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airsense 10 autoset malfunction?
(09-07-2015, 12:16 AM)sonicboom Wrote: [quote='Coola32' pid='130073' dateline='1441600325

Welcome aboard Coola. Its nice to know Im not alone. Since my last post I can give you some more info and some ways to deal with the issue. I have spoken with Resmed clinical support. They are asking for me to send in my data card. They want to see why this is happening. They believe it is rainout based and when the tubing is rained out it will exceed the max pressure sensing there is breathing trouble.

The following are the remedies from my experience and in talking with clinical support:

1) if you are in a humid area turn up the tube temp to 85. if you are in a dry area and using A\C the remedy is the same
2) use a tube sock like a snugglehose (available on-line) to wrap the line
3) make sure the tube has a "U" shape to it after it exists the machine so water doesn't reverse back into the machine
4) when you sense the machine is about to malfunction unplug it for about 5 seconds then plug it back in. This will cause a hard re-set and you should then be fine for the rest of the night.
5) i'm also getting a new tube in case the one I have is faulty as it is the only thing in common between the four machines I've had so far.

Keep us posted on anything you learn or figure out on your end. If you can, also call clinical support and see what info you get.

Thanks for the update sonicboom, I spoke to a tech today, unfortunately they only had the climateline tubing in stock and all machines were out on hire. Tech advised for me to place the machine on the floor and wrap the tube in a blanket. They will also look at the machine for me to ensure I have it set correctly.

Think I will purchase a sock, but it's frustrating as this is my first machine. I was only diagnosed with sleep apnoea in April of this year, although believe I've had it my entire adult life.

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Hang in there Coola. It certainly is frustrating - I'm on my fourth machine since May. Even last night I had to abandon the machine in frustration at 5 AM because of this issue. HOWEVER - the therapy is so worth it. I feel so much more rested since starting APAP. I usually average at least 7 hours on the machine per night with AHI averaging .7 over 4 months. Eventually I will get to the bottom of this issue with Resmed or switch to the new dreamstation. (See recent forum thread on this new machine.) My new tube and sock are on the way.
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Hi again sonic boom, past 3 nights the machine has been fine. I put this down to a couple of things, the nights aren't as cold and I'm still not using the humidifier.

I received your reply to my email, everyone I have spoken with and what I have garnered from the Internet suggests to ensure the machine is lower than your sleeping position. So the tech suggested I place it on the floor to stop water running back into the machine.

I'm going to keep things as they are for now as it's working fine. I'm still not sleeping very well, which I think for a lot of people is pretty normal. All I've done is have the tube run behind my bed head and as you suggested ensure the tube has a U shape.

I'm relieved that someone else is experiencing the issue but also that we seem closer to resolve and fortunately I don't need to send it back.

I spoke with a different tech today, she gave me a snuggle hose for free. I also asked her about the noise the machine makes when I inhale. She suggested and most likely everyone except me knows this but was to turn down the EPR from 3 to 1.


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Great to hear Coola. Now that you have the snugglehose you might try turning on the humidifier if you need it - it might make it more comfortable for you to try and sleep better.

I have never put my machine on the floor. I still don't follow why that helps but apparently it works for you.. Mine is lower slightly then my bed but having it at this height allows me to create a bigger "U" in the line as it dips to the floor coming out of the machine before climbing back up to the bed.

I'm no expert in EPR settings but the noise is not likely caused by the EPR setting itself IMHO. There are many threads here discussing noise with this machine and how to remedy that. Its likely either a seal issue with the machine or humidifier gaskets or air filter issue. Here is one such thread but it is a well talked about topic. It is also a design defect that ResMed knows about. Please refer to those. http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...n-inhaling
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Hi sonicboom, thanks for the link. I think it was a bit quieter, maybe it was in my head. Anyway have placed the EMR to 2. Also put on the snuggle hose and decided I will try the humidifier and report back tomorrow.

I also should add, I haven't placed the machine on the floor, I don't think it would last as long with all the dust etc in the carpet. Yes we vacuum but you can't get everything.


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The humidifier didn't go well, 2.30am this morning awoke, yep you guessed it air blasting at 10cm. Turned off the machine and slept without for the remainder of the night.

No error of tube obstruction.

So back to no humidifier etc for me until they fix this issue.



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Coola - sorry to hear that the humidifier is still causing you problems. I believe the fix currently lies on our end. Recall I'm on my 4th machine thinking it was the machines but the common denominator appears to be my tube setup. We have to get rid of the rainout caused by humidity and temperature differential between the inside and outside the the tube (the room environment). Have you tried turning the climate line setting to Auto? A good share of folks on here report no rainout when set to Auto. I don't use Auto because it doesn't provide enough humidity for my needs. Had the snugglehose not worked for me (so far so good) I would have changed the setting to Auto to see if that worked and toughed out the decreased humidity. I have also placed the excess hose under my blankets (not behind my head) which helped - I know this worked because I used this method last week before I got the tube cover.

It would help me, and perhaps others who might have some advice for you, if you could tell us how your tubing runs between the time it exits your machine and the time it reaches your mask. I understand you have wrapped it now also is that correct? What is the humidity in your room sleeping environment? What are your climate settings with and without the humidfier?

Don't despair - we will figure this out.

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(09-12-2015, 10:46 AM)sonicboom Wrote: It would help me, and perhaps others who might have some advice for you, if you could tell us how your tubing runs between the time it exits your machine and the time it reaches your mask. I understand you have wrapped it now also is that correct? What is the humidity in your room sleeping environment? What are your climate settings with and without the humidfier?

Don't despair - we will figure this out.

Hi sonicboom, I persevered with the humidifier last night and had success. My machine was probably more at my sleeping height it is now considerably lower. I also turned down the humidifier from 4 to 3.

Prior to this I had the machine set at auto with no success. My tube is wrapped in a snuggle hose, last night I was quite hot, I'm unsure if this was because the hose temp was running at 27 degrees Celsius or because I later found out I had a case of food poising or gastro. In any case I have now turned it down to 21 degrees Celsius.

I live in quite a cold place, it is now spring so the weather is picking up. Normally we would have the gas ducted heating on until we go to bed. Haven't needed to turn on the heater tonight.

Now getting back to the hose, it is running over my bed head and I ensure it is has a U shape.

Hope this is of some help.
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I also should add, when I was not using the humidifier I also turned off the climate hose setting.
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Nice work - glad you had some success. One more thing might help - it definitely worked for me. I stopped running the hose over my head because it was out in the open air. I now put the hose under my covers. This, along with the snuggle hose, has resolved the issue for me so far. Now that you have the hose wrapped it may not be necessary to do this but I do it now out of an abundance of caution and need for uninterrupted sleep. Fingers crossed!
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