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apnea continues after titration and new pressure
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RE: apnea continues after titration and new pressure
Welcome to the board, Shastzi! I read with interest your appraisal that all our "work and fancy equipment" is aimed at O2 saturation numbers.
In my humble opinion, I would tend to question that conclusion. When I was first suspected of suffering from sleep apnea, my O2 saturation was checked. I was led to believe that when it showed desaturation meeting at least the minimum amount, this helped to confirm that I did have apnea. (Not sure if that was only for medical reasons or that plus needed for insurance purposes).
Saturation checks have not been something the pulmonologist/sleep specialist has ordered as follow-ups. The impression I have is along the lines that in the absence of other potentially related medical conditions, the use of xPAP therapy keeps saturation up where it should be.
So, just as you described data-collecting XPAP machines as marvelous, so would I describe your collection of oximeters.
I guess this means that ole "each to his/her own."
12-13-2012 09:55 PM
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RE: apnea continues after titration and new pressure
Hi Dawei & thanks! Smile
Well, yes. If your equipment *is* all working like it is supposed to be working...but is it safe to make that assumption?
If your XPAP machine performing 100% flawlessly or does it have a few thousand hours on it?
What if your on board pressure sensors start going zonkers from age or plain old dirt accumulated over time?
if the humidity is high most of the year mold can actually be growing *INSIDE* it.
The pressures being scheduled would be way off.
Do the air filters get cleaned and replaced every time as required?
When you go in for a sleep study follow up, do you bring your machine from home to use....or use one of theirs?
If you use thiers, as I suspect, you have already introduced an X variable into the game. Since you could get on their equipment and perform in a stellar fashion but at home, if your machine is out of sorts, you will never find out about it. You'll just be miserable and not know why.
Also, I am running O2 daily and the variance over time is remarkable. This is enough to show me that getting a snapshot of your O2 saturation every now & then is far from sufficient.
Example: one night my cat chewed a series of holes in my CPAP hose. The leaks were nearly invisible and made almost no noise.
The pressure loss showed up in the next mornings O2 report though and I made the repair with silicone stretch tape.
A quick pressure test verified the leaks had stopped.
The pulmonologist/sleep specialist will most likely not order this kind of monitoring since the general public could not *possibly* begin to understand this advanced technology!
I beg to differ with the authorities on this point. I'm from Missouri. Show me! Cool
12-13-2012 10:33 PM
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