Wrote: Glad to hear you're doing so well, leximorph. Just be careful with your weight loss attitude. I made the mistake of thinking CPAP therapy would be a magic weight-loss experience, but as it turns out you still have watch what you eat. Exercise will help with that, and help you sleep better. And watch the coffee. If you don't think caffeine affects your sleep, try skipping it for a day or two. You'll find yourself nodding off as soon as the sun goes down. I have to limit myself to two cups in the morning. Except days like today, where I had a third. Smile

Thanks, Sleepster. Thanks Maybe I'm just being too optimistic on the weight loss, after hearing it from a colleague who's on cpap for years and told me about the benefits. I had no reason to doubt him, but maybe he did get some weight loss early on, but probably regained weight. Will keep in mind your advice on exercise and diet - that's a tougher goal, but one step at a time.

As for coffee, I've lessened intake, typically 2 cups a day. One at mid-morning, and the second one during early afternoon, during those nice warm moments when my eyes glaze over after reading typical office email. Coffee

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Hi, so I'm a 35 year old male, in good health. Yet I kept having issues with feeling tired all the time. I wouldn't let myself sleep for more than 6 hours due to massive headaches the next morning. It was even worse if I worked out the day before. I thought it was normal and I was just getting old. Also, I had very high blood pressure for some unknown reason.

My wife insisted that I get a sleep study, and once I realized that my insurance would cover it, I went for it. I never expected them to discover anything, but wow, the tech told me the next morning I have moderate sleep apnea. I couldnt believe it!

I immediately felt like I was having a horrible nightmare. The thought of wearing a mask on my face everynight with a tube, it just sounded horrible, and I was a little depressed about it to be honest.

Fast forward to one year later, now I gotta tell you, I LOVVVVEEE my machine! I'm doing so much better. No more headaches. Blood pressure is way down. Feeling less sleepy. Happier in general. I tell my wife all the time, I love wearing my mask, knowing how much better it makes me feel, I actually look forward to it.

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. If you're just now starting out, don't give up. I know it's hard at first, but believe me, just stick with it and it will be worth it! Smile[/font]

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im using sleep mapper. i tried to download sleepyhead but cant seem to get it to open..
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ok, i finally got sleepyhead working..
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Searched Google to find this forum. I see I'm in the right place to read of others Apnea experiences.
I was diagnosed with Apnea in 2005 but refused to use the equipment. Three Pacemakers later my Cardiologist sees a trend of A-Fibs in my Pacemaker report during my sleeping hours. After some conversation about my sleep Apnea and the fact that I didn't use my equipment he proceeded to give me a hind-part chewing.
I re-entered the Apnea sleep study and got set up for my Cpap machine and mask. I entered into the process this time with an open mind and a determination to use it with no excuses. I have been using for 10 days now. Using my device and measuring my use with the ResMed web site Dashboard my first score was 67. I've had some "fidgidy" nights but starting rest now and yesterdays score was an 87.

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Dav, you can download Sleepyhead software for free by following the link at the top of this forum. Much more information on there than the Resmed software you're using. You can probably get to the bottom of any issues you're having.
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I get remarkably better sleep quality out of wearing my machine nocturnally, however I STILL hate wearing the damn mask after almost 10 years of use. It's still really hard to get used to having something strapped to your face blowing air at you all night. Much more restful to go to sleep slowly and quietly. I just wish it could all be switched on after I fall asleep normally!
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Hi all, i'm 51 year old German and found this board via Google and also a german forum with my native language. :-) (so pls excause my grammer and mistakes) :-)

in the 2nd half of last year (2014) i recognized that i fall asleep early after being home on the sofa - this never happend before. Also my wife told me that my snoring get more and more worse. So we decided to consult an physician.

First check no result, 3 months later we did a second try and we got a first result. So we made an appointment in an hospital nearby with a good team. First night in hospital i nearly couldn't sleep, but they told me i should come back in some weeks to get a mask.

2nd stay in Hospital was for 2 nights - in the first night they regulated the preasure of the mask and gave me a nose-mask for the first half of the night and a full face mask for the 2nd half. Next night i was sleeping with my own nose mask - pressure 9.

