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can company keep parts from kit?
(08-12-2016, 08:05 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: With my last mask issuance, the DME provided 2-large pillows that actually work, rather than the small and medium that don't. While getting an unopened retail package seems nice, it may not be the most practical. I currently pay no deductible or copay for supplies, so no complaints here.

My DME does this too. It's nice to get two pillows that fit instead of one that fits and two I have to throw away.

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There is a lot of variance between DMEs, packaging and billing. If you look closely, they are billing for the mask, frame, and ONE pillow. You certainly can object if you are concerned about hygiene.

The only time I get the kit with the S-M-L pillows is when I'm actually at the DME's office. The warehouse doesn't even have them in that configuration. Periodically, I swap or sell the additional pillows in sizes I can't use.
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hi KarKat

welcome to the forum.

I would be talking with the insurance company and with the DME along the lines described above by others.

If they want to bill separately for each piece and they buy them separately packaged that's one thing. That wouldn't be looking out for your best interests but it wouldn't be dishonest. If they bill you for a mask kit package and break the factory seal to open it and remove pieces, they are stealing from you and I would not tolerate it.

If that's what they are doing, I would be shopping for a new DME just because what they did suggests you have a DME who is dishonest, unethical, and will cut corners to rip you and your insurance off at every opportunity. You don't have to put up with this.

Here's what you should expect and demand from a DME... My DME sends me the whole kit. For supplies, they send me the one size I use for replacement mask inserts, separately packaged and priced. And when it's time to replace the mask, they send me a new mask kit which includes all three sizes of inserts. Once I even asked them about it, and they said all three sizes come in the kit. Even with all three sizes in the kit, it is cheaper than buying the parts separately, and that's why they do it that way. I appreciate that they do what is least expensive rather than artificially order the separate parts to drive up profits. That's how a DME will keep my business for life.

You may have options to shop DMEs. Check with your insurance for other in network options. If you want contact info for my DME to see if they are in network for you, PM me. I know they ship supplies, as I haven't been to their office since first visit. We communicate via email or phone as needed, and they order and ship supplies to my door. I have no stake in their business, just a highly satisfied customer who appreciates what a good catch they are in the world of DMEs.

Glad you are taking charge of your therapy, pushing back, and asking questions.

You landed in a good place here.

Good luck, KarKat.

Saldus Miegas
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ResMed takes opening their sealed packages very seriously and any vendor caught tampering with their packaging is subject to legal action and being removed as an approved vendor. A number of years ago, I found that a vendor was taking the attachment ring out of the Mirage Activa cushion and selling them separately. I contacted ResMed and they said they would handle the issue. The vendor sent me the entire package and I never went back.
"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius
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When I bought my machine and the mask, they were all opened. I don't remember whether they were opened before me or not. However nothing is missing. Some DME gave you a trial pack and you can exchange for another one just to try it out. I end up exchanged for a sealed pack. Machine was not working later and I got a new one too.
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Heck, I had one DME that sold me a mask with the headgear stamped "for sleep lab use only, not for resale"...with everything else they did wrong, they aren't my DME anymore.
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