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airsense 10 autoset malfunction?
I'm looking for any feedback from fellow Airsense10 auto set users. Up until last night the machine has been working flawlessly. Last night my machine failed to record my last two hours of sleep and shot through the max pressure set of 6.2. When I looked up my data on SH it shows the machine shooting up to 10 and then the recordings stop even though I slept and was on the machine for another 2 hours. Anyone ever see/hear/experience a similar issue? TIA for your feedback.
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Hi sonicboom,
I don't use an AirSense, but was curious about your settings of 4-6.2.
Have you checked in the clinical menu to see what you machine is actually set on?
Does it say Auto mode? If it is set at a max of 6.2, then the machine wouldn't go past that setting.

Having a staring pressure of 4 is too low, maby it's the ramp set at 4. Also, what has your AHI been?

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How was your leak data during that event? Maybe post the graph? https://sleep.tnet.com/reference/tips/imgur
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Thanks for the quick responses. First, I reported this just now to my DME. They are awesome. They checked my data. They have not seen this before with this machine. They said they would exchange it. No questions.

Opal - yes. The first thing I checked was the clinical menu settings. I have been on the same max setting for the last 40 days and nothing was changed. It is still set for 6.2. And, that is the problem. The machine ignored the max pressure setting but only after 5 hours of sleep and then stopped recording. DME speculated that connection was lost between SD card and computer in the machine. The pressure settings for me are working great. AHIs are less than 1 routinely even last night.

SleepRider- leak data was fine. I will post the graphs as a learning tool perhaps for others who might experience this. Definitely a hardware issue.
[Image: i2Xq3hBl.png]
[Image: rZj7RdAl.png]
[Image: Us0ImJ8l.png]
[Image: gyowKIBl.png]

Addendum - .... remember, I slept another another 2 hours on the machine after it stopped recording.
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Good,, that's for posting the graphs, and glad they are replacing machine
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I sure don't see a reason for pressure to spike, and that is the only data line to act weird when the data recording stopped, and is confirmed by the mask pressure.

Well done on the graphs. If you do post data again, just organize the graphs to show events, flow, pressure, and leak on top. Snores and flow limit may be relevant sometimes. The rest is not too important. https://sleep.tnet.com/reference/tips/imgur
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Will do Sleeprider. Imgur is a nice tool. I just thought I would default to everything in case there was something one of you saw that I didn't as I am definitely no expert in analyzing all of the available data. Thanks for the feedback to Opal and you.
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No problem. It's actually worth it for you to organize the graphs that way for your own use as it is the most important information to track your treatment. The graphs just drag and drop by clicking the left side and dragging.
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Yes indeed.
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Well it happened again - this time on my 3rd Airsense machine. The first one malfunctioned as written above. The second one made a bad whirring sound on breathing which is the result of an apparent design defect with these machines and the way the water chambers does/does not create a tight seal with the tube/seal interface with the machine. The new machine did the same as the first last night - shot up to 10, Well past the max setting of 6.2, and then stopped recording the next three hours of sleep until I woke up. The machine did its thing - I feel rested this AM but the recording features of this machine seem to have issues. The first machine I chalked up to a lemon. But, now that 2 of the 3 machines I have had did this (and I didn't have the second one more than 3 days to know if it would fail too) leads me to conclude that this machine has a serious manufacturing defect. Either that or someone needs to explain to me what I am doing while I am sleeping to cause these machines to do this.

Input anyone?
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