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ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
hi guys,

for past few days ive had dizziness and some motion sickness.  ive never experience this before in my life and cant help but think it has to do with cpap.  i got referred to ent specialist but appt isnt until the 3rd.

they got me on antihistamine, prescription nasal spray and gave me betahistamine for the dizzy spells.

that said im a bit of a mess, i have a feeling of pressure just below my ears in my jaw and the dizziness is pretty rough still.

anyone have this problem and can make any suggestions?

i tried the epley maneouver and some drops to clear wax from my ears, neither of those really did much to help.  the drops relieved some of the tension in my ears/jaw.
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
Don't jump to conclusions it is related to CPAP. Vertigo is a widely reported problem, and I'm not aware of it being related to PAP pressure. Good luck with your upcoming appointment.
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
I had vertigo symptoms when I first started CPAP and again about a year later when I switched to APAP.  In both cases I slept better than I have done in years past... sleeping so much better that I will generally sleep in one position the whole night.  In my case it was attributed to sound sleep in one position all night resulting from PAP therapy...BUT,

...I am phone to vertigo.  I took a hard check playing ice hockey that rung my bell pretty good.  It dislodged those crystalline thingys in my ear.  My doctor said that it is highly possible that pre-CPAP that my constant tossing and turning during the night would not allow the crystals to settle in one position... the sound sleep in one positions might very well cause those BB's in my ear to settle in a wrong place.  It has gotten so bad at times that the "interpreted" motion sickness would give me the dry heaves upon waking.

In my case if it gets too severe I will go to a physical therapist trained in vestiibular disorders and usually one visit will clear it up.  But I still need to be careful and aware if my potential for vertigo.  Over the past 2 weekends I was working on my car... creeping underneath it and looking up in weird and unusual neck-straining positions caused the spins to kick in.  

There are some simple self-administered videos on You-tube that you can do yourself to see if it helps the symptoms.  Sometime these work for me, but when the severe spins happen I go to PT.

I have gotten used to it and know how to respond to the spins... look on the good side when it happens:  free merry-go-round ride on a roller coaster!  (only kidding.)
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
i think i figured it out! I had alot of tightness in my jaw, i think that was causing it. I slept with my athletic mouthguard and im ok today. apparently TMJ, an issue with the jaw joint, can cause it. guess i was clenching or something with cpap, thanks guys though.

the saga continues...
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
Most certainly TMJ symptoms can add to it.

I dealt with a lot of that along with hearing loss but it was primarily due to an incorrectly fitted tooth crown that was ever so slightly too high. Once I got it adjusted, much of the TMJ/ headaches went away. Have you had any dental work recently? If so, it might be worth following up on it to see if everything teeth-wise is lining up properly.
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
I've been a CPAP user for 11 years.  This past year or so I have suffered with vertigo/dizziness and pressure in my left ear/pain in jaw and stiff/sore neck.

I currently use a Nuance mask and previously used the Optilife nasal mask.

Were you able to successfully cure your tmj dizziness by using a mouthguard.  Any other suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated as I have been a mess and not able to work?  

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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
G'day fgiagiari. Welcome to Apnea Board.

Because you've been using the hose for so long it may well be that your vertigo is not related to apnea / CPAP at all. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is pretty common and can be debilitating. Luckily there's an easy fix which doesn't require surgery or medications - the Epley Manoeuvre worked perfectly for me when I had BPPV.

Your other jaw / neck symptoms could also be caused by the headgear pressing on a trigger point in your neck. Do you recall if problems came on when you changed masks?
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RE: ear and vertigo problems with cpap?
I have tried the Epley manoeuver with several therapists and it just made me more dizzy.  It may have started after switching from the Optilife which I used for the first 9 or 10 years without any problems.  I have gone back and forth since then with the Optilife and Nuance.  I find my daily AHI numbers and periodic breathing% seem better with the nuance.
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