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beta blockers
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RE: Beta Blockers new thread
(12-14-2013 03:45 PM)justMongo Wrote:  
(12-14-2013 10:10 AM)DocWils Wrote:  That's up to your cardiologist to decide - if he thinks it is better for you, he'll switch you over, if not, he has his reasons, but of course you are free to ask him what they are. Make no mistake, he knows every drug on the market that has to do with the heart or circulatory system. And I can think of at least a dozen reasons to not put a patient on Bystolic, none of which you need to be concerned about. The right drug for the right fit, that is the key here, and that can only be established by the guys in the white coats who know you and your case best.

Agreed. But sometimes one must be ones own advocate in this era of managed care. I had a very special doctor-patient relationship with my former GP who retired in 2012. He would give me the package insert -- tell me to take it home and read it; then we would discuss the pros and cons of taking it. Medicine is by mutual consent between the doctor and patient. The role the patient takes is in accord with the patients knowledge and comprehension of medicine. Some patients are more sophisticated than others.

I commend you for being proactive. Go ahead and look at beta blockers, write your questions and concerns down, ask your cardio doc about changing beta blockers, talk to him about the few beta blockers you found and ask all of your questions. Hopefully, he or she will listen to you and be willing to answer your questions. Then, let the doc tell you what medication he or she feels is best for you and explain to you why he or she feels this way as he or she knows or should know your medical history better than anyone else.
12-14-2013 04:00 PM
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