Since this day in december 2014 i'm with my little box, the second box filled with water to get a wet-dog-nose Grin and my little mask. My wife is facinated, for her it's now quite at night. She sleeps so well now.

for me it's also mostly great. I feel not so tired during the day. My main problem is that i have problems to get enough air throug the nose. So in some nights i have to "un-mask" me for some time, to get a free nose again.

Did my first holiday with my machine last month. Worked fine all over in Europe. Only 2 nights i spent without my little helper. Next holiday will be with motorbike -- so here i see no chance to take my box with me. My doc told - without i will feel bad -- i will see.

Software - i like to check my data from time to time. I see what i mostly know. Good nights - bad nights. -- but mostly good ones. Thanks

Targets: run a half marathon -- done last month
ride 4 passroads in the italian alps by bike -- will do this in Sept.
reduce weight -- 20 kg to go (the target is too big -- 5 -10 in one year might be ok) -- ongoing.

have fun

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My apnea story began over 15 years ago when it wasn't highly publicized and doctors were not as tuned in. My PCP doctor had just gotten certified in sleep and picked it up the minute I told her I had night headaches. I was shocked with the results of the sleep study and thought she had my results confused with someone else. She told me that she saw me in the video so I had to believe her. The titration study was a complete failure. I did not sleep at all. They sent me home with a Respironics CPAP anyway and set it to 6, even though they had no results that justified that pressure. I was a very busy working woman, knew nothing about CPAP therapy and just assumed it was set appropriately. When I tried it, it did not work, I had the same symptoms and felt this therapy was not what it was advertised to be so I just gave up. There was no counseling, no data, no education, no discussion of the variables. However, I was now aware of my diagnosis and gradually learned more as apnea became more publicized. I figured out that my original prescription had been inadequate and decided to set myself up for another pass at the sleep studies with a pulmonologist/sleep doctor. Once again the lab studies were not a success. I am sensitive to the EMI generated by all the wires and cannot sleep. I also cannot sleep under an electric blanket. My body gets the heebyjeebies and my brain runs as if I have had way too much caffeine. They got enough data to confirm a diagnosis and send me off with a ResMed Elite II set to 8. Now this worked and I have used it religiously for the past 8 years. I had no visibility into the details of my response but was aware that my sleep wasn't perfect. I was still arousing and also getting up several times a night. But no headaches and I had good energy and did not fall asleep as easily. I had no idea it could be much better.
Recently I became aware of the auto machines and all the data that was available so I decided to go through the process of getting a new machine and it was going to be a top of the line auto. The sleep study was again a failure and I was unable to sleep. A Tramadol solved the heebie jeebies but my brain was still charged up and would not sleep much . Except this time they got enough data to call out a much higher pressure that set me up for a BiLevel machine. They gave me a script for 18/8 auto Bilevel with min PS=6. I got the ResMed Air Curve and have been using it for 6 weeks. I also got an oximeter with data. The combination of the autoset and the data has allowed a big difference in my response and completely tuned up my therapy. I learned the extent of my mouth leaks and corrected them, I learned that PS 6 generates CAs so I turned it down to 4, and I learned IPAP 10.5-11.3 is my sweet spot. Now My AHI is .2 or less, I have frequent nights with zero registered events, and I rarely get up during the night. I can see the pressure adjust working in the data over a narrow range and can see that my nights are spent breathing and oxygenating well. There are some flow limits and rough breathing mixed in with miles of smooth flow. I am a happy XPAPer.
The education, community, and manuals available on this site are invaluable and make all the difference in this world of hurried, bottom line medical care.
if you can't decide then you don't have enough data.
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(07-01-2015, 09:32 AM)MobileBasset Wrote: I learned that PS 6 generates CAs so I turned it down to 4, and I learned IPAP 10.5-11.3 is my sweet spot.

I'm glad it's all working out for you. You are a great example of patient empowerment. We cannot get effective treatment for this affliction without it.

By the way, you are the only person I know of besides me that has CA's induced by too high of a PS. I too cannot tolerate a PS much larger than 4.
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