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advice for diagnosis steps to take
Hi. I was just looking at your sleep study results. Did they give you a page with graphs, too?

I notice that your REM-related apnea AHI is 11.

I'm not entirely sure of the correctness of what I'm getting ready to write next, so I hope others will point it out if it's incorrect.

You didn't sleep very long during your study. (around 3 hours?)

If you had slept for, say, 7 hours, you would have had more REM sleep. In my own sleep, the occurrences of REM sleep get closer together during the last 3-4 hours during 7 hours of sleep. (I think that's typical.)

I think if you had slept for 7 hours (or 6 or 8) during your sleep study that your percentage of REM sleep would have been higher and that your average AHI probably would have been >5. That's still not very high, but it would probably push you into the coverable-by-insurance range. If others on this board agree with my conclusion, you might ask your doctor about this.

I have REM-related apnea, too, so I checked for that in your results. My understanding is that not everyone sees a large difference in AHI during REM sleep vs. non-REM sleep. There's also usually a difference in AHI for sleeping-on-back (supine sleep) vs. non-supine sleep, but I don't see sleep position noted in your test results. (This would only be a relevant factor if you didn't have any supine sleep during your test.)

So, I suppose my point is that your average AHI during a typical night's sleep is very likely higher than what you saw during your sleep study.

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(12-03-2016, 09:13 PM)odoyle Wrote: Thanks for the detailed helpful replies! I'm in the DC area (20003). I agree, not worth pursuing further with insurance etc. Trying to decide what/how to research if I want to try something on my own. Why do people sell used ones? Does apnea ever go away?

Hi odoyle,
If you want to try on your own and are not pursuing the insurance route, then you have a few options based on whatever your budget is.

Here is a link that will give you names of current machines and which to avoid.

Check out some of the suppliers on the list at top of page. If money is tight, check out Supplier #2. They sell gently used equipment and also new open box zero hour units. Also, Amazon is a consideration.

Just be sure you purchase a data capable auto cpap. You needs could change in the future and you may wish you had the auto machine. Purchase a unit with a heated humidifier and heated hose if you can.

Untreated apnea seldom goes away.

Good Luck and don't worry...someone here will help you set up your machine.
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Machine choices

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To give you an idea of what is listed privately in this area, use Search Tempest. This is a Craigslist and other search engine, and enter your zip code, and the search term CPAP Machine. If you buy a machine on this marketplace, it is best to talk with the seller and feel comfortable that they are available, reliable, and will meet in person. Verify the household is 100% nonsmoking. If you want to buy, try to meet at a public location where you can plug in the machine and verify operation and hours; for example Starbucks. If money is not an issue, jut buy new online. It's easier and safer.

What I see in your area is:
a Philips Respironics BiPAP Pro model 650 at $250. This is a bilevel machine ideal for treating UARS with separate inhale and exhale pressure settings. It is now 2-models aged and was replaced by the System One 760 and Dreamstation 700. You might want to negotiate for $200

Philips Respiraonics CPAP with Dreammapper. This is the System One 60 Series model 560 Auto CPAP. Looks like the owner just failed to tolerate the machine. This machine has all the features of the Dreamstation Auto and was replaced about one-year ago with the newer model.

Philips Respironics CPAP Machine: This is an auto CPAP the owner claims has 11.5 hours. Same as above $200-$250 is fair.

Resmed S10 Airsense CPAP. If this is not the Autoset, it is overpriced, don't bother. Most macines listed older than this are probably not worth your time. Let me know by PM if you see something you think is worthy, and I'll offer a opinion.

EDIT: It took me a while to write this, and the two responses above are good. Green Wings raised a good issue that you seem to have sleep-stage related sleep disturbance. Although it is mainly hypopnea, having your REM stage sleep disrupted can be pretty tiring. This is where auto CPAP works well to change pressure higher during these periods, and relax pressure when it is not needed.

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Thanks guys - I had a terrible time sleeping in the lab with all that stuff on my head so yea, I was surprised they had any good data to look at at all. I definitely noticed the higher REM related AHI.. but I suppose I can't get them to re-test me any time soon. Worth asking though!

My question about whether apnea goes away is really about.. who are the people selling used units (and why?) upgrading? Just seems like a strange thing to be selling!
Here is the graph page..

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Most of the units being sold are from people that obtained insurance coverage that paid for a CPAP. They don't like it, and feel they no longer need it. This is nearly always just a quit. Most newer used machines have less than 300 hours on them, sometimes a lot less. The other category are older, outdated machines left behind by dead aunt Sally, or used for a long time and replaced. Some of the old machines may have low hours, and the owner never used it, but an outdated closet queen isn't worth buying.

There is a gray market of new machines at seriously discounted prices. If you're ever inclined, look at Morgantown, WV Craigslist. Someone in Cheat Lake consistently has the newest machines for cheap. That is not too far from me, and if I actually had a need for these I'd grab one. This might be someone working at a DME, but they have a steady supply of new machines for some reason.
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Alright, I'm going to break down and buy one! I might wait until the new year and see if I can use my FSA but not sure if I'll need a prescription and if I buy from amazon, but I figure worth trying. Problem is, I don't see one of the recommended models on amazon.. is this a good one?
Respironics dx500t11 ( Former Model known as 560HS )
[link removed]

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Odoyle, that is a Dreamstation Auto CPAP and has full data and is an excellent machine. If you click on the link for "More buying choices" you can pick from additional sellers. You want to be sure to pick a machine that comes with the heated humidifier and heated hose. Also, check he buyer ratings. There is at least one that has poor reviews or did not deliver. You are specifically looking for a description that looks like this:

"DreamStation Auto CPAP DSX500T11 NEW IN BOX Includes DreamStation CPAP unit, power supply, power cord, hose, carry bag, installed SD card, reusable and disposable filters and manual. "

There are multiple sellers, and you want to use one that seems reliable and is selling new equipment, and that tells you what is included. The one you quoted is by Fitness Lifestyle, and may not include the heated hose, carry bag, filters and SD card (not included in description). The ones I see that do are Best Weston CPAP, Apnea Air Assistants and Fullerton,
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Great, thanks!! Did not realize there were tons of options/sellers
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