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Your Personal CPAP Success Story - Post Here
Wow GrazzaWazir you are the second person this week I have seen who's been a member for a very long time and has just posted for the first time! Welcome? !! LOL

I agree that spreading the word about SA and encouraging those we think may be at risk is good. There doesn't seem to be enough info out there on this subject.

Interesting that you mention about the deep breaths you take before sleep. I have noticed I do the same, not sure why.

Glad to hear you educated yourself here and through the clinician's menu and got an Auto CPAP machine that better suits your needs.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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For 30+ years I have required an unreasonable amount of sleep to feel rested. It has interfered with my marriage, my social life and even vacation plans. this last month I have gone through the process for diagnosis of sleep apnea and have had my cpap for 2 nights. both nights I slept for 8 hrs and woke up on my own, feeling focused and alert. No naps have been needed. The amount of extra time I have in the day is awesome! CPAP therapy is obviously the cure to my exhaustion. Even my husband sleeps better because I am not moving around and snoring. I know it's very early in my journey but I could not have asked for a better response, even after my titration study I felt fabulous.

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Welcome to ApneaBoard Rabbit54! Glad to hear your success story and good luck with your continuing CPAP therapy!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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I am very new to the CPAP game, just one week, after years of sleep problems and extreme tiredness during the day. More so since I retired at 55 years old, just over three years ago. My AHI index for the last three nights has been 1.4 - 0.8 - 1.1 so that seems pretty good to me. When I was diagnosed the events per hour were 47 with a blood oxygen level of 83%. Now it is up to 95% and I wake up feeling so much better. I'll admit I have been through the range of emotions with the sleep apnoea diagnosis and getting the machine setup, but it can only get better, so that is my way of looking at the situation.

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G'day james, welcome to Apnea Board.

It sounds like you're off to a great start. CPAP therapy has its ups and downs so don't be surprised if you have a few rough nights. But for the great majority of people there's a continual improvement and some really positive health outcomes.
Apnea Board Moderator


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This is my third month on cpap. I am 98% complaint this month. I didn't write this to boast. I mean it as a you can do it pat on the back. Keep trying it will work for you.
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I'm a 4-year CPAP user (diagnosed with OSA right before turning 22).

It was tough to accept. I was (and still am) a lean and healthy individual. I've just always snored!

However, I was glad to have found the culprit for my low energy, brain fog, and constant sleepiness. I was more than happy to use a CPAP to solve those debilitating issues.

I actually did my own "sleep study" before going in for a professional one. I posted a youtube video that shows the footage (from 2011) that confirmed my suspicions that I had sleep apnea. It was the first time I actually realized I would stop breathing for 5-10 seconds at some points. (Can't post the link since I'm new, but the channel name is "Journey to Sleep")

I'm thankful I filmed myself that night and got the help I needed right away. While I wish I wasn't cursed with OSA, I'm glad I was able to treat it at such a young age.

I love my CPAP and will never go back to how life was before.

-Christian Sleep-well

p.s. 1st post here.
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Welcome to ApneaBoard Journey to Sleep!

You are lucky to have been aware of your problem and be diagnosed nowadays when there is much more information out there about sleep apnea. I wish it had been so 30+ years ago for me, I just thought I snored. (oh the shame...)

Glad you accepted your fate and got treatment. What a difference it will make in your life!
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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I'm 50, and was diagnosed the week after my birthday in late October. Ironically, I never would have thought I had SA. A few months ago, we moved and my new dentist does a SA screening for new patients. I recall scoring high on things like awakening at night/getting back to sleep, and unusual difficulty in losing weight. I attributed the difficulties staying asleep and getting back to sleep to female "hormonal changes" because that's when it started. So, I was referred to a sleep doctor, who ordered a home sleep study after my consult with him. The sleep study was rough. I'm not sure exactly what my scores were, but when the sleep doctor called me, he said I scored mild to moderate. Mild with one scoring system and moderate with the other. I'm sure I'll know more when I see him next week.

A week and a half ago, I received my APAP machine. I was prepared to hate it. I had a hard enough time to getting to sleep as it was! I was sure there wasn't any way I'd ever be able to sleep with it on. The full mask was so embarrassing looking that I didn't even put it on unless it was dark for the first few nights. The rep. who delivered my machine and showed me how to use it was great and really knowledgeable. She did tell me I might want to take Benadryl the first nights to get to sleep. The first night, I wound up taking the mask off around 3 am. But, after that, the mask didn't really bother me. I go onto MyAir to see the abbreviated score daily and do SleepyHead every few days. After a few nights, I was scoring 100 on MyAir, but then earlier this week my scored dropped to 90 and 91 because of large leakage. I called my APAP rep and she advised me to adjust my mask while laying down. I did that last night and I scored 100 with little leakage.

My AHI scores are pretty low with the APAP. They've ranged from .2 to 1.6, but I have to say I feel great since I started therapy. My mask doesn't bother me. I usually sleep all night long without waking up. I have had 100% compliance with my machine and usually sleep 8 hours a night with it on. When I wake up I feel great. I used to have a fuzzy kind of feeling in the morning that didn't abate until I'd had my coffee and at least 30 min to wake up. I have much more stamina during the day. And, this is only the first 10 days. I am looking forward to feeling even better after being on therapy for a few months.
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(09-15-2015, 06:55 AM)jerlank Wrote: I'm new to this forum, but an old hand at CPAP. Been using my trusted Fisher&Paykel SleepStyle 254 since 2010. I noticed that there might be a problem when I was nearly sacked for falling asleep at my desk. My wife did not want to be in the same car as me, because I would just "switch off". So I went to a cardiologist for heart check-up, and she scheduled an angiogram. They tried administering local anaesthetic, but it did not work, so they put me under. And had one whale of a time waking me up. She told me I just stopped breathing completely. And that I should do the sleep test. Organised it all while I stayed over in the hospital. Hooked me up to wires etc. The next night they hooked me up again, but this time with a CPAP. Resulting report showed 5-6 episodes/hour, up to 90 seconds per episode. O2 saturation fell to 50% during the episodes. Got my machine with a nasal mask about 3 weeks later. And fell in love with the feeling of sleep. Woke up the first morning feeling like a million dollars. Life quality has changed, health has improved, even weight loss! Compliance runs close to 100%, because I firmly state that I would rather sleep without my wife than my machine. Too-funny Only times I slept without it is when we had power failures. For the rest of the time, I put on my mask, turn on my side, and wake up refreshed.

I am now busy sourcing a second machine, because the F&P looks like it is nearing the end of it's usable life.

Hope someone reads this and that it helps them. Sleep-well
Thank you!
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