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another puffy eye thread
since starting my cpap on Nov 8 (2 weeks now... ) I have been experiencing really puffy eyes. I have read several threads on here about causes etc, and some say that the issue improves over time - i hope that is true!!! Seems to me there is several contributing factors and that all of them are probably issues for me.
  1. Sinus irritation
  2. Cool air from mask vents/leaks
  3. Lymph drainage issues with mask straps
  4. Water retention from the hormonal changes (ANH/Vasopressin balance - *fantastic* thread on ANH and apnea on this forum!!!)

I *have* found a couple of things that help... 1st is an eye cream containing caffeine. Really helps with water retention primarily, I think. 2nd is lymph drainage massage for the eyes such as shown here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z3VUi3wqWw

and of course, antihistamine, for any allergy to help with the sinus stuff...
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I was having a lot of trouble with that because I run 15-19cm and the pressure was building up in the sinuses behind my eye sockets.
I was able to fix that by going to a total face mask design: FitLife
since the Fitlife also covers the eyes as well, the pressure inside the sinuses is then equal to the pressure on the external eye surfaces and no irritation occurs.
I was wondering if that might be giving you trouble as well.

I just put a light coating of water/baby shampoo inside the mask to keep it from fogging up.

No more tears!

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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I'm having the puffy eyes as well and I am using the AirFit F10 face mask. If it's air blowing on me that is causing the puffiness, it must be coming from the tubing. Any suggestions on keeping that air from blowing on a person?

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Well, I don't wish Glaucoma on anyone - but the drop I use to treat mine seem to lower my eye pressure enough so that the blow-by is only a minor issue.

As I say, I don't recommend my solution.

Using a nasal pillow like the Nuance or Pilairo or A10 seems to limit the air into my eyes.

Using an N10 was impossible - vented directly into my eyes. The Wisp, though seems to not vent upwards much at all.

One day I will have to find a FFM that works, but for now, those of you with eye issues might consider these 2 masks.

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I just switched from the P10 to Dreamware, and after 3 days, have really puffy eyes.. I guess the leakage is a little worse ? Can't go on this way. Sleeping much better with the Dreamware, but considering switching back. Any thoughts ?
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what do leaks look like on your software?
you can try an eyemask
or the P10 with a different sized pillow

not sure what you have tried already....
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