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cpap in automatic mode
Is it safe to use a CPAP machine in Automatic mode? I have a ResMed S8 ANZ Limited Edition Cpap Machine with a ResMed HumidAire Plus humidifier. I was just wondering if some could clarify for me because im not sure. I just want to make sure nothing serious or adverse is going to happen while im asleep.
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I am not at all familiar with that machine. Someone will be along who is.

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(01-13-2015, 07:40 PM)callum25 Wrote: Is it safe to use a CPAP machine in Automatic mode? I have a ResMed S8 ANZ Limited Edition Cpap Machine with a ResMed HumidAire Plus humidifier. I was just wondering if some could clarify for me because im not sure. I just want to make sure nothing serious or adverse is going to happen while im asleep.

Resmed made the S8 machines until 2012. There isn't any information I can find on the machine made for the Australian market that you listed. Since your question is whether running it in auto mode is potentially harmful, I assume the model you have is an automatic titrating cpap that has the capability to adjust pressures as needed to minimize snores, hypopneas, and obstructive apneas, similar to the current Autoset. Most of these machines operate between 4.0 and 20 cmH20 pressure, but you can narrow that range based on need.

You have not yet had a sleep test and have no medical basis that your problems arise from sleep apnea, nor that this machine is suitable for the type of apnea or sleep disorder you have. This machine isn't going to answer that question unless you can find a way to get data off it that will show what it's doing, or how you're responding.

That said, I've never heard of anything serious or adverse happening to anyone that spent a night on CPAP, it just might not help. Put on a mask, turn on the machine and see if you feel better. If you feel you're not getting enough air, increase the minimum pressure setting. If this is a single set pressure CPAP set it for somewhere between 8 and 10 and have at it. You might end up feeling great. If you feel worse, stop or make changes.

A personal side of this advise for you to consider. I had a sleep study, but no titration. I was dispensed a Respironics M-Series Auto in 2008 set to 4-20 and basically turned loose to use it. I learned how to get the data, interpret it and make adjustments to the machine. Other than the diagnosis, not much different from you. Many patients are given auto machines with very little training or even settings that reflect their needs. It won't harm you.
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I agree. It all depends on the nature of your sleep issues. If you are a classic OSA sufferer (lots of obstructives, not so many other types of events, no Cheyne-Stokes, etc.), a PAP that will do APAP (will titrate pressure automatically) makes sense, but only if you can parse the data and use that to find the proper range. Otherwise, narrowing the range is not much more than a wild-ass guess. And leaving the range wide open is probably less effective in many cases than picking a reasonable CPAP pressure that stays the same. So APAP can improve your therapy above what CPAP can do, but it will only improve things if it is applied properly; otherwise it might be somewhat counterproductive.

Most of the time they are prescribed to start out at 5-20 or so, and the data then reveals that the range can be narrowed and to what. Essentially (for classic OSA) you want the minimum high enough to prevent obstructive events, but the maximum low enough to not create central events. You can sort of do that on your own if you have Sleepyhead SW and a XPAP that can collect data on an SD card, but it helps to have the guidance of a sleep doc involved in this (and they are more focused on full sleep studies and whatever info they can glean from that).

There is also no true connection between how you feel and how well the therapy is working, so don't rely on that to tell you, and don't base your usage or pressure changes strictly on that. You need numbers that can be read and understood to evaluate efficacy and fine-tune settings optimally. How you feel might be a factor, or it may not and may point you in the wrong direction altogether.

Sleeprider is representative of what a lot of us do (because the sleep docs don't get as involved as they probably should, sadly). These forums and software to interpret the data are both great tools to improve your therapy. Understand what is going on, apply that to fine tuning the APAP, and you are likely to have good results.
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I used a ResMed Escape S8 for over 6 years and changed it out with a ResMed Air Auto Sense 10 a couple of months back, mainly because the fan bearing of the S8 wore out and it started making a lot of noise. My S8 did not have any auto adjust mode and it was set by my CPAP provider at 11.0 cm/H2O. I was not getting very restful sleep and the new Air Sense 10 is bracketed to 11.0-15.0, which improved my sleep drastically. It reports that I am mostly at 14.0 so that shows me that I have changed my needs for a different pressure over the years. At first I was skeptical of the auto adjusting feature but I am now a big fan.
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