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cpap mask express
RE: cpap mask express
I have used them on three separate occasions in the last year and a half - great prices but they frequently run out of stock for popular items. you may have to wait until your product or size is available. One other piece of advice is to only use the default shipping option when ordering from Canada. I made the mistake of choosing a faster shipping option and ended up with additional charges crossing the border (brokers fees +) which delayed the shipment.
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RE: cpap mask express
Thanks grandpa for the good advice
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RE: cpap mask express
Just wanted to know from people who have ordered from them, do the cushions that they send out are they packaged in a sealed container?    I just wanted to make sure from people receiving the cushions that they are not taken from a fit pack and just put in a plastic bag. I want to order a F&p Evora full cushion and want to make sure it is new.  Their prices are so deeply discounted that this is my concern.  Thanks
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RE: cpap mask express
I seem to recall they all come sealed together in one bag (mask combos with headgear). All appeared new, and I think I have seen these initial packages at other outlets.
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RE: cpap mask express
Thanks Rainbow, will order a cushion and let everyone know.
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RE: cpap mask express
Thanks @yankees123 for alerting me/us to this vendor that I might consider ordering from as I'm about to explore FFMs as alternative to Pillows, and pricing is very good as you have noted. From WhoIs domain name ownership the website owner is in Canada, but the website itself says Miami FL, and the latter is where returns are sent. Some of the product reviews go back to Sept. 2020 and if legit then this is a young website but not brand new either. I haven't checked BBB for complaints, etc. Since it seems that there are huge profit margins in the CPAP area, perhaps the biz model of cpapmasksexpress is such that they are fine with charging less.

I am slightly surprised that they do not require a prescription, but it seems that they do not deal with insurance and that might explain the difference with other online vendors. One comment here mentioned being shipped from Canada and I hope that OP or others clarify that aspect of their experience as I will if I order from them.
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RE: cpap mask express
I was thinking about ordering from here. I have been looking at the mask that should be listed as the p30i, but it's listed as CMNP CPAP Nasal Pillow. I inquired with the company about it last week, but I have yet to hear back. One of the reviewers mentions its the p30i. I wonder if the listing is worth it. I need International shipping and the price is reasonable.
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RE: cpap mask express
I've ordered from this site several times and have not had any issues. They had/have great pricing, they shipped the products out fairly quickly (from Florida), and they were all factory sealed new masks. I recently viewed their site and noticed that it appears that all of the ResMed products (and logo) have disappeared from the site. So, not sure what's going on. I'm not sure that those other masks are true ResMed masks or knockoffs (looking closely at the masks, one can see that the headgear seems to have a slightly different design than the equivalent ResMed design). Not saying those masks won't work, just saying that they do not appear to be 'authentic' ResMed gear.
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RE: cpap mask express
I also recently checked their site and noticed the absence of ResMed logo and masks.

Some of the pictures look like ResMed knockoffs, and are labeled as CME.  This seems like it's their own brand?   Dont-know  

All I can say is if anyone is ordering, read the description carefully and know what you are buying.  The mask should be sealed in the manufactures packaging with the manufacture name clearly on the package.  Also, read their return policy!

You could always call or email first and question it.  There may be nothing wrong with their product... all I'm saying is that if you think you're ordering a ResMed mask and the packaging says CME, then it's not a ResMed product.  Again, there may be nothing wrong with an off-name product..... as long as they advertise as such, which it appears that they are doing.

Note:  If anyone has any problems with this particular vendor, please let either SuperSleeper or myself know.
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RE: cpap mask express
I have only done one order with them for Evora Full Face Fisher & Paykel; I might??? consider ordering from them in future:
+ Came with all F&P printed information; sealed package with F&P markings so quite confident is genuine.
+ Excellent pricing.

- Arrived many biz days after its promised/due date.
- Poor communication and poor customer service.

Bottom line: I might consider them in future if I wanted to save money; AND my need for supplies was not time critical.
While I expect that many (most??) of their orders are fulfilled promptly. in my exp. if there is a problem they are terrible at resolving it. Details below:
    I wanted to try out/experiment with FFM and my next ability to do so via Medicare was months away, thus sought out a quick (and with them inexpensive( way to do this. Since other
    vendors require an RX before they will fill order and the above vendor does not this was a big consideration. My sleep Dr office is slow in providing Rx or in providing it to a different vendor than my current supply vendor. I wanted to test things prior to what was an upcoming tele medicine visit.
    As I had hoped and expected the next biz day after placing online order I rcvd typical email indicating order had processed was shipped and here ________ is USPS tracking number.
    Several days later I entered track # on USPS website only to have it show that they had not yet received the package.
    I emailed vendor; asked for status and wrote that at their expense they should upgrade shipping method to meet original promised arrival date to Oregon OR if not then to cancel order.
    Their several email responses were never signed by anyone but also weren't completely boiler plate response. They had been unaware of the problem until I brought it up (indicating that their internal shipping programming was ignorant) and they are not a vendor that is proactive in monitoring shipments.
    They did not cancel order and did not upgrade shipment nor offer any incentive for me to work with them in the future e.g. take additional 15% off a future order, or ...
     My hunch is that they are using a 3rd party to ship things and that that intermediary had "misplaced" the package within its warehouse but then shipped things 6 biz days later.
    I worked for a decade for an online mail order biz so have a good sense of shipping logistics.

The above vendor provides value via pricing but is far below average in virtually all other categories. I believe that many of the supplies that they sell require at least in USA that the recipient prove via a valid Rx that the item can be sold to them. I do not know where this vendor gets its items and while conceivable that they get things directly from the official Mfg and unlike other vendors are willing to operate at a much lower price point and can remain very profitable due to the insane markups that other vendor charge. Some members on this forum have indicated that their supplies last far longer than for example the recommended 14 day for pillows and since their insurance has no copay at all that they have cartons of extra supplies. I wonder if the above vendor has somehow figured out how to buy genuine supplies from those who are in similar circumstances. At the very least I conclude that the actual cost to mfg most masks and ongoing supplies is very low in comparison to what things are sold for.

edit to add P.S. If you should ever order from them and have a legitimate reason for returning things, I would speculate that it'd be cumbersme and tiem cnsuming to do so in comparison to other vendors (who charge a lot more $).
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