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air in stomach, pressure questions
Alright so about 12 years back I did a sleep study and got this cpap, I couldn't bring myself to use it since it drove me crazy. Recently my quality of sleep has been so bad I can't function. I lost my job, it's affecting my relationship with my gf, etc.

back then they had me at a pressure of ten, but I dropped about 70 pounds (165-170) and that pressure is way too high. Looked online for formula, found I should be at six, but I was testing to see if air would go into my lungs if I stopped breathing (while awake) and it didn't, so I set it to 7.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night without it and maybe 2 with it on, woke up this morning and my stomach was distended. Usually it's WAY behind my ribcage, but this morning it was sticking out further than my ribcage. I noticed people have issues with this, but I mean, is it safe to use?? Should I set it to 6 and see if it still pushes air into my stomach? I'm always too tired to make appointments or anything, so I'd really like some guidance. Thanks.
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This is a subject alot deal with. I can only give you how my wife who had it very badly dealt with it. She had the blown up belly, pain gas the whole taco. Your swallowing air.

One you need software because you dont know what is going on while you sleep. We thought less pressure would equal less gas. And for a lot it does. For her it was the reverse of that. Once we got the software her pressure needed to go up a bit to stop most events. She was gobbling air when she would come out of a OA or a Hypopnea. Decreasing the events, lowered the gas. Still gets it but now no distended belly and after a few burps in the morning its gone.

A few other tricks she used. Going to a full face mask helped. If she mouth breathed with the nasal dried her mouth she swollowed to wet it so swallowed air. Going to a total face reduced the problem for her at least by a third.

Carbonated water. In the am she goes an drinks abit of sparkling water which helps bring up the gas.

So it could be to much pressure but it could as easily be not enough.

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the discomfort is something I'm not overly concerned with, as long as I'm safe, but my stomach isn't very big, and I don't know how much air it can hold. I'm more concerned about my stomach exploding or something idk. I'm kind of naive. It's not even air in stomach while I sleep, I wind up burping as I'm trying to fall asleep and eventually just throw my mask across the room in frustration. (tried to sleep at 1am, was still awake at 5am)
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I suppose it would make quite a mess were your stomach to explode, so perhaps it would be best if we avoided that.

First of all you have 12 years old technology. A lot has changed/improved in that time. Including your cute little body. So you really need to be re-evaluated and preferably have a new study and a new prescription.

I don't know how you came up with an on-line "formula" to determine what pressure you should be at, but I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock into that.

So where to begin? Can you begin with your doc? ....and get a new study - at least an in-home study? If not, another nice place to begin would be to learn as much as you can about the newer machines, such as the Resmed S9 Autoset or even the Elite. Then visit Mr. Craig and look at his list. You should be able to score a good used machine for not very many dollars. That would give you a fully data capable machine with which you could begin to study your own results and determine what works for you.

Now as to the aerophagia issues you are experiencing (the swallowing air thing). Ghost provides some ideas, search for others. Are you mouth breathing when your mask is on? As with the machines themselves, there have been numerous improvements with masks, so snoop around and find out about them.
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Hi linsomniac,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
You should consider gettting another sleep study.
Technology has changed quite a bit since the machine you are using now. You would be better served by a newer,fully data-capable machine.
Hang in there for more answers to your questions and best of luck to you as you start your second time around with CPAP therapy.
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Yeah what R.Guy said. 10 is not a high number and there are many variables that cause us to swallow air. I have dealt with this also and not sure why it has tapered off but I am glad it did.
Life is rough if we try to ignore problems and what a tangled web we can weave. Find out all the info you can and work on it, we are all living proof that it can work.
Good Luck!

Doc J (despite my nickname I am not a doctor)

Remember to donate to the board if you can, it has helped a lot of people including myself.
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I would heed the advice so nicely provided by retired_guy. We are dealing with a serious condition that deserves our full attention and application of all the resources we have available. The good news is, it can be managed.

Like R.guy, I struggled with aerophagia early in my therapy and it went away for unknown reasons. The changes I made were switching from a nasal mask to a full face mask, narrowing my autoset pressure range, adding a chinstrap, never sleeping on my back and training my tongue to stick to the roof of my mouth. One or some combination of those changes eliminated the air swallowing. I suppose we have to keep trying things until we are successful.
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I probably do need a new study, but it's difficult for me to keep appointments, so I'm looking for a temp fix so I can get a rested sleep in order to keep doc appointments. The aerophagia isn't dangerous right? I mean it's uncomfortable sure, but will my body regulate that air while I sleep? that's my main concern. 7 seems to be a good pressure for me. Yesterday I had 3 with it on and 2 with it off and I had enough energy to go biking and wasn't too tired. Last night I got 10 hours without cpap since the air swallowing thing concerned me.

I try to get to bed without cpap, then nail a couple with it on when I wake up for whatever reason. I have a lovely case of insomnia as well. I feel like i've kind of gotten used to it somewhat, and could probably sleep with the mask on, but I wind up burping every minute or so. I'm just looking for some reassurance that my stomach isn't going to explode.

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linsomniac, you are not getting the message here.... Sleep apnea is not a "take two aspirins and call me in the morning" sort of an issue. It can be deadly serious. You need to take it seriously and not just try a little here and there. Please accept this in the spirit offered which is we really do want to see you live a nice life, and call your doctor.
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I realize that, and I AM trying, but I can't keep appointments if I don't sleep right. I can't just *deal with it* and go, i'll have psychotic episodes.
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