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explain measurement
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explain measurement
Hi I know that i have/had those apnoe events, because my brother told me several times. I had problems with my nose. I would say 10% throughput of a average nose. I couldnt really breath through my nose. I would have to use the mouth after 30seconds or so to be comfortable. In February my nose was fixed and now i would say that i have like 70% throughput of a usual nose. Its really much better now, but it still varies a lot from day to day. I am going to the sleep laboratory in a few days because i am not sure if those apnoestates remain or not.

I had bought the cms50e and tried my first measurement last night. it went off after 1-2 hours and i wouldnt sleep in the firt hours. Would someone explain which datapoints are measurement effects because of movement etc?
here is the measurement. the lower one is a zoom where a was sleeping. I am only interested in understanding the measurement error. By the way, i have a relatively high resting pulse. I dont know why.

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07-09-2012 02:35 AM
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RE: explain measurement
Hi apnea? First of all, Welcome! to the forum. I can't help you with your question, but I just encourage you to keep checking back as someone else will be able to help you with that I'm sure.

07-09-2012 01:01 PM
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RE: explain measurement

In the CMS 50E menu you can turn OFF the alarm. The CMS 50E has some different versions out there, depending on when you bought it, but on mine you can't set the volume of the alarm and it is LOUD! Definitely doesn't help you get a good nights sleep when the buzzer is going off, waking you up, waking your partner up, waking the cats up, etc. The only down side is you won't know if the unit falls off your finger. You can also just set the alarm points (same menu) way outside what you should encounter so only the "Finger Out" alarm is active.

The measurement error part answer is easy. Pulse oximeters work by bouncing two wavelengths of light through your finger and measuring the absorption of one of them, the other providing the sensor a baseline reference. So, if you move the unit on your finger, the mechanical motion changes the reference and the measurement signal and results in unreliable readings. The bigger the movement, the more signal error.

Your SpO2 looks good (over the time shown). In general, staying 90+ is a good thing. DISCLAIMER: We're not doctors here, just people who've been through this a bit.

The periodic drop in your pulse rate is a little strange. It is very periodic at about every four minutes. Take your printout to your doctor.

Don't confuse a SpO2 "event" with apneas. Totally different thing, although it is common to see SpO2 drops correlating to apnea "events."

Finally, there are very good articles on oximetry on the forum Wiki. I'd recommend them as a good read.

Best of Luck!
07-09-2012 01:45 PM
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RE: explain measurement
No clue what is going on with the pulse. The dips happen at such regular intervals, it must be something mechanical that is happening.

The good thing, and why I think the pulse dips are incorrect, is that your O2 stays within normal range.

BUT, this is all basically worthless. It is only an hours worth of data and, basically, tells us you were fine for an hour. That's not enough data to go by for anything, really.

Here's an article on how to use the software:

The article uses the CMS-50D Plus but the basic principal of use is the same.

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07-09-2012 02:24 PM
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RE: explain measurement
Hi apnea? and welcome to the Apnea Board,

Your data looks like there may be some sort of error occuring but I am not certain. I have a couple of questions for you:
How was the oximeter attached to your finger?
Did you have any issues when you imported the data into sleepyhead?

"Goodnight Chesty wherever you are!"
07-09-2012 11:35 PM
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