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airsense 10 autoset or resmed S9 autoset
I currently have the a10 autoset and have a few issues. First it stays at 8 or 9 pressure and doesn't drop back down unless I turn it off then back on. Second issue is the humidifier it's eather too dry or too wet no happy in between. The therapist offered to exchange it for the resmed S9 autoset. Thats the machine I was sent home with for the titration test for 3 days. I had no problems with the S9 autoset. What do you think...should I try to work getting the settings right on the a10 autoset or go with the s9. Thanks
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Why do you feel you want it to "drop back down?" What does your statistics indicate as to ahi, oa's, hypops, etc?

When you turn it off then back on I suspect it's starting at 4 because that's the default beginning pressure for the ramp period. Your machine isn't doing anything to resolve any apnea events as long as you're in ramp. So I'm guessing it gets to a nice therapeutic level then you notice it isn't "dropping back down," and you restart ramp by restarting the machine.

The S9 will behave the same way if you set the defaults up the same way.

Can't advise on the humidifier as I don't have any experience with the A10's humidifier.

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I thought after the event was cleared the pressure would drop down some and not stay at the same pressure. What makes the autoset different from a regular cpap, just learning about this stuff and I appreciate any advice. Thanks. Is the a10 better then the s9 autoset whats the big differance between the 2 machines.
It's exactly like that. . . . only totally different. . . . Sleep-well
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A10 has smaller real estate on the night table and is a model newer (and rebranded) than the S9. Modem is internal to A10. I posted some other differences a couple of weeks ago.

On APAP the pressure will stay up after an event, and may eventually decrease. But you had an event at a lower pressure. Therefore you need to be at the higher pressure at that time, to prevent the occurrence of another one. The aim is to first to prevent apnea from occurring, next, to deal with one in progress. The proper therapeutic pressure changes throughout the night as you go through your stages of sleep.

Wrt to humidity: check before bed that you have enough water in the tank. If you got a face full of water, that's called rain out. It happens from too low a temperature in the hose and the moisture condenses in the cold hose. Factors like season, and regional humidity variations can affect how much humidity is right for you. In winter mine is set at 3. Last week I turned it down to 1.
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An auto CPAP machine is programmed to raise pressure when it detects apnea precursor events like snores and flow limitations, as well as certain breathing patterns and volume. A pressure setting of 4-11 simply limits the auto to operate within that range of pressures. It will not increase pressure during an apnea, and it will maintain pressure at a level that prevents the flow limitations and snores regardless of apnea and hypopnea events. You clearly need to be at 8 or higher and the machine is just doing its job. You are doing your best to undo the machine's good work by restarting or resetting ramp, but it will continue to increase pressure to effective therapeutic pressure as it is designed to do. Any machine you replace your excellent unit with, will do the same.
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I don't have an auto setting for climate control. ..do I need to use warm up setting and then should that stay on the whole night.
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What does the hose look like where it connects to the machine? Does it have a plug/electrode type thingy? Or is it a simple round connector hose, like near the mask end?

Can you describe more what is bothering you about the humidity? Too moist and hot, too dry and you wake up with a headache or felling like the Sahara desert? Rain out?
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it's a regular hose....no rain out...it was to moist then I started using the warm up option...seem to make it better...but still feels a little damp in the pillows. Should I be using the warm up option all the time.
It's exactly like that. . . . only totally different. . . . Sleep-well
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Yes, and turn down the humidity more. In the summer, warm period, I use 1 (least)
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One of the best comparisons between the two models that I've seen was written by another user on another forum who has used both models...

Quote:I would say they are the same machine wrapped in a different package. There is no difference in the fundamental function of the two machines other than a few minor feature differences, some better, some worse.
  • The S9 has a better screen for viewing at night, the Airsense screen is far too faint and not user adjustable
  • The S9 auto Climate control is superior in the fact that you can independently control the hose temp while in Auto mode, this cannot be done with the AirSense (must be in manual to control hose temp)
  • The Airsence built in cellular modem is a pain in the butt if you don't want to use that function because of the "Nag" screen
  • The S9 draws far less power than the Airsense so in that respect the S9 is better for camping or other times when using on battery power is necessary
  • On the advantage side for the Airsense is the overall footprint being smaller in terms of space on bedside table
  • The hose connection on the Airsense is better when using the ClimateLineAir hose due to the 90 degree swivel feature of the hose
  • The filter door on the Airsense is better, easier to access and change filter, and the SD card access is a little better being on the side as opposed to the back of the machine for the S9
  • I'd say the S9s humidifier has an advantage in that it is a separate unit that can be detached when traveling so you have a smaller blower unit for travel, however that advantage goes away somewhat if you purchase the side cover for the Airsense that allows for use of blower without humidifier tub installed
  • The humidifier tubs hold an identical amount of water (380 ml) on both machines
Bottom line, as stated above, they are basically the same machine in a different housing with some very minor feature differences, but fundamentally they work the same in terms of therapy operation.
-- TangledHose
Current Settings PS 4.0 over 10.6-18.0 (cmH2O) BiLevel Auto
TNET Sleep Resource Pages
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