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can company keep parts from kit?
Resmed p10 mask bag says S M L pillows but it was open and put together. I'd like to try different size but looks like company kept them. Can they do that?
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Were you charged for the entire kit? If so, demand all the pieces. They get more money by selling you a mask then selling you just the one set. Then they can sell someone else the two extra pillows.
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I would tell them that you're not sure which size pillow is going to work best for you and that you'd like to have all the pillows.

I just got the same mask for the first time a couple of months ago. All three sizes of pillows were in mine. I started off with the Small and felt like it was the perfect fit. About 3-4 weeks later, I decided to try the Medium. At that point, I decided that the Medium was a better fit.

You really do need all the pillows the first time you try the P10 mask. (And any other time if you've paid for them and want them.)

(08-11-2016, 06:20 PM)KarKat Wrote: Resmed p10 mask bag says S M L pillows but it was open and put together. I'd like to try different size but looks like company kept them. Can they do that?

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In my experience, DME will keep extra pillow sizes and repackage for sale. In their view, insurance only pays for one headgear, one cushion and one frame. Even though the manufacturer packs a complete sizing kit for nasal pillows, DME only provides the prescribed equipment and one size. When you get equipment through a DME you are not buying a retail package.
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The bill lists the number for the entire Kit which lists the three sizes which have separate numbers for billing. Looks like I paid for total set. Insurance paid some, but I paid a large amount as my part.
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My DME has never broken up a mask kit. When I receive it, it is in the original manufacturers sealed package. ( never opened).

They do break up the mask for billing purposes only. They bill for 1 nasal pillow (even though I receive all 3), and they bill the frame and headgear separately too.

When I asked about receiving all 3 pillows, they told me that they are "not allowed" to break up a mask kit and then resell parts separately. But according to some reports here, there are some suppliers that have no problem doing that.

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(08-11-2016, 06:20 PM)KarKat Wrote: Resmed p10 mask bag says S M L pillows but it was open and put together. I'd like to try different size but looks like company kept them. Can they do that?
Legally, they cannot do that and unhygienic too
New items come in sealed bag, once opened, becomes a used item and unclean
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Personally I would call them and tell them you had called Resmed customer service about the open package and missing parts and that they told me to call the DME and try an resolve it, call them back if unable to.

They are not supposed to do that, I commented about it to the manager at my DME and surprise I got a free mask kit Smile

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you might also consider having a conversation with your insurance company as it might be considered fraud. Meaning, they charge you for a full package intended to contain all parts. Then removing parts and subsequently distributing them to others and re-billing the parts again.

I'm having an issue with a DME right now. I was switched from a nasal mask to P-10's. I used P-10's for several months and never received the 2 pillows / month i was supposed to be receiving yet the insurance company being billed for them every month.

I'm now using a different mask with much better success (my Dr. gave me a sample). My exising DME refuses to order the mask my Dr. has specifically prescribed, so I'm in the throws of trying to change from DME 1 to DME 2 but it's a real chore.

So talk with your Insurance Company and see what they have to say about it.
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With my last mask issuance, the DME provided 2-large pillows that actually work, rather than the small and medium that don't. While getting an unopened retail package seems nice, it may not be the most practical. I currently pay no deductible or copay for supplies, so no complaints here.
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