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doc visit
my doctor keeps threatining me with my drivers license.which i think is wrong
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You've taken the time to fill in your equipment info; now take the time to elaborate more about your condition, or why the Doctor is, as you say, threatening you with your driver license. Maybe he's giving you a wake up call.

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Hi pete64, First of all, WELCOME! to the forum.! Tell us a bit more about your situation.
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Dont know where you are, but I know in Ontario, Canada, that if you're diagnosed, the doctor is required to report it to the MTO if it might affect your ability to drive. But thats true for any medical condition. After that, it's up to you if you choose treatment. If you don't, they can suspend your licence.
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Same with many US states. There's a long list of disorders that doctors must report to the DMV. Seizure disorders top the list, of course.
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(08-10-2012, 09:15 AM)pete64 Wrote: my doctor keeps threatining me with my drivers license.which i think is wrong
Hi pete64 welcome to the forum
I get a form each year from from the transport dept for my doctor to verify that my sleep apnea is being treated.
Never mind about the doc being right or wrong ...Treating your sleep apnea is for your own good. Whats are the compliant issues

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Hi Pete, welcome to the Forum!
Doctors don't make up the rules to report you or not report you. By law there are things they have to report in some states. Sleep Apnea very well may be one of the things that doctors in your area have to report by law. He is probably trying to impress on you the importance of using your CPAP. Using a xPAP every time you sleep is important for your health as well as, in the case of drivers, the health of those around them at times! I watched a guy in front of me on the road fall asleep and plow into a parked car and 4 motorcycles. He almost got the riders but for such big guys, they were pretty quick! Apparently he told the cops he fell asleep. We had just left a stop light and 150 feet later he just drifts to the side of the road and slams into everybody. It would not surprise me to find out he has undiagnosed sleep apnea. He easily could have hurt or killed someone, after all he totaled at least 3 motor vehicles, 2 looked repairable. Your doctor may be giving you a wake up call. Sometimes doctors that do not have good bedside manner can act like real jerks about stuff like this, but I'm sure he is trying to either follow the law in your jurisdiction, get you to be compliant because he really does care about your health or both.
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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Hi Pete, welcome to the Forum
I seen a guy go to sleep while driving,he ran just across in front of me and hit a rock wall,good for him it was not head on, a few weeks later i seen a guy that was a friend to him and he told me that this person had sleep apnea and didn't use his machine,I had sleep apnea for years and didnt now it ,after using my machine i can not tell you how much better i feel ,I dont now why the DR. is threatining you but it may turn out to be for your own good.

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Falling asleep at the wheel is a real threat and a good reason to get therapy if you haven't.
About 5 years ago, a male nurse returning from work went through a stop sign near my corner house, drove through two brick light pillars at the end of my drive way, and ended up knocking down a 12 foot ornamental tree right next to my attached garage. There were no brake marks. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. He was obviously asleep at the wheel. The police took him in for drug testing, but my bet is he had sleep apnea. He was obese. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. Take care of yourself if you haven't.

Welcome to the forum!
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well im frustrated because i was trying to improve myself and now have to listen to this doctor always bring up my licence,and then when we talk about surgery he gives me such an extreme example ,like having to move my tongue ahead.if i could go back would have never gone to sleep centre.am reasonable fit 5'10 195lbs now working to get down to 175lbs and looking for a more physical job than driving.sleeping with a mask is unnatural.need advice
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